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Very Erotic Very Violent

Last posted Sep 24, 2009 at 06:40PM EDT. Added Sep 22, 2009 at 03:41AM EDT
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& referenced via the discussion page:

Can any .cn comment on this phenomena? I find it fascinating how so many Chinese memes revolve around censorship

Interesting. I must look into this.

Apparently CCTV (parodied as Google Translate: “Suction Aspiration TV”, mainly because CCTV news is controlled by the government and so it is like brainwashing(?))has gotten reputation equivalent to Faux News, and the “Very Erotic Very Violent” report would be like the Anonymous stories.

In the news report the girl that says the lines seems like she is reciting them and stuttering trying to get the correct words out, which is the start of the whole meme.

Most surprising is the anime references incorporated… I though China banned foreign cartoons in order to cultivate domestic anime that were supposedly better.

This is Fuuko from Clannad

This is the drawn version:

A photoshop with anime on it, bottom says Very Erotic Very Violent, left says somewith about Beijing students and I cant translate the rest…

Later on the article are 10 supposed “Very Erotic and Very Violent sites”, which includes Baidu, some social networking sites, dating sites, CCTV, Baidu, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Here is another picture of how Chinese netizens think about CCTV:

Also noteworthy: a poll on the bottom of the article which asks “What is very erotic and very violent?” One of the answers includes “Sparta”


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