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Audio parodies/Audio-phonic series

Last posted Oct 09, 2009 at 10:35AM EDT. Added Sep 30, 2009 at 05:00AM EDT
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I can’t find a better title for this.
I’d like to know if, in America or other non-french countries, there’s the same growing phenonemon that we have lived for many years now (I’d say since around 2001).

We have multiple communites and websites centred around the conception of series, short or long adventures or parodies in mp3 format.
There are tons and tons of amateur people that get interested in listening or even get involved in projects like these for the past 8 years.

Some of them are well-known and are today’s classics like “Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk”, series that get very popular from Belgium to Quebec (Langage barrier is a little painful when it comes to this). It got enough popular for the “Naheulband” group, mainly celtic musicians including voices and the creator himself (John Lang, alias Pen of Chaos) of the series, to have concerts all over France, Belgium and Quebec (and surely elsewhere).
There’s also a television series project about it, even if it’s still an undercorver thing.

That kind of internet trend has roots in old radiophonic stories like the Orson Welles’s hoax from 1938 about martians invading earth, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams or, more recently, humorists like François Perrusse, a Quebecer artist, who used retouched audio and modified voices to create short humoristic radio stories called “Les 2 minutes du peuple”.

I don’t know it that kind of thing could be considered as a meme but, here, it’s become part of our internet culture.

So, mp3 related stuff like this could be memetic ?

Well, ok. No problems.
Here’s what I was reffering to:

Reflet d’Acide’s mp3 series
Donjon de Naheulbeuk
Le Demon du rire parodies (direct link to the creations, video parodies, amateur short films and the mp3 series)
Le Survivaure Star Trek inspired science-fiction series.

Netophonix’s forum A place gathering every genre of mp3 based things made by people from all ages, from beginner to professionals, like fake ads, heroïc-fantasy mp3 series, science-fiction mp3 series, monologues, shorts/one-shot stories, ect…

All things like this have been produced and gained popularity, on various scales, thanks to the internet, mostly from web-radios and by word of mouth.

I’m sure that kind of trend isn’t confined to our french speaking web.
There’s also another trend in revoicing videos, thus making parody out of it.

I don’t know if it’s enough related to be in one single entry or it’ll need seperate entries but…

@Tomberry In our research on the GEDDAN episode @BradKim came across a 1980’s Japanese phenomenon called ‘MAD Tapes’ where people would recut audio news reports to create absurd or amusing stories. Check his MemeDB entry. Although it’s probabluy obvious, MAD Magazine got its start doing parodies of popular culture in comic (print) form.

It seems as if the users who started MAD Tapes must have been aware of this connection when they named it.


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