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Memetic Hubs

Last posted Sep 07, 2010 at 11:46PM EDT. Added Sep 06, 2010 at 01:57PM EDT
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I’m sure this has been discussed to death, but I’d like to reopen the discussion.

What are some memetic hubs we should cover? I’d be glad to make some entries about them.

I was thinking along the lines of:
Youtube (too broad?)
AlbinoBlackSheep (Translated to “Cat Fight” Forum)
Youku, Tudou, 56 (Again, too broad?)
Something Awful

Also, does MemeGenerator count as a hub? I stated my arguments in the entry, but now I’m not so sure.

Anyway, sorry, those are all I can think of at the top of my head :3

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^ _ ^

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I think that it’s important to make entries on memetic hubs, as it allows quick understanding of how and where other memes form.

I’d say that, yes, memegenerator counts as a memetic hub, but it needs to be mentioned that it is normally used in tandem with other meme hubs.

What about reddit or digg?

I’m not sure if those can really be considered memetic hubs as they normally just spread and not create, but someone may have something different to say about that.

@Christophe le Proxe- (your name is so long lol) PimpAbra,

Errmmm… Reddit might have started a few memes. I’m not an expert on reddit. (oh wait, what about “If you watch x backwards” and “2204355”?)

Anyway, I’m more of a fan for websites that “produce” memes. Just so that we don’t run into problems about what “spread” even means (i mean, Google is one of the best way of “spreading memes”).

So maybe reddit, but digg is iffy


Myspace suicide fad = YTMND meme. But Myspace just doesn’t strike me as a meme making machine (alliteration ftw). Then again, I have never been very interested in myspace, so I’ve never really researched it. Actually, maybe……. i dunno (now I’m confusing myself). opinions?

Also, tumblr = rising hub

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Reddit has “created” a bunch of memes, enough for it to be a potential memehub. Digg, on the other hand, is more of a website that references those trends.

Concerning Myspace, aside from the Myspace Angle and maybe the Duck face, I have never noticed any “meme” coming from it. It may be the time to go deeper/derper into it.

I’m about to unfold many potential memes spreading to Deviant Art.

I think can be added to the list.

Lastly, as far as I’m concerned,I would say Memegenerator is the basic depiction of a memehub, with their exploitables selected by a “Like/don’t like” system classifying them into different tiers, and different “trends” within it.

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How about deviantart? There have been good ones from there. And maybe FurAffinity, since it was usefull in creating furry memes like Renard Queenston YTP (He hosts his music there) and Krystal Can’y Enjoy Her Sandwich. (Don’t anybody dare flame me for this!)


The ones like Krystal Can’t Enjoy Her Sandwich are under the Furries section.

But I like the one about deviantart, I dont think we have one like that yet.

I’m okay with this.

Actually, I’ve been thinking this is actually a really good idea for a while. When I’m looking at the site, I’ve found that, for example, the 4chan hub is a very useful resource. I think we should have one for each major meme creator.

I know I say “OMG add new sektion plz” all the time (yes, I know it’s spelled wrong), but I think we need a “hub” section of sorts, instead of letting them languish in submissions. It’s really kinda weird, seeing 4chan of all places in a submission.

Just sayin’.

Does memegenerator create memes, or just spread existing ones?

What about the Cheezburger Network? They’ve been the spawning grounds of a handful of memes, including the Lolrus, Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh, “This is Relevant to My Interests”, “Death to All Juice”, etc.

Hoo boy.

Lets take these down one by one.


Cheezburger Network does create memes, but we’d probably have to hold off on that one because of conflicting sub-memeing from “lolcats.”

It would be naisu if an entry could be like this:

Meme Hub: 4Chan
Parent Entry: Trolling

But that might not happen for a while.

Memegenerator definitely creates memes. It didn’t create the originals (Advice Dog, Courage Wolf, etc.) but it is pretty much the “creator” of many of the newer ones.

Anyway, I’m delaying my Twitter entry to tomorrow ^ _ ^

@butterin yobread

I was thinking comment related memes like “X people missed the like button,” “best part was 0:00- X:YZ,” “thumbs up if,” “fake and gay,” “I liked the part where he/she ____”

and obviously Youtube related memes like “YTP.”


dA is a good idea. I can think of 1 or 2 notable memes from there, and many many small fads.

But before we attack the smaller ones, we should take down the big ones (juss sayin…) imo.

Keep up the good work Ogreenworld !
I shall help you on it if you want. I was thinking about taking the lead on Something Awful, which I believe to be one of the major memehubs out there.

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