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girugamesh, WTF

Last posted Apr 29, 2009 at 03:35PM EDT. Added Apr 19, 2009 at 12:52AM EDT
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ok, someone must seriously address this girugamesh thing, i’m beginning to get annoyed


apparently is some commercial for… something.

I don’t know what it is, and therefore, makes me angry.

Yeah it’s from a commercial for Sakuracon, a stupid anime/Japanese/weeaboo convention in Seattle. Girugamesh is a forced meme. Can also, sometimes, refer to a Japanese Metal Band. But it’s mostly a forced meme. (I’d an hero myself if I were from that band. Or at least change my name or something. Seriously.)

For the record, it’s officially a forced meme since last march 9th or 10th. I’ll always remember that night. Girugamesh shitstorm forced me to take refuge in a shelter (like everyone else not wanting to an hero), but with my usual stupidity, I got locked in with sniper and Bawksy. Took me a week to clean the blood off my boots.

Yeah, it’s the forced meme nature of it that made me delete the last entry to the database for it. But since it’s been added again, we’ll wait it out and see how it goes. I’m hoping it goes away.

When I first saw this happening in March I thought, “dumb. Girugamesh already has solid traffic as a band. It’s a small minority of people forcing the meme.”

But take a look at Google Insights for Search on the word Girugamesh.

The forced meme now accounts for higher search traffic than the band ever did. If this keeps up, then we’ll pretty much have to acknowledge it as a meme, all be it a forced one.

Of course. People are curious. They see that shit and want to know what it is, where it’s from. It’s been massively spammed on the chans recently. But if you filter a little:
It’s already diminishing. Quite a lot. The chans community know what it is about now, and are probably fed up. It all goes back to normal. (Until the next shitstorm?)

It still has the forced meme status in my opinion. And should not be added, unless you really want to cover EVERYthing.

Actually, /b/ is not only infested by the GIRUGAMESH! flu but is spreading it to others.
Just this weekend, Gaia Online’s General Discussion board got raided by /b/tards wielding the almighty power of GIRUGAMESH!

The raid was pathetic, and us /b/rothers sulked away with only a few lulz.

Gaiafags are serious lulzkillers.

James brings up a good point. Correlation doesn’t equal causation.

Google Insights and Google Trends reflect searches. Peaks in search are the result of people wondering, “what’s this thing all about?” This is a result of a meme’s usage. So a peak follows the meme’s appearance.

Plus, if you filter for just the last 90 days…
Then you can see that there was already an increase in search by March 7th, three days prior to the supposed school shooting. Honestly,

So this event is NOT what caused the meme. As for the school shooting its self:

It could be a bogus image. Or it could be that the shooter really did post about it on /b/ the day before. Either way, he fails at life. And as for people that think this is lulz, get over it. It’s trollbait and nothing more.


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