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1 Boy 2 Kittens

Last posted Jan 09, 2011 at 08:23AM EST. Added Dec 25, 2010 at 10:58AM EST
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Yesterday the sun posted an article about somebody who uploaded a video in which he suffocated two kittens in a vacuum bag. A manhunt across the web is underway trying to find the killer. A facebook group called “Find the Kitten vacuumer, Evil Tat" has been created.!/pages/Find-the-Kitten-vacuumer-Evil-Tat/151661211550054

Also this Facebook site:

They have still shots from the videos (for those who don’t want to watch the real video), links to the real video, as well as lots of information being shared and distributed.

Oh come on, I really do hate these “Internet Manhunts”. Don’t get me wrong, suffocating kittens in a vaccum bag is horrible. But having to illegally break into websites and passwords, to illegally reveal the location of a child, is-guess what-really dumb. I hope they still catch him, but the over-fueled factor of a bunch of guys with nothing to do, trying ot do justice, usually ends up with someone on either side arrested.

Don’t kill kittens on the internet, or no-lifers will hunt you down.

Wait, what the hell does this have to do with “Meme Research”?

Last edited Dec 26, 2010 at 10:00AM EST

I thought of putting it up meme submission. The story reminded me of Dusty the Cat. Tried looking for more info, and found several sites that gave me nothing new. Did a google insights for 1 boy 2 kittens:

Wasn’t sure if it was too early to call it a meme. To quote Dave Davidson on “Avenging Dusty a meme?”’

“The only people who pay attention to the Dusty thing are bored hackers and moralfags.

Also, MRirian (Magibon) still is pretty popular on YouTube. Not nearly as popular, but still pretty big.

My point is, if it DOES become a meme, a lot more actions by Anonymous are going to have to be recorded.
Just saying."

Last edited Dec 26, 2010 at 12:19PM EST

CLYDE (Joe's Nightmare) wrote:

Why are people searching for this guy, when they could be searching for Bin Laden or some other terrorist?

Kittens > Thousands of people

What I don’t get is, why 4chan goes after d-bags for being dumb on the internet, and make a complete new-story out of it, when they could easily go after important people. Like Iran; the president of Iran doesn’t care if a woman is stoned because she ran from her husband becuase he beat her daily.

The internet is odd srs bsns

CLYDE (Joe's Nightmare) wrote:

Why are people searching for this guy, when they could be searching for Bin Laden or some other terrorist?

People do things like this, and like the other video that’s emerged of the cat being crammed into a small cage and burnt in a field, and like the case of Scruffy in Arkansas over a decade ago, to name just a few and some twonks of the highest order will still try to say that we should place people above animals.

Admiral Crunch wrote:

That kind of makes sense, i mean if you post a murder video then they don’t care. However, if that video is of a cat, you’d better prepare your anus!

I see reason to care about the murder of a decent young girl like Jo Yeates for example but every time a chav or mini chav is done away with I see no reason for anything other than giving thanks for what we have been spared.

As much as i HATE people who kill or torture animals, i don’t think it should be repayed with the same, like with this ‘Man Hunt’. I mean, i saw a story on Youtube that a girl broke into her friends house, stole some things and put her friends’ cat in the microwave, as a JOKE or prank. But then atleast don’t start a man hunt or something. It doesn’t solve anything.


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