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Latin American Meme Research (Spanish / Portugese)

Last posted Nov 05, 2012 at 10:56PM EST. Added Jan 26, 2011 at 12:16AM EST
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For some times, there have been discussions about “country-based” memes. Recent activities have shown that Brazilian memes have got recognition on KYM as the Tenso episode showed.

8 months ago, Fernando Fontanella launched Memes do Brasil in order to have a small team of researchers specialized in Spanish/Portuguese-related memes.

While it has been agreed that it was an excellent idea, the 30 days limit and, I guess, a loss of motivation, prevented the thread from being as active and as helpful as the current, though not as active as before, Japanese memes research thread.

I’m launching this thread again, hoping that it will catch on and last the same way the Japanese thread is doing.

People, dividing research by country will allow us to have small groups of people working in cleaning entries faster as well as revealing new memes to KYM. So, if you have any information about specific Spanish/Portuguese memes, whether they already are in the database or not, please come here to give your opinion/what you may know about it here, and to help us fill in the entries to get them confirmed faster!

*Merged with Tomberry’s Brazil Meme Research Thread

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Yeah, tenso was really the only remarkable meme here. The other ones like “Puta falta de sacanagem” were kinda temporary. There are a couple you could look up to: “Morre diabo” and “Ronnie Von – Significa”.

My first language is Spanish. I’m South American and live in Argentina. I’d be glad to help with the reserach, however, there aren’t many memes here. The only meme I can think of right now is the “Soyes le premier!” one, but it was website-specific and only lasted for a while (haters gonna hate).
This is from Brazil.
1. Research
2. Edit
3. Confirm
4. ?
5. Profit

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I am Spanish myself (from Barcelona, and there are many memes that never reach the USA, but become very popular here…) problem is, I would have to look for the videos and subtitle them, and maybe you wouldn’t find them that funny… I’ll think about it (the world MUST know of people like Carlos Jesus, El Risitas, or the newest craze here, The Star Guardian…if you know spanish, look for “El guardian de las estrellas” on youtube)

This is a great idea, but the only problem I see is that there would be a lot of work in translating the concept so than a bigger audience could understand the meme in question. But since there’s A LOT of Asian memes, we can do this!

BTW: I’m Mexican!

i’m from brazil and my final project at college is about internet culture, memes, participation and collaboration. so i decided to analyse Know Your Meme as my object.

i think that i could help with some researches. :)

There are some memes in the virtual community “Taringa!” that are pretty notable.
Some of them have hundreds of derivatives:
-el grone
-peluchín kaker
-cuentanos mas
-herni y los gifs
(Search any of those terms in google images.)
Some of them are only valid inside that community, but there are some like “cuentanos mas” that could easily spread outside Taringa.

I’m from Montevideo, Uruguay, and I speak spanish, so I can help.


Hey people, maybe this should be posted apart, but I have seen this inacuracy from a while now and comented about it but, as we argentinians say… no me dan bola.
The “Me gusta” expresion is a direct translation to the english expression “I like it” but here is described as a translation for “It pleases me” (me complace) WTF? seriously?

Oh yeah also count on me for this if I can help in anything… the last meme to come out from Argentina that I know of is El Tano Pasman.

PMHH92 wrote:

I live in bolivia,
and i can’t remember any significant native bolivian memes in the internet culture.

do you know an internet page with memes in spanish? hosts spanish language ragecomics (and I think it has sub websites for stuff like demotivators, also in spanish)

If you type “Spanish” or “Portuguese” in the KYM search box, you can also find a selection of related memes (even if you have to go through unrelated ones).
I also noticed that memegenerator has Spanish as a language you can select when creating a macro.


Como sempre há algum por aqui, e o tópico invoca memes em português, tomo a liberdade de economizar meu inglês.

Lembrei-me há pouco de um antigo meme brasileiro, e me cadastrei aqui para lembrá-lo. Trata-se do With lasers. O meme consiste em associar algo a raios laser em forma de imagem acompanhada de legenda. Geralmente trata-se de pessoas, então, os lasers saem dos seus olhos.

Ninguém sabe ao certo a origem do With lasers, porém geralmente o Orkut é creditado como seu nascedouro. Há dezenas de comunidades grandes no Orkut que tratam do meme. A maioria delas foi criada em 2004

A página na Desciclopédia traz imagens de dois ex-presidentes brasileiros, da finada nota de um real e da Hebe Camargo. Ela não possui ligações com outras Uncyclopedias, colaborando para sua nacionalidade brasileira.

As imagens da pesquisa do Google frequentemente listam personalidades brasileiras com lasers, como Renato Aragão, Vanusa, Bóris Casoy, Luan Santana, a presidente Dilma Rousseff e José Serra:“with+lasers”&tbm=isch

Inclusive, um grupo de funk lançou um álbum intitulado With Lasers, com a imagem do Cristo Redentor com lasers.

E cabe citar a exceção “Lasers with Chuck Norris: Chuck Norris não precisa de Lasers. Os Lasers que precisam do Chuck Norris!”

Já houve duas tentativas fracassadas (por não terem nenhum embasamento) de registrar o With lasers:

Pesquisa no Google Insights não retornam nenhum resultado satisfatório.

FlameHaste wrote:

We need an entry for this guy.

is used to this sort of thing, where they are mortal enemies or do not like what he does or loves another

I feel like Brazilian memes seem to get snubbed here… It’d be nice to see stuff like ‘Mata a mãe e xinga a imprensa’ get recognized… I mean, I know it’s more of a viral video, but still, most Americans have never seen this psycho, and that saddens me :(

Well, off the track. I must ask if someone will put the new entry (18+) that will certainly or already is a meme called “Pu#&y sandwich” or in portuguese: “Sanduíche de bu***a”.

The comics and reactions about it already started, and the idea itself is so dumb, that is becoming quite popular.

Search it at your own sanity risk xD [Mature content]

Soy peruana, español es mi lengua materna y puedo ayudar.

Also EL FUA’s translation of the interview is a little shoddy, as already mentioned in the comments, can someone please fix it?

I’m not really knowledgeable of Mexican slang, or else I’d do it myself.

no Brasil o que tem muito é video viral… Meme mesmo, é dificil. Anda mais hoje que aqui no brasil, pro pessoal, Meme se limita a “Carinhas” que se põe em “Tirinhas”.

Por que isso?

Por causo de agressão de corpo em cima de trabalho pra fazer se transformar em cobra…

While I don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese fluently, I’ve heard about some of the memes and would like to contribute research if possible. But it would be hard to differentiate between “forced” memes and ones that actually have credence without being part of the culture, I suppose.

Question: I’ve been researching the “Luíza, que está no Canadá” meme, and I’ve already noticed some comments saying that “people in Latin America don’t know how to do memes.” Do you think this is just prejudice, or are people pissed at having U.S. memes “borrowed” by other countries?

I’m chilean, but I also know English (I study translation).
I’ll gladly help with this research.
And if you need pages that have local memes, here are some from my country:
WARNING: These pages may contain adult content which is, of course, natural in Chile. (very popular) (no kidding)

Answering to last post, I’ll say “YES, people got pissed off with us doing memes. Problem?”

Maybe we can add some memetic content from Forocoches (the biggest spaniard forum, and the 11th in the world):

- Roto2 (Ugly Smiley)
- Valla no me lo experaba
- Chops (Are photoshoping facts
- The Thing Puns (Example):

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Hi there, everyone!
I´m a MA student and in my study I manage to come up with some contributions on the description of Brazilian memes as an object of study of Linguistics and I’ll also try to provide some descriptions on how they evolve through linguistic/discourse mechanisms. Therefore, my study is based on the Linguistic´s principles and theories.
Is there anybody else in here who shares that view or anybody who studies memes from a different perspective?
Let´s get in touch!

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DireClownFail wrote:

Question: I’ve been researching the “Luíza, que está no Canadá” meme, and I’ve already noticed some comments saying that “people in Latin America don’t know how to do memes.” Do you think this is just prejudice, or are people pissed at having U.S. memes “borrowed” by other countries?

According to my intutitions on the topic, I’d say that memes can´t be seen as something universal in what comes to their process of constitution. Since memes are composed by language, they naturally carry on, as containers, and give rise to different and subjective perspectives on how to represent events.Therefore, memes not always share universal constitutive principles.

well I think you need to add a Brazilian element to the Alpha Male Icon page. Ever since “tropa da Elite” came out a few years back a go to badass figure in Brazilian internet culture has been Capitão Nascimento. A popular Brazilian humor site even uses him as a character now with the pun name of “Capitão Morrimento”.

Fábio Lecina Marin wrote:

no Brasil o que tem muito é video viral… Meme mesmo, é dificil. Anda mais hoje que aqui no brasil, pro pessoal, Meme se limita a “Carinhas” que se põe em “Tirinhas”.

Por que isso?

Por causo de agressão de corpo em cima de trabalho pra fazer se transformar em cobra…

O povo em geral é burro. Realmente é uma vergonha viver em um país onde:
The People in general is dumb. It’s really a shame live in a country where: Memes = Rage Comics and 9GAG is a source of everything funny on the Web


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