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The Kremvax Hoax

Last posted May 07, 2011 at 02:02PM EDT. Added May 06, 2011 at 05:19PM EDT
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Attention Researchers, this is a potential very old meme. I’m then calling older researchers for help on this one!

Kremvax was the name given to a fake Usenet site supposedly hosted at the Kremlin in 1984, during the Cold War. According to many websites (Including Wired), it became a well-known April’s Fool prank throughtout the world with many people on Usenet commenting about it.

The Wikipedia article contains the archived original talk. I have also found another Usenet talk dealing with the fact the hoax became real in 1991 when Russia reused “Kremvax” as their official domain name for

However, a search results returns less then 30 000 queries for that event, despite its popularity.

According to the aforementioned articles, it became popular mainly because of a US netizens’ outcry at that time on Usenet. Can anyone find more about it?
I’m desperetaly trying to find other Usenet talks about it, or answers for that matters, being messages, comments and things like that.

Thanks for it Horseeater.
Well, Usenet was Internet before WWW and memes were born from it, like the Invisible Pink Unicorn, so I think Usenet isn’t to be left aside.


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