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listen to this ost

Last posted Aug 11, 2014 at 05:51AM EDT. Added May 26, 2014 at 08:49PM EDT
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It… definitely matches the intent it was designed for. I have got to get Civ 5 at some point, haven’t played a Civ game since 2… Now, the time for peace is behind us, NOW IS THE TIME FOR WAR! MUSIC. OVERRIDE. ACTIVATED!

(No, seriously, this music overrides practically every other music that plays in any of the games it appears in. Started out as a bug, everyone liked it so much it became a trait of the character the theme belongs to.)

EDIT: Holy hell I got a page get with THIS!?

Even the pages cannot resist being overriden by Trombe!

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Very epic sounding. The loud, booming percussion sets an ominous tone for the track. I also like how it slows down at certain parts and then builds back up. I think it really fits well into the feel of the Souls universe. Though this does remind me that I haven’t played Dark Souls 2 yet (WHICH I WILL GET ON I PROMISE). I do remember Dark Souls 1 having some pretty great boss music as well.
On Metal Gear Rising: Electric, faced-past, and quite insane. Fits the world of the game to a tee.

Kaneda’s theme from Akira.

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That’s a pretty good battle theme. It also sounds pretty fitting for a boss called the castle tank.

Ok, so i have noticed that there is a lack of spooky music and i think i’m gonna try to fix that. So from the same people who brought you that fucking hyena, i give you Soul Asylum.

i like it, it sets up a really spooky atmosphere

i’m not an 80’s kid, nor was i an transformers kid, (late 90’s 2000’s kid) but i gotta admit, this is a pretty badass song

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Iconic is a good word for the Ghostbusters theme. It definitely accomplishes its job of adding to the memorability of the movie by being incredibley catchy. Not to mention it’s a pretty fun song by itself.

Some JoJo for you guys.

How come I never played WipEout before? This sound awesome!

Again, another official arrangement. But this time, the final boss music from Sonic 3.
(3:08 Makes Eggman look more badass than he already is)

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Call me biased if you want (I only played the HD version of Generations, which had the Death Egg Robot instead), but I honestly prefer the original version to that. Doesn’t make it not awesome.

And keeping with the hedgehog vibe…


Hey, so, real quick, I thought I’d just quickly share some of my Original compositions real quick… (I hope it still counts if it’s for a game not yet made)
Basically what it is is a normal battle theme for an RPG that I’m designing, and I’m most likely going to reuse a bunch of the tracks in the KnowYourMeme-themed Pokémon ROM hack that I’m also making.
So, yeah, just wanting to share.

Here’s the more extended version of V.1.0, but I’m most likely going to change the part towards the end… sounds too… cheesy.

Here’s the boss theme for my game, and I’ll possibly make it the Gym/Team Leader theme. (I’m actually most proud of this one)

This one, I think… I don’t know, you decide, I… just don’t know.

This one I’ll most likely make the cave theme, but again, I want to make sure it’s okay with you guys, first.

“And finally… … ": I think we all know what this one is going to be.

TripleA9000 wrote:

i think it sounds okay,

im surprised no one posted this yet

Sounds epic. I don’t play Halo so much anymore but I know I like this song.

Hey, that intro reminded me of something… Brawl anyone? hinthint

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This reminds me that I still haven’t watched Shamploo (it’s on my Plan to Watch list I swear). I do really like this opening though. I’m not the biggest fan of hip-hop and rap, but I find that I’ve been able to appreciate them more recently, and I find this particular songs to be one of the interesting ones that I’ve heard. It’s quiet and mostly relaxed, but still has this underlying sense of energy and movement to it. Very unique.

Since I already did Akira, might as well do Ghost in the Shell.


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