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Picture Favoriting Glitch (Negative Favorites)

Last posted Apr 13, 2012 at 04:36PM EDT. Added Mar 21, 2012 at 02:57AM EDT
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I found this post while purusing the Pony General (none of them decided to actually tell anybody about it, it seems), in reference to an image posted in the Pony image section.

I removed it from there, but the problem still remains.

Here is the image in question. It had about -284 favorites at the time of its removal.

RandomMan wrote:

It’s currently at -324.

I don’t know if that happened automatically, or if some mods decided to fool around with the function.

Must be, since I hid the original image.

I of course don’t know how the site is coded, but it appears that if you move rapidly enough the favorite count doesn’t move up, but the effect of unfavoriting (-1 favorite) updates near-instantly.

I tried this on an entry I made, and the same glitch exists: however, it’s harder to do. You have to click faster to make it happen on entries for some reason, and then it happens slower.
Hope this helps.

Chris wrote:

Note: each individual person doesn’t need to try this.

I did it on my own uploads to try and figure out the mechanism.
But yes, you’d hope users don’t immediately try to abuse known glitches en masse.

They may be negative favorites but the spam of favorites causes the image to show up in the “Most Favorited”
This might be a problem because the high amount of negatives will cause the image to be stuck in the “Most Favorited” even though they’re negative
You really shouldn’t of made this thread.
This weird troll image for example
People gave it lots of negative but now it’s in the most Favorited.
Also trolls can use this as an image spam, filling the Most Favorited page with images intended for trolling and then people will miss actual site content.
My answer for fixing this,

Last edited Mar 21, 2012 at 09:22PM EDT

A possible solution to this would be to equalize the speed of which the favorites count updates. This problem (although remember, I’m not an actual admin, so don’t take this as fact) appears to be that -1 follow commands update faster than +1 follows, allowing users to change their status rapidly enough that the occasional +1 is overridden by the volume of -1s.
This would explain why it is easier to do this to entries then images: your average image doesn’t receive as many favorites, so logically wouldn’t be accorded as much server time to keep the updates quick.
Thanks for considering this possibility, if you do so.


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