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Exact qualifications to be an entry moderator?

Last posted May 20, 2012 at 07:23PM EDT. Added May 20, 2012 at 09:29AM EDT
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Here are some guidelines, but keep in mind these won’t instantly get you a mod position. It might be a while before another batch of mods and even then it’s a select few from thousands of users.

  • Creating notable entries. Having a good ratio of front-paged / confirmed entries are a great sign that you’re doing it right and can judge what’s notable / popular enough.
  • Major contributions to entries. Applying for editorship and adding meaningful additions or making helpful suggestions (a little better than this please) are helpful and add to consideration.
  • Ability to stay subjective. Keeping a professional tone, especially in editing entries, is important as you have to write it free of personal bias, hyperbolic phrasing and using wording that’s in key of what you’d expect in an article shows you can write entries properly.
  • Editing using proper techniques. A little more of a picky one, looking at other entries / edits made by mods and admins and being dynamic about it by changing the way you code in entries as a result helps your technique.
  • Using proper spelling and grammar. if u rite like dis den its obvious u dont put alot of care in2 the way u rite.
  • A good attitude. Being narcissistic, constantly negative or a general ass-hat won’t help. I’ve said this in the past, being constructive rather than insulting (especially in the new entries) shows you’re mature and somewhat responsible and a great judge of entries.

Do keep in mind, mods only get picked after many months from the last generation. Even then, we already have a great selection of active mods and new mods might not even be needed. That said, there’s a bunch of users I’d be happy to see in higher positions.

…oh and giving Don a lap dance. Can’t forget that one.

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MDFification wrote:

Cyber6x summed it up pretty well. The most important part is the last bit.

Believe it or not, I made that image for the KYM Wiki page for the Titles page…which might explain the repeat of that in-joke.

Cyber6x wrote:

Believe it or not, I made that image for the KYM Wiki page for the Titles page…which might explain the repeat of that in-joke.

There are two things wrong with that image.

Archivist is now 500 images/videos, but was 1000 at first.

Sr. Forum Moderator also exists, which is Forum, Image and Ban. Example.

Last edited May 20, 2012 at 10:53AM EDT

^ (using the quote button for the post above yours seems a bit redundant now)
I pulled those statistics from a post somewhere so thanks for the update.

I knew the Sr. Forum Moderator title existed but didn’t add it since our forum mods jumped from Forum to Database without going Sr and it looked like Sr Forum mods only exist now for the non-active older mods.

I found this thread from a while back. It’ll add some more depth to the conversation.

I know Fandroid and Jostin are Senior Forum Moderators, and I think I’m the only active Forum Moderator. However, there are Database Moderators everywhere, so it’s not like we’re short-handed.

量子 Meme wrote:

Hey, I was wondering, what does it take to be a Forum moderator?

I can be wrong here, as it’s harder to see what users would make good forum mods.

  • Overall activity. Can’t have a mod who only checks the forum once a week.
  • Content of posts. Only posting nonsense and being unprofessional in discussions isn’t something that helps. Also be sure to post on the different boards. Only posting in JFF doesn’t leave a good impression on the area of modship.
  • Similar to Entry, a good attitude. Being narcissistic, constantly negative or a general ass-hat won’t help. Being constructive rather than insulting shows you’re mature and somewhat responsible. Also don’t troll constantly.
  • Willing to help. Be prepared to help others or the community in general. Take the lead when there’s an issue and help users with questions, don’t let others always solve it.
  • Give Chris oral.

I have to remind you on the last point that giving current mods oral always helps. But be sure to dig up some info on the mods, know what they like so you can come prepared.

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