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This man is a puppet master

Last posted Feb 03, 2013 at 06:30PM EST. Added Feb 03, 2013 at 05:34PM EST
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Alrighty, admins. I’m back, and it appears that the user you banned (daddytype) has at least 3 more alternate accounts. Myconix started posting flame-things on my wall the day after daddytype was banned. Unless they knew each other or were the same person, there’s no way Myconix could have magically knew daddytype was gone. In several other conversations daddytype stated that he has multiple KYM accounts, so I can confirm that as fact. He also has several “normal” personas for the purposes of having bystanders for his trolling. If you want evidence you can go on my wall and see their posts.

Holy shit, I hope I’m not bothering you guys. For starters this is my second time reporting someone and also the last time someone was banned a even bigger shitstorm ensued.
Please no name-calling or “admins are stupid bluh bluh”

notAdog was an alt of daddytype. Banned and deactivated, both permanently. He was already banned once, and he showed no signs of change. He specifically said that banning had no consequence here due to the fact that he could reach many people here without getting followers like on Twitter due to the nature of the site.

I have no regrets. Refer any other moderators to me if they have an issue.
As for Myconix, when I banned all of daddytype’s IPs (there were about 20…dude really needed a life outside of the Internet anyway, it seems,) Myconix’s account stayed up. Since I cannot see Myconix’s posts for myself, I won’t do anything to him. I can’t take every report by itself as a reason to give a user a ban or a warning.

If you disagree, then feel free to post on my wall or send me a PM. But I’m not taking any action towards him as things stand.


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