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Last posted Jul 07, 2009 at 12:22PM EDT. Added Jul 06, 2009 at 08:28PM EDT
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I think my first account was banned. When I login with that account I’m getting an error message telling me the page redirects me wrong and I’ve to remove the coockie to be able to access the site again.

Is it possible to get unbanned? I made an NSFW article about “böglyftet”, I was going to add more text but first I started to upload som examples. A few of them was probably a little too explicit, but the Terms of Service are not that clear about what can be uploaded with the NSFW-tag. ;)

If you unban my first account I promise to be more careful with what I upload.

Well, you were banned. I was the first to see boglyleft and saw that sort of thing wasn’t the type of thing we wanted in the database. But I saw it as someone who thought we have a much better censoring system, not an act of vandalism. I’m not going to unban you until I figure out if that’s why you were banned.

OK. I understand if you don’t want the article, but it wasn’t just the ordinary shock picture.

There’s a story including people manage to identify the guys in the picture, calling one of them and uploads the interview on youtube . Ther’re a lots of photoshops, a couple of websites and someone made a song. I think böglyftet made it to 4chan, but I’ve got no screen shot of that.

One problem is that it’s mostly swedish stuff. (There are some english entries on the subject on One example Of course NSFW)

However I wont try to force the article on you by nagging, just trying to show it wasn’t vandalism.

I know, it’s seems memetic and if we had a way that people could only see these pictures intentionally not by accident I’d probably let it be. I don’t think what you did is a damnable offense. But we’ll let the mod that banned you speak up.

Oh, and it is possible to get unbanned.

Unbanned, apologies on a mod jumping the gun -- we see a lot of garbage. I’ve definitely seen this image before, and it’s worth documenting, we’re just trying to be as family-friendly as possible and are still working on a system to mute NSFW content for casual users.


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