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[Guideline] What is notability? What decides an entry should be confirmed or deadpooled?

Last posted Sep 09, 2013 at 09:47PM EDT. Added Sep 08, 2013 at 08:27AM EDT
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I have read this guideline. It explains what is a meme itself or the culture of the internet. But that doesn’t explain what kind of memes are notaciable or what is our standarts when giving a deadpool tag or deleting an entry on this site. We don’t even have a determined criterion while deadpooling an entry.

If you see the wikipedia’s notability guideline there are few contents they have set forth.


2.Sources And Reliabilty


4.Critic(both community, mods and admins)

Lets start with expanding all of these subjects. Because we need to understand what we are aiming for.

This is a good question to ask and one that I would like to understand as well. I think all entry moderators should be able to have a say on this.

From what I have seen; ‘spread’ seems to be the biggest factor taken into consideration when entries are either supported or deadpooled and makes the biggest difference in how well an article is received. All confirmed entries have to have gotten somewhere at least and have to be known to some degree.

Entries that appear to be the result of a one-time-only typical internet occurrence will most certainly be deadpooled.

We’ve seen some confirmed articles that started out appearing as badly written troll articles and were deadpooled right away, but was later confirmed purely because it became clear that the subject had actually branched out and became well known.

But I’m not aware of any other criteria actually used. I’d have to ask Amanda.B what she does to determine if something is confirm-worthy or not and I would encourage the entry moderators to pitch in what they use to determine the significance of an entry

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Gotta disagree with some of your points Blue Screen, but I guess that’ll become more clear once this posts goes on. But I’ll run by them as Alex brought up the points in the OP post, just to follow the current focus of the thread.

1.) Importance: When it comes to stuff being documented, the staff often gives priority to the newer stuff from what I know. Keep the site updated with what’s going on at the moment and get the information while it’s still fresh. I can agree with this policy, as it allows for documentation of what’s big while it’s still big.

Problem with this policy is that older stuff either gets pushed on the backlog or just forgotten. Staff and mods have a pretty big doc filled with entries we still like to launch. Not to forget that you also have a lot of old entries that can do with some rewrites. This is what I really dislike about the site focus. Some of the old classics deserve much better than what we left them with. I really wish we’d put some more focus at times on fixing old stuff.

2.) Sources And Reliabilty: This is a doubt factor on a few areas, being 4chan and internet slang. A lot of old 4chan memes are just lost and forgotten in terms of origin and spread, you simply can’t find enough sources anymore all the time to proof it has spread. Internet Slang is those type of things that just fluently merged into internet culture, you can’t exactly pinpoint notable events.

Then there’s the point of a large ass community. Sure, if something has spread to multiple websites, we have clear sources of Spread. But with the big communities (4chan, Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook), spread outside of the website in question isn’t directly necessary.

For the regular stuff, you can quickly get an idea of what’s “notable”. Certain websites nowadays are quickly in covering specific content, and from there it can grow regarding news coverage. If it remains small in general, you’ll notice. It’s not possible to give an exact number here, as specific factors just determine how quickly something is bound to get covered. Like for example a movie like Pacific Rim is bound to get news coverage, but that you’d have various sources talking about a Jaeger Designer app, that’s notable.

3.) Popularity: This is of course an important factor. However, it must be remembered that popularity is not time restricted. Something that managed to get a moderate amount of attention over the course of a few months is just as notable as something that gained a shitton of attention over the course a few days. Of course they need some degree of attention, but if it’s something that appeared out of nowhere that you suddenly can’t avoid anywhere, it probably can be considered notable. In specific occasions we can decide here to document them as Events.

And then you have to look at the difference between the older and newer memes. A couple of years ago, getting 100k views on Youtube was the shit, and at a Million you had a meme if given the right amount of remixes. Nowadays 1 million for a “notable” video is kinda meh and definitely not something to write an entry about. What was extremely special back then, is just common nowadays, as the internet has evolved. But that doesn’t make the notable memes from back then lose their credibility, as they managed to become memes in a time it was simply more difficult to spread.

BSoD wrote:

Entries that appear to be the result of a one-time-only typical internet occurrence will most certainly be deadpooled.

Nope.avi. Even these events can still be notable, it’s just a matter of how they’re received. Some of the most popular old 4chan memes originated from “one-time-only typical internet occurrences”, in this case being just another day without another large quantity of shitposts on 4chan. 4chan is a pretty cool guy, eh makes memes and stuff and doesn’t afraid of anything. Of course if it’s just one-thread material that died after that, insta-deadpool.

4.) Critic: How they’re received on one side doesn’t determine how they’re received on the other side. “If You Know What I Mean” was widely hated by one side for being from 9gag, but the other side loved it and embraced it, giving it staying power and eventually making it a legit meme.

Then you have the Events that got notable through hate, like the Chick-Fil-A Gay Marriage Controversy, or Cyberbullying victims, or just the more gory stuff. These topics gained attention through controversial content, and not exactly positive attention. But this is KYM, we prefer to stay objective in those cases. Spread through hate is still spread. And notable is notable, regardless of type or content.

As for the votes of the community. It should be quite obvious that the average comment in the comment section has pretty much zero vote on what we do with an entry. Posting “+1 Dedpul” or insulting the OP has never actually resulted in an article being deadpooled. If they’re willing to discuss its potential and give arguments, it can have an effect of course. Of course not any argument will suffice, but there were various times where a well thought out comment made me reconsider some parts in an entry and later change them.

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So on the topic of “what’s notable and what’s not”, I’m going to ask if something is notable.

Crescent Fresh

Although it doesn’t seem to have spread much outside of 4chan, and the article is piss-poor, I can find evidence of spread. Basically what happened was once upon a time, a video got stickied with a song, people got frustrated over it, then started making “Crescent Fresh” threads where people determine if something is cool or not in the style of the song. It’s also used as a synonym for cool occasionally outside of these threads. Using the archive, I can find things reaching back as far as 2010 and as recently as today. The video, while not “viral”, still seems to get traffic from 4channers, and people seem to comment on it regularly as well. There’s a few Urban Dictionary definitions on it, and a Google Image Search brings up a few things. And, if I remember correctly, the phrase was used in a letter from one of those major hacking groups.

So may I ask: is this crescent fre- I mean, notable?

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