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KYM won't let me look at all the comments

Last posted Oct 03, 2013 at 12:57AM EDT. Added Oct 02, 2013 at 07:19PM EDT
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When I read the comments for an entry/image/video/whatever, KYM only lets me go 3-4 pages before it ceases to show any more comments, save for the 2 “top comments”. This is an issue on multiple computers.

It’s actually just a read error. KYM recently added a “reply” function to the comment section, which makes a reply a sub-section to an original un-nested comment. However, it still reads it via the old method where there was no nesting involved, making the script believe that 30 comments deserves two pages, instead of 10 comments on one page, with two replies to each.


You’re not missing anything. The comment sections are just a little bit wonky.

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You might want to try “high-level Internettry.”

Take, for example, this link.

And then check this one.
Just add /comments to the end of the URL for most pages with comments, and you’ll be able to see the comments.
It doesn’t fix your problem, as you can’t view everything at once, but you may find it useful until we can figure it out. But I can’t figure anything myself. I haven’t had any issues.


I don’t think its fair to tease the OP for not possessing the require net-fu to operate the comments. The fact of the matter is that he shouldn’t need to know any tricks before-hand just to view comments.

When I click the pagination for the last page of comments I expect to see the last page of comments so this is a problem that should be addressed IMO

The comment sections have been confirmed to have this error for some time now which prevents older comments from loading in pagination and I believe the failure is tied to comment replies. I.E: in a comment section with 30 comments and 5 replies to comments, the earliest 5 comments wont load. For a quick example, just to go the #cureformiley page and click page 2. It’s not loading for me which is annoying if there were any relevant comments made in the beginning

I have reported this bug before but received no response.

Then again, I know not everyone seems to get this error. Verbs may not. I definitely do.

To be clear
-This problem affects certain users. Some report it, some don’t. It is not clear why, but OP isn’t making this shit up
-This problem is prevalent in Chrome, Firefox and IE
-This problem is not affected by Top comments
-This problem is believed to be affected by comment replies
-This problem cannot be seen in Over 9000 which has no comment replies
-This problem is extremely obvious in the MLP article. Pages 600-800 do not load
-This probably isnt a huge deal since your casual user doesn’t look at old comments. (But as a programmer it just really irks me)


We’ve done a bit more investigation and it now looks we aren’t missing any comments

It’s more like this is a matter of comment pagination simply overcompensating for the added comment replies.

EG: A comment section with 30 comments should have 1 page only. Adding a comment reply fools the pagination into thinking there are 31 comments so it makes a new page for the 1 new comment. But the new page will be blank because no post is being moved to it. The reply, of course remaining nested under its parent post and the remaining comments retain their position on the comment list

The solution will be to make comment pagination not count comment replies in the total number of comments

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