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Last posted Mar 01, 2014 at 11:41AM EST. Added Feb 28, 2014 at 03:54AM EST
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My paged got deadpooled! I’m so mad, I will deactivated my KYM account and restart my account again! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Submission: Vice Ganda

The reasons are quite simple: we have to reject submissions of copies from other sites’ documents. And, we have no reason to keep empty articles in submissions.

Meanwhile, it’s quite easy to imagine that comedians or celebrities remarks/gaffes/troubles cause something like memetic among online users in any countries. If you want to describe about these cases, you should focus on it and write about it in your own words.

Last edited Feb 28, 2014 at 05:31AM EST

So instead of accepting that the article needed to be fixed, OP just deactivated their account to create a new one and a new page. *facepalm*

OP: if you’re reading this still, we don’t accept duplicate entries, so the original article will still need fixing if you want it on this site. I don’t think accounts can be reactivated, so you’re going to have to reapply for editorship of the article if you want to fix it. Articles can be undeadpooled if that was your concern, so as mona_jpn said, it needs original content about why this person is notable in the world of memes and not be a complete copy of the wikipedia article on her.

Everyone else: Do you know anything about Vice Ganda and if she is notable? She’s a Filipino television presenter, and a Google image search does turn up some results if you search for “vice ganda meme”.

>inb4 the move back to “Meme Research”
>inb4 the more than likely lock

Last edited Feb 28, 2014 at 05:51AM EST

Naked Nononifier wrote:

Vice Ganda is a legit person, and most definitely a legitimate important person, so I do think a meme entry is suitable. I’d recreate the entry from the base (without plagiarism).

By what comparison?

Is she legit like pretty much any tv host is legit, such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’s Chris Tarrant; or legit like pretty much any Youtube celebrity, such as Ray William Johnson?

The first one isn’t an entry for KYM, the latter is. So that’s an important question to ask before you start working on that entry and risk wasting time.

To: OP

If it got deadpooled, it was for good reason (most likely). Even if it had spread and it sucked, you should work on it or get someone who will.

Since you deactivated your account, I’m assuming you’re just a troll or just really annoying. Maybe both.

Last edited Feb 28, 2014 at 08:52PM EST

By the way though, most people back here doesn’t even know what the word meme means. Feels kinda like Reddit here.
Hell, if you go to facebook and search “[insert some sort of fandom prevalent in the Phillipines] Tagalog Memes”, you’ll find pages full of image macros.

Seriously though, she isn’t really that popular in the PH internet.

I’m voting for the side that says Vice Ganda doesn’t need an entry. Why? Because he is -- as RandomMan would put it -- tv host legit; Vice Ganda isn’t really famous at all internet-wise. He’s just another comedian famous for making really real world jokes.

Kebab put’s it best: No one here (the Philippines) really has any clue what an actual meme is. Everyone tends to make image macros out of everything e.g. the news, Manny Pacquiao, some poor beggar that has a funny face, etc. They all die down really fast before they get a chance to actually spread.


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