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Deleted meme is deleted?

Last posted Aug 29, 2009 at 11:44PM EDT. Added Jul 28, 2009 at 08:02PM EDT
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I submitted ’I’d Hit That’ and now it’s gone :(

Pictures remain in the database though :)

But anyways, it was said that it was just a phrase and not a meme – in my mind, many meme’s are just phrases… all your base belong to us, no u, cool story bro, fail, these are just phrases. They do however have the key components of a meme, repetition of an idea, with bonus points for unique expression via aht.

Probably because “I’d Hit That” originated IRL, and didn’t really need the internet to spread.

For example, “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” was featured on Family Guy, but despite being introduced to a new audience, it’s still an internet meme. It’s just an internet meme with a broader range of recognition.

“I’d Hit That” is just the opposite. It’s a catchphrase that became so popular, its spread to the internet was inevitable. Even if there were enough iterations of it to be deemed memetic, it still wouldn’t technically be an internet meme.

Meme pixies, eh? Jamie said it was taken care of, but in case they come back, we should devise a schedule for routine homepage checks, so there’s always someone keeping an eye on the pixies.

I’ll have to see the entry before I take back what I said about the meme being too mainstream, though. If it’s back up too, I’ll check it out and BRB.

Probably because “I’d Hit That” originated IRL, and didn’t really need the internet to spread.

Much like face palming and its champion, Captain John Luc Picard of the USS enterprise?

The noteable difference being that a phrase in a given form isn’t a body movement used by people of various cultures, even infants whose exposure to others and this movement is minimal, which suggests it’s a more genetic than memetic.

Granted, I’d hit that is a popular phrase, though where does its popularity come from? I can’t think of many movies or tv shows where its been used. Why of all the variations one could use to express this noble sentiment, is the one form so prevalent on the internet?

@ epic win
Internet meme= An idea that can be spread from person to person on the internet, generally mutating along the way, similar to but not exactly like that old game “phone booth”
The truck’s red!
The truck’s red!
The truck’s red!
Schuck’s red!
Schuck’s red!
Schuck’s red!
Schuck’s in bed!

Don’t submit a meme unless it fits the criteria.


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