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No way!

Last posted Aug 17, 2009 at 10:09PM EDT. Added Aug 15, 2009 at 08:18PM EDT
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A bunch of names were made up at random, and then assigned as different ranks based on the number of contributions, with Tikibar being the highest at the moment.

You like achievements. We know this. Man.

Admins are hand-picked. You can’t really earn your way up to it. When we need more admins, we select them based on their knowledge.

At first only Rocketboom Staff were admins, but we’ve come across a couple of individuals who knew their stuff well enough that we decided to make them admins.

Yup. I started out as one of the writers for Rocketboom’s news series, Know Your Meme videos, and Rocketboom Blog last year. At the time Know Your Meme was a wiki, and I didn’t really have much to do much with it. When the new site launched in January I was one of the first admins. I still have various duties within Rocketboom, but with how fast Know Your Meme has grown, I find myself dedicated the lion’s share of my time to this site.

Oh, there are many guys (and a few girls) behind this website.

Rocketboom was started in 2004 by Andrew Baron, and he’s still the main force behind all of Rocketboom’s projects, but he’s very behind-the-scenes over here. He’s got conferences and businessy things to take care of.

The Know Your Meme series is the brainchild of Jamie Dubs, Elspeth Jane, and Yatta

Together, the three of them are the Internet Scientists you see in the videos. Also, each of them has tons going on beyond this site.

And there’s Greg Leuch, designer/programmer/developer etc. Basically, he’s the main guy that not only makes sure all of Rocketboom’s sites work, but look cool in the process.

And Brad Kim is another admin, but I’m not sure what else he does within Rocketboom. But he and I collaborate with the rest of the staff in much of the writing for episodes.

And there are a whole slew of other extremely talented people involved in the various things that Rocketboom cooks up, but I’m not sure if they’re admins on this site.

Two other admins I know of. I think they are interns for Rocketboom but I could be wrong.

Then there’s me.

I do the majority of the ass-kicking and name-taking around these parts.

O hai guize! Yes, Capt. Blubber, I am an intern!

I mostly do design work for KYM; I’ve designed the shirts and some number of store graphics…so I mostly use this place for reference, rather than participate. Though I’m starting to get into that now :) Maybe when I’m a big girl, I’ll pen a few articles? :P

We rolled out upgrades over the weekend, now at MemeDB 1.5 codename “BUBBRUBB”… more user ranking stuff to come, among many other things ;) Internet science does not sleep

More info to come soon!


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