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Help seek out the advertising accounts.

Last posted Mar 26, 2015 at 06:09AM EDT. Added Feb 18, 2010 at 07:31PM EST
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This may sound stupid, but isn’t there an other way to get rid of these accounts before they get activated. Like some messed up words people have to type so that bots get filtered out. I mean, this hunt is fun, but it gets annoyoing for a while. They just keep coming FOREVER!!! (kinda confusing one. He posted a video of a trolol prank on the Rickroll page and the Russian Ricroll one. He promoted Android Market at the end of each vid, which has a connection with his account-website) (not sure, piano lessons) --Although I think it’s great that barack obama decided to join KYM… If he insists on linking to casinos, I don’t think he should be on here.

Never fear. I am back on this. – Random Crap – Ski Stuff – Timesheet Software

I will graduate next summer, so this summer I will try to get more training in the field of time sheet and time attendance software. The prospects of finding a good job and having an excellent carrier in this field is definitely high. The use of online timesheet software is getting more popularity day after day. There will always be high demand for web based timesheets developers and programmers. – FUCKING AWESOME matress HELL YES!
Hi friends , i like to do exercise, walking, swiming, reading and sleeping on Mattress – Umm… Maybe? – I have no idea… but it is selling something… – Duplicate of acc right next to it in user list. – Posted this – – Another duplicate acc.

Now I am getting in the the older spambots. Harder to find.

REX – Sinrex Reviews – Sinrex Peelz – Sinrex Results – Hair Extensions – Just read the name…

GEL – Adwords Professional – Jewelery

Hi its Angelica here living in newyork. I am a college student. My friends and I often spend our time together as we want to catch every moment of our life to have a fun. Weekend is the best gift for us. tallahassee jewelry we start to wait for weekend from Monday morning as it’s a funny thought. We go for shopping as all of us have same habits in the selection of costumes and jewelry. I and my friend Sheena bought tungsten ring and necklaces which were looking very pretty. – Business Angels?





KIL – Harlan Kilstein



MET – Portable Air Tank

Hai, I am Rhinelander Metropolita. I’ve made a large portion of my major life decisions by flipping a coin. I believe in chance, coincidence, chaos, and contradiction. I am adventurous by nature and i am working for Portable Air Tank. I got more information about marketing products from that site, it’s very useful too. If you have free time you too visit that site. Be frindely with me at



JIL – Self Catering in Cornwall

Hai, I am Jill Sanders working as a research scientist in United States. Right now i am working for self catering cornwall. My hobbies are knitting, sewing, Anime and TaeKwonDo. I am also interested to read science fiction novels, and watcing action movies. One thing I firmly believe in is that one should always strive towards individual betterment, in whichever form it may be. You may keep in touch with me at – Crap
Good Afternoon net friends, I’m a fashion freak from Sydney in Australia. It would be great to find like minded people in the cyber world, I on the internet most of the time each week. I design fashion clothes and sometimes design leather pants, leggings, dresses, outfits, tops, jackets for summer and winter, a dress can display a lot about a women it can bring out her confidence bridesmaid dresses melbourne for other help wholesale accessories online

CHR – Touchless Trashcan

Hi,I am christ.I love make friendship with others by joining social network sites and interact with them.I started to make websites as a hobby then i quit my day job doing online marketing only now. My other hobbies are travelling and photography.To find best deals on touchless trashcan visit this website Touchless Trashcan.E-mail me at for more information on touchless trashcan.

I am done for today.

Last edited Jun 12, 2010 at 04:22PM EDT – Single Mattress – Muesli Recipes – Cell Phone Lookup – Circle y Saddle – Not sure about this one. – Financial Aid for Single Mothers – Marketing communications with a focus on design, architecture, construction and the arts – Fancy car stuff – Naphyrone / Benzo Fury?

I know that I have gotten behind on this, but so what? I am doing it now. – The charming Goatse known as Chad Syphrett seems to have tried making an alt. – PRODUCT NAME FAIL
The above spambot’s profile pic:

Done… for now.


Here we go. (This guy has a real tl;dr speech, i would post it if it weren’t about a hundred lines long.)
Several look possible based on names, but haven’t activated.

Last edited Jul 14, 2010 at 06:32PM EDT

Next Batch (putting your url as a name -- obvious ad is obvious) (Bleach Name… Wut?) (advertises about 5 different things)

11 probably from same person since all start with “I am owner of X” and all from Toronto, could even be spambots:

Last edited Jul 16, 2010 at 10:54PM EDT

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