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Why The Spam Happened.

Last posted Mar 18, 2010 at 06:08PM EDT. Added Mar 14, 2010 at 08:26AM EDT
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Dear People of KnowYourMeme,

I’m a John Doe who read about the attack on this site and think it’s perfectly justifiable. The people at ROCKETBOOM and KnowYourMeme are robbing us in a way. They are taking our culture and selling it. They make clothing based on our memes, they make videos with ads on them to profit more. They even signed a seven-digit contract with Sony to make more of these things. Do you know how much money our image boards and wikis make? We make nothing and even with donations and ads we still end up short and use our own money. I’m not saying I’m one of the spammers or D/DoSers, I’m not, I didn’t even bother to proxy, but I am saying I’m a channer and I’m ashamed of every single one of the staff except for those two chicks with the accents who I’d love to BEEKEEPER. So what I’m saying is that anyone on this site reading this should boycott. Rocketboom makes money off of every video you watch and every hit you give the site so either stop going or get a LOIC and join the /b/rothers. Be a real fucking Internet Super Hero.

The ‘Real’ Internet.

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Hmm… I don’t know anything about contracts with Sony, but I don’t think you can’t say that memes belong to someone. I mean, people can make memes, and when they spread, we give credit to them. After that, they practically belong to everyone. I’m not sure how they do it with the ‘promotion materials’ (shirts, etc.). Perhaps an admin can explain this further.

Time to start clearing things up:

There never was a deal between Know Your Meme and Sony. That deal was for Rocketboom. It started in 2008 (check the date on those articles) and is long dead now. It never lasted long enough to lead up to “millions” of dollars.

We started Know Your Meme because we are obsessed with memes. We wanted to make a site that gave real, factual credit to the people and communities responsible for their creation and spread. Along the way, we found that there were people who were as obsessed as we are and so now, we’re an entire community.

The purpose of Know Your Meme has never been to profit off of memes. We sell three different t-shirts that we designed to be different to the original memes out of respect for the original authors. We have ads on site because, as you said, servers are expensive and we have to keep the site going.

Based on what you are saying, TheRealINternet, why don’t you raid Encyclopedia Dramatica as well ?
They sell T-shirts, have many ads and popups so they HAVE TO make money out of memes too !
No, we don’t steal memes and yes, we try to fairly give credits to the original authors, to the real people behind their creations as accurately and unbiased as we can when information are here to back it up.

This “deal with Sony” is a pretext. You just want “your” memes to remain as underground as possible, because you think it’s yours only that way or you don’t want other people to use it for some “pride” bullshit, even if it goes against the purpose of the meme itself.

While we entirely respect the hard work behind Encyclopedia Dramatica, whatport80 and LurkMore wiki, we are trying to be something that could be as interesting for the layman as it is for the meme experts.
The “lurk moar” expression doesn’t even fade away because we don’t give all the clues to comprehend how a chan works.
The only difference is that we try to cover ALL Internet memes, not only the ones related to the chans.

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