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awarding people "internets"

Last posted Jun 18, 2009 at 04:32AM EDT. Added Apr 10, 2009 at 02:10PM EDT
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Usually, when I witness someone accomplish something epic on the interwebs I sometimes witness someone say “good sir, I award you one internets!” or somesuch variation. I’ll look for relevant posts but was wondering about others thoughts on the subject of awarding “internets”.

Is it some sort of currency? medal of honour? beverage? I’ve heard this one before “LOL good sir, I give you my weeks supply of internets, good show”

post script.

just google “I award you one internet”, there’s a brazillion of them.

We have G-Dub to thank for this little morsel of web wisdom.

When Bush pluralized “internets” the general reaction was, “WTF? Internets? With an S?”

People soon adopted the plural form of internet as an acceptible piece of humorous net-speak, much like the “series of tubes.”

From there, I suspect that people just got creative with how these multiple internets could be used; turning them into an award.

Thanks for the reminder. I’m going to start putting together entries for both “Internets” and “Series of Tubes.”

What gift would be better to give to any self-respecting nerd or geek than the gift of intern3tz?

As Chris stated before, it was started by G. Bush, who used the term “internets” in several instances.

+2 Intern3tz for OP. =D

heres an idea, this site i used troll url: uses a system of rep points, people can award others rep points when they bring something that is a colossal WIN. usually a member will post a world of warcraft guide they bought and upload it to megashare or something.

you can probably tell where i’m going with this. when a member contributes to the site and produces massive WIN others can acknowledge that and award them x amount of internets.

James, sorry we haven’t gotten around to addressing awarding of internets in the “Internets” meme section of the database yet. Things have been crazy busy behind the scenes! Our backlog is full of great meme submissions and this is one of them. In the meantime, if you happen to feel so inclined, you could write up your own research into the awarding internets phenomenon, and we’ll be glad to consider adding it to a revised version of the Internets meme entry.

i think it should be a rating system. it would work kind of like thumbs downs on fail blog, cheese burgers on icanhascheezburger, or stars on youtube. people would be able to award and/or take away internets from a picture or a video or whatever to show how epic they think it is.

I’m really liking the sound of wht kikinak just described. And I have an idea to add to it.
We already track the # of contributions of each user. I’d like to add a “bounty” function.

Site admins could set a bounty on a particular meme entry, and the user who either locates an origin, or helps to fill out certain details gets a certain number of internets for succeeding. Here’s an example.

Task: Find the original SomethingAwful thread in which “I’m in ur base” appears.
Reward: 25 Internets

This gives users a bit of incentive to contribute to all the fine-detail sleuthing.

To take the idea even further, we could have the “internets” ratings of the users’ pictures funnel into their overall user score.

This way, rather than just tracking the number of contributions, a user’s score could be a composite of:
1. Number of Contributions
2. Average “internets” ranking of pictures and videos contributed,
3. Bounties earned.


Well….. is this because I passed you in contributi-o’s Menny old pal??

Nah, I’m kidding, good idea. Also there should be a ratings system for entries so they won’t end up like this they’ll be more like this

inb4 TBK can’t be meme yet

Ha! I was wondering if you were gonna bring that up. The fact that you’ve passed me up in total contributions was what made me more than happy to endorse you as an admin. ;)
Lately I’ve been researching and editing existing submissions primarily so that we can move them to “Confirmed.” That doesn’t really do anything to your contributions score, but it sure makes the entries more readable. And now that you’re an admin, you get to have that fun too!

I agree that a rating system for entries ought to be implemented.

I would think the practice of awarding internets belongs a sub-category of “you won the internet”, as suggested above. Think of it like slots: Winning “internets” is like a small payout (achieved by recognition of one’s peers of doing something pretty good, but not awesome); winning “the internet(s)” is the jackpot.

You ought to be awarded internets for finding such a lulzy pic, Pyroco.

That reminds me, the action of awarding internets for posting things made of win still needs to be added to the “Internets” entry. The only thing it covers is George Bush’s usage of the word.

Okay, here’s my suggestion.

Each submission can be rated by any logged-in user. Each user gets only one vote on a submission. The user can vote 1 for submissions that substantially benefit KYM. The user can give a post a -1 for spam, flaming, or any other sort of generally detrimental excuse of a contribution. If the post is not exceptionally good or bad, the user can decide not to vote on the post, leaving its score neutral. Submissions with a certain number of negative votes will be submitted to an admin reccomending deletion or alteration. When a user amasses a positive score, their profile will read "(X amount) internets." If the user manages an overall negative score, “FAIL to the (X) power” would be displayed instead. Accounts that are still neutral would simply read +0 internets.

As for bounties for elusive meme intel, admins would determine a set amount of internets for the information, and would manually award it once said information has been reviewed and confirmed.

“So go on and post your cats and goatse. Once in a thousand posts, i am reminded that i would trawl through excrement for a thousand years and find the diamonds that glitter”

“lol, candle Jackal i like your idea on awarding internets, its like a “thumbs up/down” bu”
O, I C wut U did ther!

“maybe this site can use internets for an info-seeking ranking system?”

Well, that would be the bounties thing I mentioned, but I suppose they could be used as separate systems?


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