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What just happened?

Last posted Jun 05, 2011 at 04:40PM EDT. Added Jun 04, 2011 at 07:53PM EDT
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They left! The ponies are gone from trending images! What happened? I Don’t really care about the ponies, but i want to know what happened. are they just not trending? are the owners of the site conspiring about them? I just don’t know!

Mods are probably lol’ing at all the response it’s getting. Seriously, the trending images has been nothing but mostly pony for months, let other memes have a chance.

Power, No Limits wrote:

I know, i was just on the site, refreshed the page, and all ponies were gone and replaced with… this crap

>implying MLP is better than any other meme.

Chris wrote:

>implying MLP is better than any other meme.

I’m implying that mlp pix are better than insensitive funeral pix and pictures that aren’t even funny. They didn’t just get rid of the MLP pix, they got rid of the other ones also.
And replaced them with crappy pix.


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