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Mafia! Meme Style!

Last posted Jul 21, 2011 at 08:13PM EDT. Added Jul 09, 2011 at 06:35PM EDT
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I’ve been lurking in so many forums I believe it’s time KYM gets one too. It’s the game Mafia!

This is the thread for the forum game Mafia. I will explain the rules and then people will have to sign up to indicate their interest. Unlike other games we have in this forum, this one is a bit more active, so if you sign up please be able to check this at least once a day (otherwise you might be killed off). We’ll see how many people are interested before the game is started.

Here are the rules:

There are five roles in this game, and I will randomly assign them to everyone who signs up (using a random number generator) and PM them to you before we start, be sure to keep them a secret.

Role 1: The Mafia
-There will be only a couple of these (depends on how many people plays, usually 1 to 3 or 4 people). Your job is to decide who to kill when the game is in the “night” phase. They will do this by PMing each other to decide who to kill then PMing the narrator their decision. So every “night” one person will be killed and they will be out of the game.

Role 2: The Sheriff
-There will only be one sheriff. During the “night” phase the sheriff will PM the narrator the name of one of the other participants. The narrator will PM them back indicating whether or not that person is part of the mafia.

Role 3: The Doctor
-There will only be one doctor. During the “night” phase the doctor can PM the narrator the name of one participant. If this person was the person selected by the Mafia for death, then they will be saved. If the doctor picks someone else, nothing happens.
NOTE :The doctor cannot protect him/herself.

Role 4: The Villagers
-Everyone else will be a villager. During the “day” phase they will discuss among themselves (including the Mafia, Sheriff, and Doctor who keep their identities secret) one person to kill who they believe is the mafia. When a consensus is reached the narrator will announce the death.

Role 5: The Narrator
-This role does not participate in the game, instead he/she makes sure everything runs smoothly and keeps track of who is killing/saving who during the night phase.

How the game progresses:
The game has 2 phases as you already read about: a Day and Night phase. It starts off in the Night.

The Night Phase: During the night, all the villagers are asleep. The Mafia will pick one person to kill, the Sheriff will pick one person to investigate, and the Doctor will pick one person to save. After all this is done, the villagers wake and it moves to the day phase. The narrator will write a short story describing what happened, telling all players who died/was saved.

The Day Phase: During the day, all players except the narrator discuss between themselves who they think is most likely to be the mafia. When they have reached a consensus by a vote, the narrator kills that person then the game moves back to the night phase.

Game Notes:

Death: When you die you reveal your role to the rest of the game. You can no longer participate in the game if you are killed, though a dead villager can still help influence the villagers during the day phase. However, while you are still able to discuss the goings on in the game, you can no longer cast a vote for who to kill during the day. Other dead characters are not allowed to post anything related to the game once they have been killed, as they know too much.

Winning: The villagers win when both mafia have been killed, the mafia wins if they kill everyone else. Usually the villagers win, so it comes down to how many people the mafia can kill before they are killed themselves, however very sneaky mafia can often times manipulate the villagers during the day phase and win.

Sheriff: The sheriff may know the identity of one of the mafia if he guesses right during the night phase, that doesn’t mean people can trust him, as no one actually knows who is telling the truth.

As I am still here, I’ll be the narrator. Post here if you’re interested, or has any questions. If there is enough people I will start give out roles on Sunday night. And as you can see from above….. the stories, I will write them. And since this is KYM…….. you can probably guess how the death scene looks.

NOTE: If we DO start the game, when you PM me, please do so as “Messages” and not “Wall Posts”.

(That is one long post)

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Wow, that’s a lot of people. Let me do a quick count here…..
People who have said they want to join:
Derpy Hooves
Dr. Rabbit Sees You Enjoying Those Chips
Lord Sweetie Belle Esquire
Capspock, The Hipno-Core
MDFification owns all your base
Which is 12 people. (I didn’t shorten the names because I’m too lazy)
I’m not sure about Olivia, and That-guy said he’s deciding, so I’ve reserved places for both of them.
Oh, and people, if you want to be referred as some other name in the game please tell me about that.
I’ll come back next morning, and at that time the sign-ups will be closed, I’ll start assigning parts.

Mason SilverMonGoose Winchester
RussianFedora, Lover of Jazz
Natsuru Springfeild
Added on to the 13 people (Olivia included) that’s 17 people. I’ll close the sign-ups it when it reaches 20, or 3 hours later.
Oh, and I usually would say a time zone, but since the game time would be long (at least a week or 2) I think I don’t really need to say one. Instead I’ll say “how many hours later” to avoid confusion.
I’ll give out the roles a bit later after it starts.

I don’t want to join, but I have some questions about it:
Do you tell the mafia who the other members of the mafia are?
Do the villagers know who the sheriff is?
Do the mafia know who everyone else is?
If they do, wouldn’t the mafia immediately target the sheriff and doctor, making those people effectively doomed from the start?
If yes to all these questions, I predict the kills would just go doctor>sheriff>villagers and from there all the kills would just be random. And if the sheriff isn’t revealed to the villagers, then anyone, even a mafia member could claim to be the sheriff. The only way this could really work is if the sheriff and doctor were revealed the only the villagers, but if this is the case, the villagers could weed out the mafia simply by asking who the sheriff and doctor is, and seeing who knows. So the only way I think this could work is if the sheriff was revealed to everyone and the doctor was revealed to no one, so the mafia would try to find out who the doctor is that’s keeping the sheriff alive, and everyone would know who is telling the truth (the sheriff) so that the game would go like this: sheriff reveals mafia member>mafia tries to take out the sheriff>mafia fails due to doctor>mafia repeats, fails>mafia attacks someone else to try to take out doctor and the game would continue until the doctor and sheriff were taken out, with the doctor constantly only keep the sheriff alive, and the mafia slowly killing off people, so the doctor eventually starts protecting people alternately with the sheriff to throw off the mafia, who is trying to take out the doctor, and when both doctor and sheriff are dead, the game would go to random kills. I don’t really think this will work, but it’ll be fun to watch!
I know, I know, TL;DR

Last edited Jul 10, 2011 at 01:49PM EDT

OK, sign-ups closed. We have 17 people not counting me, which lets us have 6 mafia, 1 doctor, 1 sheriff. And, no, the villagers don’t know who the doctor, sheriff or mafia is. That’s the whole point of the game, right?
I’ll start PMing people later. If you’re the mafia, PM me a name or two to kill, and I’ll chose the one with the most votes. Th sheriff will PM me one to see its identification, the doctor will PM me one to save.
Oh, and one more thing: It’s better not to let people know your role, even if you’re just a villager.

OK, MayorMilkman is in, right before I’m about to start assigning roles. If you have a special role please PM me in 5 hours. You know what to do.(4 posts above)
2.Derpy Hooves
5.Dr. Rabbit Sees You Enjoying Those Chips
7.Lord Sweetie Belle Esquire
8.Capspock, The Hipno-Core
9.MDFification owns all your base
13.Olivia G.
15.Mason SilverMonGoose Winchester
16.RussianFedora, Lover of Ducks
17.Natsuru Springfeild
18 people. 6 Mafia, 1 Sheriff, 1 Doctor, 10 Villagers. I’ve done the roles using a random number generator.

Alright, I’ve gotten enough PMs. I’ll start the story.

This is the land of Interwebs, where everything looks like 8-bit and everyone looks like sticks. In this land there is a small village, called the KYMville, named after one of the greatest websites ever. There are only 18 inhabitants, and they lived happily trolling each other and posting pictures flying colorful small horses with magical properties on each others’ doors. Happily, until a horrendous assassination broke the peacefulness.

On one particular “pretty much everywhere it’s gonna be hot” night, a man named RussianFedora woke up in the dead of the night, feeling thirsty.
“Better drink my own piss,”he muttered, then chucking to himself. He got up and went for a drink.
As he walked out his room, he saw a silhouette of a tall and skinny man out the window, already halfway in……. it was the feared SLENDER MAN!

NOOOOOO!” he cried like Darth Vader, as he ran outside. The doctor living next door happened to be fixing his helicopter, and when the doctor saw him, he yelled, “GET IN THE CHOPPA!”

Slender man escaped, and RussianFedora was safe for the night.

So, the first night have ended: The one the Mafia tried to kill was RussianFedora, Lover of Ducks, and it happens that the doctor thought so too.

Well, obviously, we have a killer in KYM. Who tried to kill our beloved RussianFedora? Oh, I’ll come back 24-48 hours later for the result. Remember, choose one that you think is the Mafia to kick…..although I think it would be hard on the first round.
(I know, my writing is horrible)

Last edited Jul 10, 2011 at 08:16PM EDT

Ashbot wrote:

Cool story bro, but what happens if the mafia keeps trying to kill RF and the doctor keeps saving him?

Then,,,,,that’s too bad. I think the Mafia might act smarter next time.
I might add that the doctor’s helicopter is a ROFLcopter.


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