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KYM Horror Story

Last posted Aug 14, 2011 at 12:00AM EDT. Added Aug 03, 2011 at 02:59AM EDT
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Its midnight and I decided to start my own continue the story for a change, this time having nothing to do with epic battles. Just a good old fashion Horror story.


It was a stormy night, just like any other old stormy night. Generally meaning that nobody gave a fuck while they played their DS’s, PSP’s, and their Ipad’s (knifed) inside the Know Your Meme bus on their way back to HQ. Going into detail about what they were doing on their little road trip would be impossible to sum up in a short amount of time, but just assume that it didn’t go so well, and ended with a boy losing his Foreskin to a Diet Coke + Mentos explosion and a hospital trip.
Unfortunately, the Researcher Group wasn’t the only people to have a rough time. The poor Bus Driver twisted and turned that rainy night, unable to see anything 30 ft ahead of him. A large tree branch smacked into the windshield and snapped off its tree, causing the driver to panic and swerve off the road.
The bus rolled down the hill, passengers screaming, and finally came to a crashing halt upside-down. The driver was dead, the bus ruined, and the moderately annoyed KYMers knew they weren’t going to get to sleep in a comfy bed tonight. Or were they?

A large castle like estate sat only a few hundred yards in front of them. Knowing they had no choice if they wanted to stay dry tonight, they knocked on the door. It opened inward without the assistance of anyone. The group rushed inside, glad to be out of the rain. The doors slammed shut behind them; making most of them feel like idiots for falling for Haunted House cliché number 78, the front door always slams and locks you in.

Well since nopony stays up after midnight a few weeks before school ill continue the story but im not a novel writer so if i mess up don’t blame me.

The KYMers now wandered through the amazing and vast chambers of the beautiful castle most of them looked in awe but some where just looking for the kitchen for some num nums. The castle was barley lighted just a few torches and some lamps where keeping a dim light giving the surrounding area a creepy feeling.

Apple Bloom wanted to see if there was a treasure room so he could keep something for the trip back so he wandered through the vast walls of the building and saw many paintings and old dusty books shelfs. It started to remind him of his castle only his had more tortured souls than this place but couldn’t help but feel a more powerful energy, he was not prepared for this night at all.

Natsuru examined a nearby bookcase, and saw a book labeled “Enchantments.” Getting excited that she would learn a new spell she pulled the book from the shelf. Suddenly, the bookcase spun around, dumping Natsuru into a secret passage way. “Sweet!” Natsuru said, walking back to the bookcase. She held the book halfway in and pulled it in and out, spinning the bookcase round and round. “Weeeeee-oshit!” She was flung into a generic metal laundry chute and fell out of site.

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Kalmo went exploring around the castle with Ashbot nearby. They found a small room that was very dark. But then Kalmo remembered his lucky torch from his Minecraft days. He placed it on the wall and the room light up. Inside he saw a little box.

“Hey Ashbot, what do you think’s inside?”
There was no response.
Kalmo started to look and no one was in the room with him.
“Oh well, he must have gone to look for Derpy.”

Then Kalmo started to look again at the box. He slowly opened it and inside saw a Scott Pilgrim action figure with hipster grip. He was so excited but then thought for a moment: This doesn’t come out for another week. But he didn’t care. He grabbed the toy and then it suddenly turned to dust. The door closed and the room became even brighter. Suddenly, Kalmo heard a voice.

“I honestly, TRULY, didn’t think you’d fall for that… In fact, I devised a much more elaborate trap further ahead, for when you got through this easy one. If I’d known you’d let yourself get captured this easily, I would have just dangled a turkey leg on a rope from the ceiling.”

The walls started to close in on Kalmo and when it looked like he was about to be crushed, he fell. He fell and was falling for about 5 minutes and had passed out from shock. When he awoke he was in the water and was beginning to drown. He swam up as fast as he could and made it to the surface. He began to look around, and was all alone.
I’m not good at this kind of stuff >_>

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Doctor Pwnzer was in the kitchen, looking for something to eat.
Suddenly, he heard an eerie song being played, faint, as if in the distance.

He turned around. Nothing. He turned back to the pantry.
The music got louder.
He turned around again. Still nothing.
He cautiously turned back when it got louder again.
He turned around and…
boom. Piano. Right there, behind him.

RocketPropelled was standing near Applebloom when he decided the best idea at a time like this was to explore carelessly and alone in this obviously cursed location. As he began walking, he made sure to note Natsuru being sucked into a book, deciding that no book evil or otherwise should be left on the floor, he picked it up and placed it back in the bookshelf. Feeling proud of himself, he decided to look for a place to charge his DS, since we all know that everyone should have their charger on them at all times, he was no exception.

After passing a few halls filled with ominous traps and screams from behind doors,he decided that a room to his left which had a very blood-stained door would be his best bet. Grabbing onto the doorknob he felt an odd static shock bolt through his body, looking around real quick for any giant behemoths or manbearpigs he finally turned the knob and opened the door.

Revealed inside was an oddly decrepit room that had no furnishings at all. On closer inspection he saw a 2$ bill on the ground as well as a small electric outlet on the opposite wall. Running straight to the power outlet and being careful not to touch the disgustingly small amount of money, he took out his charger and began unraveling it. Suddenly a voice: “What the heck man, why would you not pick up money? Seriously, are you amish or something?” Ignoring the looming and possibly evil voice, RPP shoved his charger into the outlet like a Jehova’s witness shoving their religion.

No electricity. “Well what did you expect kid? Its not like I was planning on letting everyone and their brother waltz in here for a good time.” Suddenly RPP realized that whoever owned this place may not want people here, although he shrugged it off as a hunch. Then out of nowhere the floor dropped out from under him. As he fell he realized it was going to be a long trip down, preparing for the fall, he fell asleep.

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Natsuru’s laundry chute journey ended when she got dumped into a dungeon. There where several skeletons chained to the wall, but the metal bars had rusted so badly they had broken apart in some places. “Why the hell would a laundry chute dump me in a dungeon? It’s not like the guys chained up can do any laundry.” Natsuru slipped though the broken bars.

Finding what seemed to be a way back up, she climbed the endless stairs and ended up in a secret passage behind the kitchen. There was nothing but a button, so she pressed it and suddenly a creepy doorbell that sounded like a piano started playing. “Come on, somebody open this door….” Natsuru thought as she pressed it repeatedly.

Suddenly, an enchanted Piano opened the passageway.

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Wheatley stayed in the foyer, because he was too much of a chicken shit to go derper. It wasn’t like he knew this place in and out as he had known Aperture. Some of those he recognized as friends did venture forth, but with a strong desire to live, he remained still with his back against the wall {in a matter of speaking} until his active imagination had him rolling about nervously.

Every noise made him jump, however small, so when the old phone on the creaky stand by the entrance to the hall gave a suddenly BRIIIIIING, he shat bricks.

It didn’t stop ringing, so, being curious and somewhat polite, he decided to try answering it. Running into the stand until the relic fell off, he made his way to the receiver anxiously. “H-hello?”

“wut r u doing wit my daughter”

Wheatley was slightly taken aback by this. He glanced about. No one was with him. “I’m sorry mate, but you’ve got the wrong number.”

He was met with a busy tone. Whoever it was just hung up.

At this point, a lot of the fear he was feeling vanished, replaced by bewilderment. “Wonder who in the bloody hell that was?”

Meanwhile, Troll King began knocking on RussianFedora’s door furiously. RussianFedora, annoyed that he had to stop reading, opened the door. There he saw Troll King with the entire troll army behind him. “What are you doing--” RussianFedora began, but then Troll King said, “There’s no time. I’ll tell you while we’re moving, come on.” RussianFedora, dumbfounded by this sudden Troll Army 2.0 meeting, hesitated and then followed behind Troll King. “Where are we going?” he asked. Llort replied, “We’ve received intelligence from Troll Monster that a bus full of KYMers has crashed, and now they’re in a haunted castle. Everyone on our List of Enemies are there, so this is our chance to invade.” RussianFedora was silent for a few moments, then he said, “Uh…I don’t know. Haunted castle? This seems sort of shady.” Llort said, “Trolling always has risks. Come on, we need to make sure they don’t escape.” And with that, the Troll Army 2.0 moved on.

Omomon was in the dining room, gazing at all the paintings. Each one looked real. Too real. He could of sworn some of the eyes were watching him. As he got to the end of the long table, he saw a plate of steamed vegetables and a sirloin steak, most likely done medium well. It was still warm too. It looked good. But who placed it there? Omomon was very hungry, having not eating much earlier. He decided to eat the steak. He took one bite, it was very moist. Now who could of made this steak? Well, he had to keep moving on.
He can’t move!
There was definitely something in that steak. Something that paralyzed his torso.
HELP!! Someone! I’m paralyzed!”
Then, he see’s a dark shadow approach him.

BLEEEHHHH” Wsx mumbled, pulling himself through the wreckage of the bus. There was still bus-shrapnel in his body from the explosion, and medical help would be necessary. As he kicked out the folding bus door, he spotted a castle in the distance.
“I’ll take it!” Wsx jumped in joy. Behind him, a sharp hiss followed by a deafening explosion brought him back to reality. Looking back, several rotting green phalluses were in hot pursuit. Wsx didn’t stop running until his legs wouldn’t bring him further. In front of him stood a castle.

Natsuru exited the kitchen, having stolen a personal size can of Pringles from the cabinet. Munching on her snack, she decided she wanted to investigate more of the rooms. Finding a set of stairs, she began to climb.

Suddenly, the stairs flattened out becoming a slide. “Weeeeeee-oshit!” A trap door opened up at the bottom of the stairs, revealing a spiked pit. Natsuru’s wings erupted from her back at the last second and she flew through the air, cash landing on Wheatly. “Ow… sorry.”

meanwhile Jarate was waiting outside for everyone else because he was the only one who brought an umbrella and a portable tent. (he’s crazy prepared.) Suddenly, he saw the troll army 2.0 approach. Jarate stepped out of the way and the troll army rushed in, not noticing him and Wsx. Jarate says: “you wanna go in?” Wsx replied “sure.” and then Jarate pushed Wsx in the castle.

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I was exploring a castle with Kalmo when I saw a little girl run by. I was worried about the little girl, her being alone in a big dark castle. I chased after the little girl to see where she was going. I didn’t catch up to her and realized that I left Kalmo behind. I was in total darkness. I just kept walking and walking hoping that i’d find Kalmo or the exit. I walked for a while and started to freak out thinking that I will never get out of this castle. Suddenly, I heard the little girl humming the song “Still alive”. I ran after the hum hoping that I could at least get some company. After a while of running I saw a light. I ran towards the light as fast as possible. I then realized that the light was from a crack in the wall. I couldn’t stop myself by the time I realized this. So I crashed through the weak wall to find that I was on the third floor and had a great fall. I hit the ground and yelled in pain. I hurt my legs a bit but I was happy that I finally got out. I looked back at the castle and saw it crumble apart. I started to look through what was left of the castle to see if Kalmo somehow survived. Later I found a stairwell, I went down the stairs and saw a door. As I reached for the doorknob it suddenly started to shake. I jumped back and the door started to open. It was Derpy. We talked for a short while explaining what lead us here. Then we both decided to explore this underground place in hope of finding Kalmo if he’s not already dead.

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The entire castle rumbled, one of the hallways on the third floor had collapsed but the rest of the castle stood perfectly fine. Slinging the frozen with fear Wheatly with a rope on her back, Natsuru decided to investigate the bookcase once more.

The bookcase turned around, revealing the dark candlelit passage way.

FlameHaste wandered around, searching for something. He felt a disturbance, an unusual presence. Something that was hiding.

He felt it in his blood. He looked at a corner and cried “SPY!”. He took out his flamethrower and disappeared in a fiery cloud. After everything cleared, he found a burning corpse.

After cooking smokes with the fire, he inspected the body. FlameHaste found a Troll Army badge.

As Jarate saw the third floor hallway of the castle collapse, he saw RF walking over to the crashed bus. So Jarate tailed him. when he got there, he noticed the bus driver had a slit mark on his throat. “looks like a cut made by a butterfly knife.” he noted to himself.

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Wheatley froze, hearing screams drawing nearer and nearer to his present location. Unable to adjust his eye to see above his own person, he ended up joining in with a scream of his own.


Something pinned him to the ground. His lens was covered, so he was unable to tell what he was stuck under. “Could somebody just--just HELP MEEEE! HELP! HEEEELP!”

He heard an apology, somehow, through his frantic calls for assistance. Wheatley managed to wriggle out from under Natsuru before adjusting his eye to the proper setting again. “Oh! Aha…haha…it’s you. For a moment there, I thought it was curtains for me.”

Strapped to Natsuru’s back and lead to a rotating bookcase, the orb gave a rather frantic protest. “I’ll be honest, I /dont/ want to go back there. If we could just go back outside, maybe call for help…”

But it was too late. The bookcase turned round, and the two were shrouded in darkness. Well…MOSTLY darkness.

Wheatley turned his flashlight on. Now that he knew it wasn’t going to be the death of him, it was well worth using at a time like this. “Can you see anything, Natsuru?”

Natsuru ventured forward “What are you talking about? There are thousands of candles in here.” “Candles? I don’t see any candles, its pitch dark in here.” “LOOK” Natsuru said pointing Wheatly at one of the candles. “There is nothing there! All I can see is a rock wall!” “Hmmm… that’s strange.” Natsuru said as she kept walking forward. “Now that you mention it, I don’t actually see the candle parts, just the flames…” “You are making no sense at all! There is no Candles in here!” They continued to bicker about this.

At the end of the tunnel stood a giant vault like door. “What do you see!?!” “It seems to be a door.” “Don’t open it! Who knows what might be behind that thing!” “There has to be a reason they hid this door with this secret passage, I want to find out what!” “NO!!! STOP IT! I DEMAND YOU DO NOT EVEN AS SO MUCH LOOK AT THAT DOOR! TURN BACK NOW!!”

The door slowly creaked open as Natsuru unlocked and pulled it open. A large, black and ugly monster awoke and looked at them. “What is it, what do you see?”

Natsuru turned around and ran at full speed, the monster chasing them.

Jarate finally decided to go in after he played a bit of g-mod on his laptop. he then saw natsuuru with wheatley on hre back running out of a secret passage behing a bookcase. he then looked in to see what all the fuss was about. he then saw a cute puppy. he then said to natsuru: “what’s so scary about a puppy?” natsuru than said “I saw a huge black ugly thing in there.” Jarate then stabbed the puppy with a machete. it then turned into a spy from tf2.(which was dead, of course) Jarate looted the body and checked out the passageway.

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Wsx sowed up the hole left in his stomach with his chest hairs. Then, seeing the monster, he kicked it 37.6 times in the ankle. Wsx walked away upside down on the ceiling, humming the pokemon theme song.

Humiliated by the illusionary trap, Natsuru turned and decided to go find someplace else to explore. Finding a conservatory, Natsuru placed Wheatly on a sofa.

The door was slammed back open by a member of the troll army. Wheatly was perfectly hidden by his sofa, and Natsuru had hidden amongst the plants.

The troll army member left. “Hopefully they aren’t looking for me.” Natsuru said stepping out of the plants. A thick ivy vine had grabbed onto her. “Huh?” It wrapped around her arm tightly as more vines extended toward her. “OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!”

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Omomon woke up. It was too dark to see anything. He tried to move but still couldn’t. Maybe the steak finally paralyzed his whole body. Anyway, he was strapped to a wall.
“Help! Someone! Anyone?”
No answer. He remembers before he blacked out that a dark shadowy figure approached him. But that doesn’t matter, right now, he needs to get out of his chains.

“What’s going on back there? I can’t see anything!” This time it wasn’t too dark or anything; he was just facing the wrong way. Eager to see what it was that had Natsuru in a fix, he pushed himself off the sofa with a tactical rotation of his eye-stalk.

What he was confused him somewhat, and mildly disturbed him. “I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going,” he muttered to himself. “Hold on! I think I see a switch over here!”

In a way I’m not going to bother explaining, Wheatley pulled said switch, which opened a trap door under the potted plants. The ivy was ripped from the walls, but it held on to Natsuru, intending to take her down with it.

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after recovering from wsx kicking him in the ankle 37.6 times, Jarate heard natsuru scream. he then
noticed a trap door and then he looked down it. he saw a lot of vines grabbing on to natsuru. he then said “I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going if I don’t save her.” so then jarate cut up all the vines with a lightsaber and then went back to the secret passageway.

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RPP continued sleeping and falling. after about 5 minutes straight of falling, he landed harshly on a pile of comfy plush bricks. Shit was cash, literally, they were bricks of plushy cash, this loot was ignored however as RPP realized he was now in a pitch black room with the only light being a pin point that was coming from an extreme height away.

Quickly taking out his almost dead DS, he flipped it on and attempted to use it as a light source, it was not however a shitty light source, but he did spot a power outlet. It was especially vital that it worked, and so it did. RPP immediately checked for wi-fi because he needed it to repower his body. Luckily there was a connection called “creepyvoice1337rofl” that was not locked. He sat down and began to recharge both his DS and himself.

“I’m glad that’s over.” said Wsx, as he wrapped the cut vines into a piece of paper. “Oh look, the door locked and there is a blood stain leading to the basement. See ya.”

“I’m glad that’s over.” said Wsx, as he wrapped the cut vines into a piece of paper. “Oh look, the door locked and there is a blood stain leading to the basement. See ya.”

Natsuru stood back up slightly dazed. Realizing the conservatory was filled with all sorts of dangerous plants she stood up to find a different place, this time to rest.

Busting into a second floor tea room, she plopped down on a sofa.

The tea room itself was circular, and was connected directly to the mansions clock tower, thus it’s floor spined and completed one rotation a minute. Even for today’s standards the room was a architectural and technical masterpiece.

Natsuru examined the tea set in the middle of the table. “Hmmm…” even though she didn’t like tea, she grabbed the pot and twisted it around. In big letters on the other side it had a giant sticker saying “Fucking Made In China, WHAT A BIG SURPRISE!” Annoyed by the sticker, she tore it off revealing a elevator up and down button.

She pressed down, and the room twisted into the basement.

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following natsuru, Jarate looked out a window while the room was moving downwards. suddenly, he saw a green thing near the basement door. he said “natsuru… come look at this.” when they got to the basement, and exposion teared through the room. jarate said “just what I thought. a creeper.”
(gigantic hole in wall)

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So there I was, a level 4 Wizard, my spell book filled with Heal Wounds and Magic Missile. This castle had some serious nasty vibe on it. I mean, it was always dark, damp, ruined, and it was thunder and lightning every time I looked at it.

But there is knowledge there, and so, I made my approach.

I walked up to the massive door, like 30 foot high…

And I politely knocked.

Several voices answered from inside, a few familiar ones. Unable to enter the castle this way, I began to climb up the wall, using the broken bricks and vines growing for support to make my vertical ascent.

After grabbing provisions, FlameHaste proceeded to ambush the Troll Army, planning to make a huge campfire with them.

But FlameHaste realized that would burn the entire place down. So he instead chose to hide, and get anyone who passed with his shotgun.

But then he felt 2 hands trying to pull him. So FlameHaste used his shotgun to fend off the creature. But he also used the last bullet.

So unable to defend himself, he ran away, knowing that the Troll Army heard the shot.

Long story short, FlameHaste got lost.

Jarate had just found a way out. he then proceeded to leave with wheatley. but natsuru stopped him at the last moment. “what about everyone else?” she said. Jarate then said ""They can find their own way out, for all I care. and besides, i’ll give you a few flares to mark your way so that when you find someone, you guys can follow the flares back and escape with them. and keep wheatley." then he heads around the front, and meets ksarkai. he says “you shouldn’t go in there.” then Jarate car-jacked Gordon Freeman and went home. (cue left 4 dead escape music)

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“Nope it’s me. And I got shot in the intestine.” Wsx complained. “I can walk it off though. So how the brown do we get out of this castle?”

suddenly a radio crackles to life. Jarate says " oh good. You found someone. hopefully you dropped the flares i gave you." natsuru says " I didn’t drop any flares." “goddamnit. hopefully you can get out of there.” Jarate says. “i’m on my way back to KYMville. meet you there”

Suddenly, Lighting Struck, destroying the bridge and the only escape route. (For the record, Russian Fedora and anyone who was by the crashed bus was on the castle side of the bridge.)

The lights throughout the mansion flickered, and all the candles burnt out.

Natsuru’s wings lit up, and she realized her and Omomon weren’t the only people in the room…

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Natsuru Springfield wrote:

Suddenly, Lighting Struck, destroying the bridge and the only escape route. (For the record, Russian Fedora and anyone who was by the crashed bus was on the castle side of the bridge.)

The lights throughout the mansion flickered, and all the candles burnt out.

Natsuru’s wings lit up, and she realized her and Omomon weren’t the only people in the room…

(not narration) i’m the only one who escaped because i was long gone by the time the lightning struck.

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[nothing to add to this thread, but my computer screen adjust to light changes and it kept dimming and getting brighter as I scrolled over the first creepypasta pics *shivers run down spine*]

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Throwing Omomon over her shoulder, Natsuru ran as the entire castle came to life with all sorts of ghosts and monsters.

Running back into the tea room, Natsuru slammed the door on Edward Cullens face, shattering it into a bloody mess. Natsuru grabbed the tea pot and slammed the up button, bringing them up to the 4th floor…

Natsuru Springfield wrote:

Throwing Omomon over her shoulder, Natsuru ran as the entire castle came to life with all sorts of ghosts and monsters.

Running back into the tea room, Natsuru slammed the door on Edward Cullens face, shattering it into a bloody mess. Natsuru grabbed the tea pot and slammed the up button, bringing them up to the 4th floor…

you DO realize that there was a huge gaping hole in the elevator that allowed you to escape easily while in the basement, right?

Meanwhile, as chaos breaks in the castle, SMG flies above in the sky looking for his missing friends. Since he wasn’t able to join him because of being at the Hospital for his nephew. And he knew it was taking way to longfor them to get back to KYM.

“Gah, this is getting hopeless… I hope they’re OK. I know they’re not the smartest bunch but I know they’re not dumb enough to wander into a giant castle and get them selves into a bunch of horse sh-

Before he could finish his sentence, he spotted the buss toppled down the hill. And the enormous castle in the distance. SMG Set his course for the castle know this is where his friends would most likely go.

As arriving, he floats just above the height of the castle to try and spot anyone outside, but with no one on the out, it meant they had to have wandered inside.

“I guess I was wrong.” As he shuts off his rocket shoes and tucks in his arms to glide into a hole in the ceiling.

Landing inside, he takes a couple of glances around to find that the room he landed in has no door, windows, furniture, or anything.

“Dead end.”

Firing up his shoes getting ready to blast off out of the room, he looks up to the ceiling to find the hole he glided into has mysteriously disappeared!

“Perhaps “Dead end.” Wasn’t a good choice of words!"




Startled by the huge gust of wind, lightning strike, and what sounded like a bridge collapse, he turns his head to find a door blown in from the gale,

He walks up to it to hear screams that are none other from that of Omonom.

He quickly pulls out his trusty axe.

HANG ON! I’M COMING!” and runs for the area where he heard the scream.

I know there are some errors in this post, but it wont let me fix them.
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