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Last posted Oct 13, 2011 at 08:00PM EDT. Added Oct 09, 2011 at 12:05AM EDT
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It’s time to dip into the pits of nostalgia boys and girls (pfft, as if there’s more than 1), and look back on your past with the possible addition of shame. In this thread, post the very first comment and forum post you ever made.

In case you don’t know how to find it, click on your profile, go to activity, and click on the very last page. Now let’s get things started.

My very first post on the site was on the page for X, X Everywhere . It simply consisted of “This one rocks”, I believe in reply to someone who simply posted “This one sucks”. Apparently I’ve hated terrible deadpoolers since the beginning. As for my first forum message, I was pleasantly surprised to learn it was This thread asking if Kyubey from the anime Madoka was a meme and whether I should make a page for him….which is now confirmed. Yay.

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My first forum post was apparently a sexual joke in this thread.
“It must definitely have Bibarel in it. That way you can attack using your BEAVER!”
I obviously looked up which Pokemon was the beaver one, as there is no way I would know that by memory.

My first comment was about YouTube comments.
“But how could you forget commenting on the dislikes bar?” relating to how everyone was talking about the things they loved/hated about YouTube comments and no one seemed to have mentioned the people who go “X people (number who disliked the video) are Y (something witty pertaining to the video).”

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AFAIK, [citation needed] and fsjal aren’t made in MS paint, but another program. It’s clear to see that they are not pixel art, wich is the case of MS Paint.”

I don’t even

First comment was on “Push button, receive bacon”:

This picture is in the new iPod Touch in an app called “Backgrounds.” Definately a meme if it’s well-known enough to get onto an iPod app.

Holy fuck, I spelled “definitely” wrong.

First forum post is this thread:

Still shocked that neither “Say what again” nor “English, motherfucker, do you speak it” have been confirmed.

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My first activity was a comment on the MLP:FiM article. I’m pretty sure we were answering a question as to how we got into the show.

For me, it was the animation, the characters, the humor, and the innocent fun of it all. I think most people could appreciate all of those aspects of the show, but the ponies won’t sink its hooves into everybody. Some shows appeal to certain people. MLP:FiM happened to appeal to a decent portion of the Internet as a show directed at kids.

The first forum post was in the “My Little Pony image board, reposts and other problems” thread made by RandomMan. My post came up after Tomberry locked the image section for a bit after the image uploading for the FiM article got out of hand.

After lurking the thread a little more, I’m glad Tomberry explained his/herself a bit more.

I somewhat agree with the decision. MLP communities won’t die even without any article here. Image macros and art will continue to be made. EqD (Equestria Daily: a site for FiM news for the Brony community) does a perfect job of documenting the spread in news posts and the Nightly Roundup.
And like Tomberry said, the article and sub-memes probably do a better job of documenting the spread of the meme than posting every new Pony picture on the web. KYM is a meme site. KYM would be silly to not have an article, but it doesn’t have to hold any and every image MLP related.

I don’t like the “I’m a mod, and I’ll do what I see fit” stance, but I’m not a mod, so whatever. I do wish he/she would address other neutral mods and see what they think. I’d suggest deleting older pics and videos (I’ve read through the thread, but I haven’t seen that suggestion yet,) but that would still leave an Image tab that has 2-3 MLP pics per line of 5 pics.


Don’t stare at me, yo…

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When I was an intern, I commented the article for Hamster on a Piano:

I will lol every time.

My first forum post is in this thread about the first flavor of the ranking system and also who has admin access. I said:

O hai guize! Yes, Capt. Blubber, I am an intern!
I mostly do design work for KYM; I’ve designed the shirts and some number of store graphics…so I mostly use this place for reference, rather than participate. Though I’m starting to get into that now :) Maybe when I’m a big girl, I’ll pen a few articles? :P


I still probably use way too many smileyfaces and capslock for my own good.

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First forum post was on this thread discussing other possible subcultures.

Stuff related to Valve or Valve itself?

Garry’s mod was originally made as a mod for Half-Life 2.
I also still find a lot of Portal related content on the internet.

Which is funny because I actually made an entry for Valve some time later.

First comment was on Sweetie Belle Derelle.

+1 confirm
Last edited Oct 09, 2011 at 04:55PM EDT

First comment:
“I hate this. No self respecting mathematician would ever write something like this, it’d either be (48/2)*(9+3) or 48/(2(9+3)) depending on what they were trying to do. There is no “right” answer because the problem should not be written that way in the first place. Instead of programming it one way or the other into a given system, it should return an error instead, telling you to stop being so stupid.”
On this entry. I stand by this.

First post:
“Yeah, it started with thunt. The idea is to see what effect his music has on someone far outside the music’s target demographic, who has also never heard justin bieber before. I’ll link his original blog post here:
I haven’t heard of anybody else doing it though.”
From this thread. I’m actually rather surprised that this was my first forum post, but it really could have been worse. A lot worse.

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First comment was on the Blumenkübel page:

“Actually, a flower bucket is really called a “blumenwanne” or “blumentopf”. These are the more commonly used words, but “kübel” actually is an excavator bucket.” Don’t ask me, this was a year ago, and I have no effing idea what I was talking about… Like, the majority of the time I post something…

My first forum post was in the ‘Are video games an art form?’ thread:

“ defines art as: ‘the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.’ Look at stuff like… I dunno, the ancient bridge over Lake Hylia, just as the sun is setting. That made Twilight Princess stick out to me. That possesses significance to me, and it obviously expresses a beauty (albeit a strange one)… Or… maybe Jet Set Radio Future. That’s been praised as a work of art. It used music and cel shading (and inline skating) to make an impact on a lot of XBox-ers. And… Psychonauts.If you’ve played it, you’ve experienced art. And that’s my totally unbiased opinion.”

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First Post:

“Then join me, and together, we will finally compress ponies into a single page! BWA HA HA HA!”

‘I have a confession’ Thread.

First Comment:

“Final bosses of the Internet.”

Jesus Christ what have I become?

My first comment was 5 months ago on the Kyubey page:

+1 Research, this could work. It’s very similar to the Gendo meme, but it’s also very recent. Let’s see if it picks up steam.

My first forum post was on a thread I started called Image Problems – basically it was me being a massive noob about uploading images through the URL. This was back when I was doing very large image dumps from ponibooru (before we all agreed to stop doing those), and to this day I still have to weed out the broken images from that site.

I’ve been having trouble with image uploading. I’ve been using the “Upload via URL” option and each time I’ve tried there has been a 50/50 chance of the image being replaced by a grey square. It’s very annoying, and it happening a lot really clogs up the image stream. Does anybody know what’s wrong? I’d like to fix this.

Drpepperfan, incidentally, was the first person ever to reply to one of my forum posts:

Could you at least remove the broken images?

Not a very auspicious beginning to my posting career. I like to think I’ve gotten better.


The first post on this account was technically in a thread called “Corrupt a Wish”.
“OK, but there are now viruses I wish for doo doo”
But the first post I actually made was in “New members introduce yourself”
“I’m Dororo. My friend gave me an old account of his.”

I think my first thread was that one porn thread.

My first comment was from RG. I THINK, or Chrismen. Way back on my other banned account.

First forum post: 4 posts, and it made it’s account 18 minutes ago. Are these bots or advertising trolls?
On the advertising bots thread.

First comment:
If (this originated from Family Guy) {
+1 confirm
Else {
+1 work
On the Because you touch yourself at night entry.

I said this on the MLP entry:

Greetings fellow Bronies! I just thought I’d pop in to say that this is an excellent cartoon and I would like thank all of you for making it popular enough for me to discover it.
Take care now, and don’t feed the parasprites!

Good times… Goooood times…

It all started in a LEGENDARY post, that would lead to COUNTLESS replies and ENDLESS karma…

That post was titled “There is no cow level: Is it a meme?”

“Well, Is it a meme, or an inside joke with Blizzard? For those of you who don’t know, it’s a thing involving Blizzard denying that they stuck a level about cows in several of their games, especially the original Diablo.”

Except it only got two replies and did not receive any karma.

First forum post! in the Protect IP thread.
“This really makes me sick.
But doing raids on government websites WILL NOT help, because that just makes people say “Well, these websites are causing people to do illegal activities and sabotage the government! They should be blocked for the safety of teh country!!11one”
Just be rational and make a CONSTRUCTIVE email to your senator or representative about why the bill shouldn’t pass and then they might listen.
Getting all whiny about it in an email will help nobody.”
First comment! on MlP FiM
I started just so I could post on the protect IP thread.


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