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Describe An Actor As If He Was Every Character He Has Ever Been

Last posted Oct 12, 2011 at 07:23PM EDT. Added Oct 09, 2011 at 10:57PM EDT
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It’s pretty self explanatory. Just use every character (or the ones you can remember) an actor has been.


Nicolas Cage (aside from being everyone in the world) is a skeleton with a flaming head who can see two minutes into the future, must reunite with his loving wife and daughter while teaching a young boy to become a wizard after stealing the Declaration of Independence.

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Tom Hanks is a mentally handicapped toy trapped inside of an airport that is stuck on an island that is in the middle of Seattle with no way off of it, all the while trying to get back to his volleyball, Andy.

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Kalmo wrote:

Tom Hanks is a mentally handicapped toy trapped inside of an airport that is stuck on an island that is in the middle of Seattle with no way off of it, all the while trying to get back to his volleyball, Andy.

Also, Forrest Gump.

Leonardo DiCaprio is the guy that sank with a huge ship and realized it was all a dream within a dream within a dream, while he was trying to fight for diamonds on an island that was occupied by a mental asylum.

Can we do this with dubbing too?
Humberto Vélez:
He’s a fat guy that sometimes has yellow skin; he loves honey, donuts and beer. He’s aslo a monster that sold his daughter to spare him from getting a new car for a client. He was also eaten by a dragon once. Oh! And he used to give good news all the time… now he doesn’t.

Bruce Willis, general 1980’s tough guy renegade cop, who has feelings, but hides them. Alternatively a family guy who is a criminal thug, only wanting the best for the ones he loves. Always a bad ass, and always looking hot while bald, lets face it, if you go bald, you want to look like Bruce Willis.

Samuel L. Jackson is a badass Jedi NYPD Officer in charge of the organisation SHIELD who discusses fast food restaurants while fighting snakes on a plane with his ice based superpowers, before ending up as a glass boned cripple who get’s unexpectedly eaten by a shark and a raptor.

Also he calls people a Motherfucker. A lot.

Jackie Chan is an undercover cop and detective who also own a car workshop and work with a black guy and he also have a little boy who have an alien pet (who saves him from death). He also teach a black kid how to master karate.

But in the past,he was a drunkard and always beat people. Until he got in an accident and lose his memory.

I want to go all out on this one…

Will Ferrell is an anchorman/race car driver who moonlights as the cowbell-ist of Blue Oyster Cult. When he’s not spreading Christmas cheer, he’s designing clothes (he’s the guy who invented the fucking piano tie!) and coaching soccer. Born without arms or leg, he has a lovely family that loves him regardless, including his step-brother John C Reilly. He is a child of divorce, as well. For a short time, he was an officer of the NYPD, but gave it up to follow his dreams and become an ice dancer. He played basketball for the Tropics for a while, too. Fun fact- Will was our 16th president. Ferrell had plans for world domination, but after a series of events, he ended up saving us all. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his monkey George, and pretending that he wasn’t in Bewitched.

Adam sandler is a golf player who lives on hawaii, and has to go back and repeat grade school because he is an undercover cop and is trying to change his career so he can be a comidian on a cruise ship. He is also a clown. He plays in a band and sings at weddings. Sometimes he works on the sidelines of football games and provides the players with water, although he strives to be a hockey player. He has to take care of a boy because his mom died, and he didn’t wanna turn him in to child care. He is one of Satan’s sons, and used to run a pizzaria, until his uncle died while climbing mount everest. Every once in a while, he works with a group to sell themed toilet plungers. Instead of one day of presents, he gets 8 crazy nights, since he is a jew. He has anger problems, and as a result, has to go to anger management. He has a housekeeper who he is fairly close to, and is in prison. he runs a prison football team. He is also an architect, and has a magic universal remote, that can make him fast forward life, as well as pause it. His wife and Daughters are Dead, and he is married to Kevin James. He loves Fizzy Bubbly, and runs a new york hair salon, although he was formally an anti-terrorist. You don’t mess with him.
He has magical grandchildren who can alter real life by telling “Bed Time Stories”. Adam Sandler is also a Stand Up Comedian. He won the basketball championship when he was in middle school (1978), and recently re-united with his team. He is a successful plastic surgeon, and has a twin sister.

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