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What's Your Humor?

Last posted Jan 16, 2012 at 11:11AM EST. Added Jan 14, 2012 at 12:30PM EST
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I enjoy puns of all kinds, even bad ones (it’s a guilty pleasure). I also enjoy dark humor, possibly more than I should. I enjoy wit and sarcasm too. I tend to find humor in almost all things done since everything you do is funny to someone.

Word play is fun.
But I like 4th wall-breaking humor too (but only when it’s well-placed and the plot isn’t ruined by it. Or better yet, the plot is enhanced by it.) It turns out that I like slapstick humor as well. Sarcasm has its place with me along with deadpan. I also like it when writers can get sh!t past the radar.

Think of Raven in the animated Teen Titans. Think of Deadpool from his comics (or what I’ve seen from them.) Think Animaniacs.

I enjoy everything except Jeff Dunham.
And Dane Cook.
And -
Alright, alright. I change my opinion to “Only a few comedians make me laugh and I’m incredibly stingy about anything else.”

Patton Oswalt mostly.
Mitch Hedberg if he wasn’t dead and I hadn’t listened to all his jokes already.

Fun fact: Bill Cosby was actually funny once. Take a listen:


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