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Videogame name generator

Last posted Feb 24, 2012 at 08:32AM EST. Added Feb 19, 2012 at 07:16PM EST
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A while back I saw this on the Escapist forums, and so I thought I’d bring it here. The idea is that first you go here and keep generating a name until you find one you like. Then you post it and what you’d think that game would be about. You can be as general or as in depth as you like.

For example, I got
Mary Kate and Ashley’s Business Tactics

This would be one of those simulation games, and you first have to rise to fame. After you do, you have to milk out as much money from your career as you possibly can. You also have to deal with the demands of fans, and do things like cover scandals up before they’re revealed to the public and spy on your competitors.

Have fun kids!

My Very Own Sandwich – Limited Edition

This would be a Sandwich Building game where you compete against one or more people to make the biggest, best sandwich you can. Its online multiplayer can hold up to 16 people and its ranked online multiplayer holds up to 6 people.

The limited edition version will include hidden ingredients.

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High-Speed Werewolf Fighter

The Game of Racing your Werewolves around the Arctic as you fight for dominance over the Galaxy!

Amazing Hobo vs. The Space Mutants

They took your money, now take their lives.
Fight off legions of foul moon monsters as Billy Joojoojoe, a lone Hobo on the run, with nothing to lose, who doesn’t play by the rules, and has a dark secret…

Battlefield: Disco Legends

Are you the one of legend? The one who took the funk so far it lost it’s way? Took it to the groove scale and the scale cried and cursed you? Can you win the ultimate prize, and become the true Disco Legend?

Sonic’s Booty Romp

The kickin’ sequel to the critically acclaimed, award-winning game: Tail Shakin’ With Tails!
After a long day of running around at the speed of sound, Sonic and friends go on vacation to the PINGAS Palace. There they encounter the menacing Dr. Robotnik, who is quite evilly developing a lazor to destroy the everything! Sonic harnesses the power of the Chaos Emeralds to transform the lazor into a machine that makes everyone within a twenty mile radius dance uncontrollably!
Now you and Robonik can team up together in all sorts of zany adventures to become the hip-twisting, rump-rockin’ masters of the world!

Maximum Handgun – The Next Generation
An old school arcade beat-them up based around guns, like Contra or Sunset Riders (with 4 playable characters). This game would also be a sequel where, instead of using bullets, you use lasers. It would be divided in acts:

ACT I: Twin Laser Shoot: You fight siamese twins in the middle of a highway.

ACT II: Infinite Tetris Anarchy: A soviet corporate builder throws explosive walls at you.

ACT III: The Quest for the Battleship Stadium: You get on a boat and ride to the underwater stadium. The boss is a MOTHERFUCKIN’ WHALE WITH LASER GUNS!

ACT IV-A: Nihilistic Baseball Sisters: Inside the stadium you fight agains five sisters, each one of those with her own fighting style.

ACT IV-B: Virtua Matador Gladiator: If you find the secret exit, you can fight the bonus boss, a matador that rides missiles. If you defeat him, you unlock a fifth character, the matador’s daugther.

ACT V: Shrunken Baking Fortress: You are in the center of the earth and you fight against giant dinosaurs. The boss is the Dragon to the villian and he morphs into a dino as well.

FINAL ACT: Violent Stapler Interceptor: This is the end, you have fought against an apocaliptic world and now you have to face the EVIL STAPLER! A man that contlos slashing rays in the form of staplers, if they hit you, you get vaporized. His weak point is a button behind him.

Congragulations, you saved the Earth, you have defended your parents’ legacy. Surrounded by evil, you have turned out as a winner, as a champion. You are indeed, the NEXT GENERATION.

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Michael Jackson’s Bedtime Wranglers (I’m not joking, I literally friggin’ got that)

Michael Jackson is back, and he wants more. Engage in fast-paced stealthy action to infiltrate the Child Protective Services’ fortress while using techniques such as hat throws to incapacitate guards. Each level ends when you reach the kids bedroom.

Also features a coop mode where one player can play as Bubbles the chimp and another plays as Pedobear.

Edit: Oh god, what have I done?

Last edited Feb 19, 2012 at 08:19PM EST

Monty Python’s Katana – The Card Game

A game so epic and so stylish it got cancelled just one week after its announcement.

Michael Jackson’s Manlove in the Dark

The acclaimed sequel to Michael Jackson’s Bedtime Wranglers! In this game Michael gets arrested and he has to reach his lawyers so they can bail him out. The only tools you’ve got at your hands are an uniform, a glove and a bar of soap. You’ll have to sneak those dark prison corridos before you get raped.

In the Lost Kingdom of Makeout in the Salad Kingdom

You are the heir to a kingdom so great it got devastated by other kingdoms. Now’s your mission to rescue your kingdom in order to get it to be the best kingdom of all kingdoms out there. You also makeout with lots of princesses of other kingdom in order to challenge the kings of those kingdoms in a kingdom fight. There’s also a subplot of a kingdom made of salads that got extinct due to a hidden power. In the end, it turns out the Salad kingdom was your own kingdom, so now you get engaged into a final battle for the sake of all the kingdoms you have conquered with your sword and your dick. It’s a game made out of kingdom proportions!

Tiger Woods’ Fun Noodle Incident

It’s a dating sim!

Duke Nukem: Cyborg 2000

See Duke as you have never seen him before… in 2056!

Vegetarian Porn Fighter

Like Dead or Alive, but with allthe physics of Extreme Beach Volleyball. The final boss is a Lady Gaga parody covered in meat.

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Ultraviolent Hoedown Thieves

You’re a pimp, a succesfull one so to say. But when the economy fell, it fell hard. Now you’re bankrupt and have to steal back all your hoes from those corporate bastards who gave them a proper living and happiness.

Megaman Basketball 25th Aniversary Edition

Phoenix Wright: Tetris Enforcer

The square block is accused of murdering the long tetris block. You have to defend him in court.

Last edited Feb 19, 2012 at 08:35PM EST

Nuclear Shotgun Force

FPS about a special task force equipped with weapons that seem overpowered at first but then halfway through the first boss battle you run out of nuclear shotgun shells, brain eating parasite injecting darts and tanks to launch at it with your tank catapult.

Then you realize everyone on /v/ who said it sucked was right and even though you pirated it, you still feel ripped off because it’s just that bad.

In fact, It’s just ass.

Last edited Feb 19, 2012 at 08:42PM EST

Elite Fun Noodle Academy

An RPG that takes place in a fantasy land where noodles are a source of magical power. As one of a few that can harness and use this power, you are sent to a Hogwarts-ish school named the “Elite Fun Noodle Academy” where you make new friends, enemies, and uncover dark secrets (like the headmaster’s porn stash).

Heavy Furry Anarchy

I’m not even going into this.

Last edited Feb 19, 2012 at 08:39PM EST

From the creators of Elmo’s Rodeo Conflict and Neo Thief Tycoon comes an experience like no other!

Introducing Blazing Thief Panic, a game where the money isn’t all that’s at stake!
You’re a kidnapping victim whose being forced to rob banks – if you ever want to see your family again! To make things even worse, your kidnapper has set you on fire for extra motivation.

It’s no RUN-of-the-mill platformer! A brand new perspective on the typical “Run Straight” game- As you run into other people, the fire grows hotter. When the fires grows hotter, you can run into wood walls or platforms and incinerate them! As you keep the flames going, the fire multiplier earns you more money! But watch out – lose your flame and the game is over!

… I think I’m gonna write this down.
This is too good NOT to be real.

Save Yourself from the Goth Soldier (once again, I actually got this)

A flash game where your stuck in a room with a goth soldier who is slowly going insane, and might just kill you if you don’t act fast. You must quickly use your wits to escape the room, and also occasionally calm him down to buy yourself time.

Cthulhu’s Kung-fu Commander

Battle your way through this side-scrolling beat’em up, taking down endless hordes of non-believers as you take the land for your lord, Cthulhu. Trained by Cthulhu himself to be his greatest warrior, your quest for world domination starts now. Earn XP and level up to unlike new moves like the “Sonic Puppy Fireball of the Damned” and several other nightmare-inducing special moves to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

National Lampoon’s Unicorn Throwdown
Actually I think this would be better as a movie.
Duke Nukem: Dinosaur Dungeon
it’s Duke! in the past!
Donkey Kong’s Scooter Bandits
The kongs ride around on scooters stealing stuff from King K. Rool.
Star Wars Limbo III
The Conclusion to the Star Wars Limbo trilogy! Watch as Luke Skywaker And Darth Vader take on Emperor Palpatine on in a limbo contest!
Tom Clancy’s Paintball Nitro
A Tom Clancy game! For Kids!

Last edited Feb 19, 2012 at 09:56PM EST

Written to the best of my sleep-deprived abilities.





Islamic Matador For Kids

In this game you play an ISLAMIC MATADOR with a BEARD that is also ON FIRE because why not. Your goal is to defeat all the NINJA BULLS and rescue THE PRESIDENT from the Ninja Bulls who have kidnapped him for an unspecified reason. With FIVE ACTS, this game is 500% longer than ANY OTHER GAME WITH ISLAMIC MATADORS.

Last edited Feb 19, 2012 at 11:23PM EST

Lord of the Spatula Ultra
fuck yes

Edit: no wait!

Orbital Janitor Raider

Re-Edit: no wait again!

Confusing Gun Saga


Legend of the Juggalo Connection


Monty Python’s STD Overload


Muppet Sex Rage

Last edited Feb 20, 2012 at 03:22AM EST

Sexy Kitchen World

A strategy puzzle game where you must keep your waifu in the kitchen to make you a sandwich and other godly food. Once she leaves the kitchen the game is over. As you progress in the game you are given more waifu’s and a bigger kitchen to manage and must keep all of them in there. There will be predators and enemies that will try to kidnap and take your waifu out of the kitchen in the harder levels. The Final boss is Lady gaga in a meat dress where you must ward her off from your waifu’s and eventually destroy and cook her.

Your Next Door Neighbor is Jesus

There’s a new dude who have just moved in to the neighbourhood. But little to the neighbourhood knows that the newcomer is Jesus Christ himself but oddly enough he owned his very own deadly AK-47 rifle, which is his personal favourite weapon of all. Lil’ Jimmy is ready to make acquaintance with him. As he step in to his house, he witness Jesus himself is already battling with Iraqi ninjas disguising themselves as Teletubbies with their eye-patches and pirate hats and black belts on. After many epic arse-kicks and crossfires later, the intruders finally retreat to their secret base. Jesus apologises Jimmy for his unfortunate involvement and swore to protect him with his might. And so their epic adventures begin.

Yeah, I think I went a little overboard.

Here’s what I got. Cover ’n all.

American Hobo Tale

“The story follows the adventure of an american hobo, who is dragged into a magical world due to an ancient interdimensional spell gone wrong. Now he must seek out the four elemental crystals in order to save the magical world from darkness, so that he can finally return to his own world.”

“Too bad he doesn’t want to do that.”

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Mystical Octopus Explorer
A Spin-off of the Not-so Popular Sega Series, Ecco The Dolphine.
The Game follows a Octopus who had a broing life until a disturbance of balance of nature.
Then after 10 mins of broing text and lame fariy character, the Octopus finds out that he’s part of a
Mystical failmy of Octopus’s, Being the last of his kind he must Restore the balance of nature by Exploring the Sea in a quest of finding the 5 Pearls of Nature.

True Crime:Gnome Bandits
A Strategy TPS Stealth game about a team of Lawn Gnomes that break into house’s and steal cookies, But watch out for the dogs that well eat you’re team alive.

Intense Baking of Fury
A Cooking Sim so hardcore, it never got released outside of japan.

Retarded Racing Hell
A Retarded racing game taking place in hell with cars Impossibru to drive and unfair difficulty.

High-Speed Hoedown Carnage
You Drive around towns causeing Carnage destroying everything with a hoe.

Star Trek Janitor Baseball
The Name explains it.

Last edited Feb 20, 2012 at 10:54PM EST

Narcoleptic Combat Fandango
It’s a fighter where all the characters frequently fall asleep in the middle of combat.
Dangerous Math Project

Unforgettable Wizard Onslaught
The main character really hates wizards and thus, must slaughter them all.
Super Sexy Makeout from Planet X
A really shitty game on Newgrounds.
Intense pony 3D

Morbidly Obese Spork 2K

…….No. Just…No.

Drunken Lawnmower Wranglers

In this game, you play as an inebriated worker at the local Home Depot., where your lawnmowers have started up because of some mischievous little punk, and your boss has just told you to catch all of the lawnmowers that are loose, or else you’re fired.

No One Can Stop the Thief DS

A title for the Nintendo DS system, you play as a thief who must carefully plan and execute heists, and remain undetected. If detected, you must lose your pursuers and escape, otherwise, it’s game over.

Nudist Duck Punch-Out!!

….Yeah, I’m done for the night. Goodnight everyone.

Okay, I just had to do another game. This is the last one! I swear!

Dracula’s Typing Onslaught

That pesky Belmont clan has been bothering you long enough! The time has come to take your final revenge on them! Are you ready for an epic High Definition story with 50+ hours of flaming fun?

You are Count Dracula himself, and it is your job to write an angry letter to the Belmont Clan, and destroy them once and for all! You start with one angry letter, and as your skills progress, you are able to send in multiple letters to your mortal enemies! You can even train and manage your own squad of ghouls, skeletons, and other friendly creatures, to write even more letters!

But watch out! If the Belmont Clan files a harassment suit, it’s Game Over!

I have 3 Highlights
Ebony Chef Through Time
Your name is Chef Eboryan.Your the Iron Chef of your time.Your time…and the time before
Fluffy Indian Palace
Your Name is Adan.Your Mission in life is to kill the Fluffy Indian Prince.
Emo Ping Pong Quest
No description available

Battlefield: Mushroom of Fury
Elegant Gimp Squadron
Retarded Worm of Might and Magic
Occult Kangaroo Orchestra
Explosive Yeti of the Damned

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Communist Pogo 64
The last game released for the Nintendo 64, the Soviet Union challenges the US to a pogo competition. Whoever wins decides the fate of the world.

Kinky Army Terror
What is this….. I don’t even…..

Narcoleptic Balloon Tale
A tale about a narcoleptic balloon. You must quest around the world to find your true love, but first you got to learn to control your narcolepsy.

Genre: RPG/sport
You are a teenager (whose name is to decide) whose great dream is to become a great motorcycle superstar as your dead father. You can follow a carrer of speed drong or stunt driving, but anyway the chase of your dream will make you deal with love, justice and corruption. And maybe you could become more than just a show superstar.

Coco Bandicoot explores her dark side as she is going to avenge the death of her brother Crash, and to do that she deals with a powerful entity of dubt morality that turns her into Shady Bandicoot.
The good or evil behaviour of the player will bring to different endings.

Note: Yesterday evening I watched the movie of Ghost Rider.

Last edited Feb 21, 2012 at 01:06PM EST

I think I just found the best way to describe any of these games.

Perverted Software Inspector

A visual novel about an antivirus software that has only one emotion: love.

Big WWII Freak

A visual novel about a war veteran that has only one emotion: obsession.

Nihilistic Godzilla in Space

A visual novel about a giant lizard that has only one emotion: hate.

Monty Python’s Booty Romance
A cross between a videogame and a porno, with the comedic stylings of Monty Python.

Mega Man’s Unicycle Desperadoes
Mega Man. On a unicycle. As a cowboy outlaw.

My Little Jetpack Boy

Kinect Thief Thieves
In a series of fast paced minigames, you play as a master thief competing with other master thieves to steal as many thieves as possible. Executive writer Xzibit

Boring Shark Explosion
The finest in paradox simulation

Hitler’s Bobsled 25th Anniversary Edition
What the shit is this, I don’t even

Last edited Feb 21, 2012 at 06:43PM EST

Dr. Vampire Blaster

In the world of Castlevania, things are getting a little……viral.

Master Chief’s Music Overlords

Do you like the Halo soundtracks? Do you get an erection everytime you hear the opening to the original? Well, now, Bungie Microsoft has got the new best game for you! Play as Master Chief as he uses bullets of music to auditorially t-bag his weak opponents! Choose from 30 levels of orchestrated bliss! And, if you pre-order, you’ll receive the DLC note emblem for Master Chief’s left shoe! And nothing else!

Wild Mind Control Advance

After Wild Mind Control’s popularity on the SNES, now you can buy the remake of the game for Game Boy Advance! Play as Marv, the rogue hypnotist with a passion for ruling the world! Can you take over all the feeble minds in existence? Or will Kevin, the proponent of free will, take you down? Buy now!

Britney Spears’ Hang Glider Beatdown

………I really don’t know what to say for this one.

Indiana Jones and the Lacrosse Studio

This one, either.

Last edited Feb 22, 2012 at 02:32AM EST

Ye Olde Spider+
Remember in those middle-age themed RPGs where you supposed to fight spiders in the cellar?
Well,this time,you are the spider and your quest is to satisfy your queen by trap the heroes and annihilate them. Kill heroes to gain points and unlock minions and many types of contraption!

Did you bought the regular “Ye Olde Spider”? Well,that sucks,chum,because in “Ye Olde Spider+”,you will receive many features that isn’t available on the previous title like:

  • Romance the queen spider!
  • More moral choices!
  • That mountain? You can climb it!

And many more!
Buy now!


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