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Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

Last posted Mar 16, 2012 at 02:38AM EDT. Added Mar 15, 2012 at 01:34PM EDT
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I WILL be using this.

EDIT: Someone has a bias against my favorite incarnation of Trance, it seems. Which, yes, I DID find on my own.

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Really? It looks like a simple flash animation to me. No problem to design that at all.


I detect a bit of bias in the genre descriptions but they are interesting none-the-less. Most of this stuff I have never heard of even though I am deeply involved it in.

It’s good to get a broader idea of the history of the stuff you listen to.


So THAT’S what darkstep really is. I’ve been lied to!


It describes Drum and Bass as ‘Diet Jungle’. Based on how it described DNB, I actually have very little DNB collected. Instead I have been listening to Jungle this entire time. I wonder what opspe has to say about that.

Also Dubstep isn’t in there. Either this was made before Dubstep became fully known or that’s one heck of a burn.


But it gives very good regards to Neurofunk! It’s even got a sample from BSE. AWWWW YEAAA!!!

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Okay, there are quite a few inaccuracies in the history as well as the chronology and the relationships. Liquid Funk is not a classification of Jazzstep. This should not be considered the final word on anything. Especially concerning all the interjected opinion.

But I thought it was nice to get at least some background info on the various genres and get to know some of the roots. Up to this point, the differing genre’s have been very confusing.

Hopefully any errors get corrected in future versions

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Aristocatification aka Lolishiiit wrote:

I guess this Guide is a bit out of date…

But I heard the maker of this guide is already working on version 3.

I couldn’t find dubstep.

This guide is VERY out of date.


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