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Yet another KYM Adventure!!

Last posted Jul 09, 2012 at 10:02PM EDT. Added Mar 18, 2012 at 02:37AM EDT
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We haven’t had a continue the story thread in awile, so I took it upon myself to make one.
Don’t move the story too fast.
-Give other people a chance to react to your actions.
-Try not to overpower yourself
-No “Everyone Died, The End” or anything to that regard.
-Have Fun!

You awaken in a dimly lit dungeon with your fellow users. You have no clue how any of you got there, but that must have been one hell of a party. After waiting several minutes and seeing no guard, you use a broken bone of a dead guy to pick the lock and escape.

Arriveing outside, you and your fellow users find yourselfs in a giant, seemingly abandoned, mountainside temple. There doesn’t seem to be a way out, but there is probably some hidden treasure inside it… you enter the main hall in search for valubles.

Also, this place is cursed, just thought you might like to know…

You rummage through a large urn and find several gold coins(and a handful of cobwebs!). Woohoo! Turning around, you see a group of other users at a large wooden door. One tries kicking it down, causing only a sore foot and a loud crash. A user in the corner to your right yells out, his green hair standing on end as a torrent of spiders rush through the roof. Big ones, little ones, fat ones, skinny ones… probably enough of them to fill the great lakes. The whole group of users runs screaming into the opposite corner as the eight-legged menaces approach. You normally don’t have a problem with spiders, but these ones seem exceptionally feisty.

What do?

Suddenly the sound of a bell echoes through the empty halls. It’s almost like a church bell, but this place is definitely not a church. The spiders scatter and flee the distant and eerie sound, and after thirteenth hit, the entire temple falls into silent nothingness. Every user just stands there in the silence, not knowing what to do.

Then all of a sudden, a screeching sound breaks the silence, scaring everyone. The floor starts to open up, revealing a dark and spiraling staircase, beconing the KYM community to venture even deeper into the bowels of the temple, and to the depths of the mountain itself. The atomosphere seems to tense up, and odd mist pours from the doors. There is something evil down there in the depths, but what?


The users decide to split into two teams. One will travel to the depts of the mountain, to seek out the source of the strange mist, and the dark secrets (and treasures) the mountain might hold. They are the strong, adveturous, trolling, curious, and stupidly brave members.

The second team will continue to explore the temple itself, which seems to be larger than first expected. They are the analytical, scientific, smart, and supportive members of the KYM community, who hunger for the truth, and want to know how everyone got there in the first place. The temple is not without its treasures and secrets, and it seems at least a bit safer to explore than the deep underground.

The second team will also have to find and secure a way out of the temple, when the time eventually comes. And maybe help the surviving members of the first team excape whatever might be following them.


Muumi will join the second team in order to explore the temple, and seek out the source of the mysterious sound that scared the spiders, and opened up the gateway.

Which team will you join, and who is there with you?

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I’ll join the second team and there will be:

Quantum Meme
amanda b.
Silver Chariot
Cyber 6x

@Dr. Meme

Hmm… Maybe we should be able to pick only one or two friends on a team by ourselves, in case they want to join and choose/change it. I admit it, it might’ve been was a brainfart on my part.

It’s just that you pretty much picked over a half the most notable members to just one team, whereas some of them might fit the other team better. I know at least Random would go down the straicase to kick the ass of whatever is in there.

Maybe the teams should just start, and members can join in if they want to, but if nothing is heard of them, they can be used on a team, therefore binding them to that team. So it might not be a very good idea to bind all of them to just one team immediately

But since I don’t want to make a useless post, let me avance the story a bit once again.

Before the teams are all set, opspe notices a chest lying around. It must be a treasure!

The poor lock is once again picked with the bone found from one of the dead bodies, and it reveals a bunch of hundred year old firearms. Unfortunately they are all in very bad condition, and totally unusable. However, some of the gunpowder can be salvaged, and combined with other materials to make a small detonation.

Opspe and Quantum Meme use the explosive materials to blow open the advanced lock of the wooden door, and now the second team is able to proceed too.

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“With me gentlemen!” Wsxdas yells, running towards the stairs to the basement with team two. He ends up falling down the whole flight of stairs, landing on top of a dead body. “Eek!” He cries. Devouring the dead body, he has a moment of realization. “This body is fresh! Probably an hour dead!”
MMNF MFMFJD” Pyro shouts.
“Zombies? That’d be ridiculous!” Random man scoffed, hopping past Wsxdas into a dark hallway.
A voice comes down from the hallway. “Brians!”

Natsuru instinctively threw a fireball down the hall where she heard the zombies voice from.

Direct Hit! The zombie lit up. “Sweatie Killer?” Random Man asked lifting his shades. “Brainzzzz!” The burning body began running towards them. “Oh yeah, they don’t care if the are on fire or no-OHMYGODRUN!!”

Sweaties burning corps chased them for about a minute before falling over. The group watched it burn, just in case it decided to jump back up…

“Well, if Ric’s going to be on the Temple exploration team, I’m going to head down the stairs. I can’t stand being with him longer than necessary.” said Slendy, and spat on the ground"

“But I thought you lov-…” Ric started, but Slendy had already disappeared down the stairwell with the rest of the Dungeon exploration team. There was not enough time to give Sweatie Killer’s body a proper burial, but maybe Natsuru’s cremation was enough. Hopefully.

“Oh, you’re so tsun tsun Slendy.” said Ric after Slendy had disappeared with the rest of his team, causing all the other people to give him a weird stare. “What? He totally is!” yelled Ric in his defence.

“Anyway, we have to get going, opspe is already investigating the corridor behind the wooden d-” a sudden crash alerted everyone, “OPSPE!!!” they yelled, and ran into the corridor to see what had happened.

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Captain Falcon Had sneaked away from group 1, and when he got to the end of the hallway, he didn’t like what he saw. “GUYS! LOOK AT THIS!” he shouted down the hallway. As the rest of the group fallowed, Falcon Slowly investigated, making sure not to touch the pentagram in the middle of the floor. “A satanist worshiping area. Fucking knew it.” Suddenly, A Robed man Jumped out of the shadows.

“Temple Team”

Everyone on the Temple team ran through the wooden door, through the small hallway, and towards the sound of the crash. They found opspe in a small room, where he had pressed himself against the wall right beside the door.

In the middle of the room was a crashed chandelier, and as others inquired what had happened, opspe pointed to the ceiling.

Hanging on the cut chain of the chandelier, there was the ghost of rapturjesus!

He laughed maniacally, and bursted through the ceiling. From where he had gone through the roof, appeared a small piece of paper, which fluttered to the ground.

On the paper read…

Brace yourselves. The KYM termination project is coming.
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Natsuru frantically looked around. If there was a ghost hunting them they would be in serious danger.

She quicly took out a sharpie, and drew an elaborate symbol on each persons arms. “This will keep them from possesing you. But killing you is a diffrent story, so be carefull okay? I’m going to go find a room to make a safe zone in, so…” She had allready ran off.

“Basement Team”
The robed man suddenly put a knife to Falcon’s neck. Everyone got ready to fight him. Falcon suddenly sandwiched the knife between his chin and his chest, and flipped the robed man over. He the grabbed the knife, and stabbed him repeatedly. Of course, he realized something. “This must be some sort of satanist temple.”

Also, Teams:


Cpt. Falcon


I made the teams up according to what’s been going on, so if you want to be on the other team, TURN BACK NOW.

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“Sorry guys I’m late!!” Ann yelled.
But when he got there no one was there. Ann decided not to go anywhere and stay in that spot a while till someone comes along. He also decided to cook dinner if the smell was gonna attract anything.

While cooking, Ann Hiro noticed something moving along shadowy walls of the junction room. It was Karskai. He was desperately movin along the wall, and tapping it everywhere, apparently seeking an exit. “He’s clearly going mad.” Ann thought, but there was no other choise but to keep on cooking, and hope everyone would return to the junction sooner or later.

Ann resumed his cooking with the mystery ingredients, and was happily unaware of the ghosts of past Brand New Members, that lurked in the bleak halls of the Temple like background radiation.

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Being lost in the temple for the past five hours, Pyro hears the voices of a large group of people and the smell of cooking, and decides to run towards them. Unfortunatly, Pyro forgot to put away his Degreaser before hand, and presumably his “Hudda hudda huh!” noises and shadow are easily mistaken for a ghost with a weapon.

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Muumi wrote:

While cooking, Ann Hiro noticed something moving along shadowy walls of the junction room. It was Karskai. He was desperately movin along the wall, and tapping it everywhere, apparently seeking an exit. “He’s clearly going mad.” Ann thought, but there was no other choise but to keep on cooking, and hope everyone would return to the junction sooner or later.

Ann resumed his cooking with the mystery ingredients, and was happily unaware of the ghosts of past Brand New Members, that lurked in the bleak halls of the Temple like background radiation.

“Dammit” Ann yelled.
“I made too much!!!” Ann was hoping for the smell to attract the others but none came, other the now mad Karskai. Ann is now seriously pissed that he has too much, and he is not gonna eat all of it. After eating his share of food, he saw something that resembles a basement entrance. with a bowl in hand he went down, ready to use his hypnonsis if his friends refuse to partake in this sustenence.

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The smell of delicous cooking attracts Pyro closer and closer to the voices. The pilot light on his Degreaser barely lights the way down the long hallway from whence he came. Soon, he finds himself flat on the floor, right in front of a wooden staircase leading up to a door where Ann is on the other side.
“Hudda!” he shouts, hoping someone will hear him and help him find his way out of this place.

Natsuru ran around the temple, clearly losing her sanity for no particular reason. However, she found a nice room with plenty of space. In minutes time, she had turned the place into a safe zone, where ghosts couldn’t enter. “I smell something…” she said, when suddenly her stomach decided it wanted whatever it was.

She left her santuary to find the source…

CRASH! All heads in the room turn to the cloud of dust now filling the corner of the room under a freshly made hole in the roof. “Hey…”, a voice came streaming for the dust, the source still obscured. The cloud settled to reveal 404 had been the source of the voice and the brand new skylight.

“…So what did i miss?”

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As Natsuru walked around looking for nomz, she heard a rather pathetic moaning noise coming from a crate in the corner of one of the many rooms. Curious, she walked over and busted it open while being awesome. Inside was a pink-haired archer who was obviously very confused and very unconscious.
“Luis!?” exclaimed Natsuru. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Pulling Luisss out of the crate, Natsuru checked to see if he was alive, and then piggybacked him back to the safe zone. “Allright, now, lets see…” She wasn’t good at Water Magic, but… SPLASH! Barely half a cup of water hit Luisss’s face’ waking him up. “Hay” Natsuru said drying him off with her sleeve. “Gah! Natsuru! Where are we!?” “A giant cursed temple of some sort. This is a safe room I made.”

After explaining the situation, the two decided to once again go look for the source of that wonderfull smell.

Negi lay in a soft bed, unable to move, unable to do anything more than breath and think.

“Sir, we have the Mage in here. As long as the spell is on her and nothing touches her, she wont be of any trouble.” sounded a voice to her left. “Good, be certain to secure her stalff, just in cass.” Said a second voice.

Then an echoy, cold voice sounded from the front. “Stalff? She doesn’t use a stalff, she uses a bracelet to channel her power. In fact… are you certain you brougt the right girl?”
The room fell scilent, as the followers braced themselfs…
“Fools!” Shouted the leader “You brought me the wrong girl!” “Sorry Sir!!” “If you don’t want to be our next meal, FIND HER!!”

The group ran out. The ghost laughed, “Well… see ya around.”

Negi knew who they wanted, and shed a happy tear knowing she was safe.

But also feared that nobody would even find her… and she would be frozen forever.

Meanwhile in the temple team…

Muumi was leading the team, but then they found themselves in front of a door which has a weird lock that looks somewhat like a wheel. “Oh boy.” said opspe, but then Dr. Meme decided to take this into his own hands. “Don’t worry guys, I got this.”, Dr. Meme said, then he decided to start touching the wheel, dragging his hands across it. “Lolwut” Ric Tesla said in amusement. Dr. Meme ignored Ric and then opened the door. The team found them in some giant hole, the walls where perfectly carved. Quantum Meme, being the quantum entity he is, floated up in ease and landed on the above ground. Quantum luckily had his portal gun, then using it to get the rest of the team up onto the ground. But then they looked all around them, they saw four divided temples surrounding them. Muumi said they should go through the east temple, opspe said west, Quantum said north and Ric said south. Dr. Meme didn’t say which way, because he just didn’t care.

Temple Team

“Okay, this has gone totally haywire.” said Muumi. Now we have four more Temples to explore, we can’t come to an agreement, and the rest of the Temple team has already been badly split. Natsuru has wandered off somewhere, I haven’t even seen Kalmo or Suiseiseki, and we have no idea what THIS place is.

“Do you suppose we should return to the Junction room with our findings then?” opspe proposed. “I mean, we can always return later as long as we have Quatum Meme with us.”

“Well, I suppose that’s one thing we could do, but I also have a feeling that this place is important.” said Muumi, and took glances around the strange place. “Fine then, we’ll go for now.”

The team turned back, and started their way back to the Junction. This place was a real maze, and it was better if everyone wasn’t all split up. Maybe they could find Natsuru on the way back, and maybe turn the Junction into a temporary safe room, and base of operations for all the members.

But unbeknownst to the Temple team, they were being watched. Several hidden cameras whirred about, and kept an eye on everything that happened in the Temple, and there was someone, who watched over this entire operation.

In a silent control room full of monitors, there was Jamie Dubbs, and his team of Internet Scientists. Silently watching and judging every step of the doomed KYM community.

The temple team had just visited their very doorstep, but now that they had left, they didn’t have to kill everyone peronally. Jamie Dubbs pulled one of the numerous levers on the control panel, prompting something bad to happen.

He threw his head back, and let out a cold and heartless laugh.

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Cpt Falcon was alone in the basements. “Guys? where did you go?” Falcon went back upstairs to check on them. When he got back up, he didn’t like what he saw. Half the team was back at base.
“Hmph. If another group of people can’t do it, I’ll do it myself.” he muttered. He walked off, wandering aimlessly through the temple. A while later, he spotted a small piece of wire on the ground. Falcon tried to pick it up, but it just wouldn’t budge. “Hmm. There’s more to this place than it’s cracked up to be.” He said.

Dravitar looks around awkwardly.
“I know I was doing something… dammit, KYM,” he shouts to the sky. “Why did you eat my earlier post!” Not remembering anything, he blindly follows the heavenly smell wafting through the air until he reached Ann. “Hey, Ann! What are you doing here? And… might I snag some of that? I have no idea when the last time I ate was.”

“Ack!” shouted Wsxdas. The past few hours had seemed like a blur, as if he’d been completely gone. His team wasn’t with him, and the cooked body of Sweatie lay at his feet. He wasn’t hungry enough for a Sweatie at the moment. Continuing further through the basement hallway, the orange pterodactyl came to a three way intersection. Left always worked!

After a quick stroll down the dark left hallway, Wsxdas came to a dead end. He turned around to go back and try another way, but behind him was another wall. He was boxed in. The floor gave out with a large crack, old wooden planks falling with him. He tried spreading his wings, but the room was too small and he just scraped them into the wall. He hit the ground hard with a splash in the ankle deep water. Before he passed out, a calm yet powerful voice rang out.
“There’s one of them. Shall I get the knives?”

Main Hall / Junction Room

Muumi, opspe, Ric, Quantum Meme, and Dr. Meme finally end their scouting mission, and return to the Junction room, a.k.a “The Main Hall”.

The junction room had become a safe haven for all the kidnapped members, and it served as an excellent base of operations. Ann Hiro was serving dinner that all true warriors strive for, Karskai was still humping the walls in his search for an exit, and Derpy flew around the vast Junction room, and searched the tall ceiling for a way out.


Everyone could plan their next move here, whether they wanted to go to the Basement level, the inner Temple, the Dungeon from which they escaped from, or just stay right here, and enjoy the meal made out of suspicious ingredients.

The last of the KYM members had finally crawled out of the dungeons, and the Junction room was now full of life. Pyro was doing his best to entertain everyone with his fireworks, and funny antics.


But unfortunately there were no spells and enchantations to ward off the ghosts of Brand New Members, and the demonic souls of slain Spambots.

Natsuru was still missing in the inner Temple, and little did she know, she had to hurry back before the ghosts could attack her friends…

But while the Temple team had made their return, most of the team that ventured off to the misty basement never came back. Were they all still lost in the depths, and being threatened by mysterious satanists and other jolly creatures?

What’s going on in there?

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Natsuru and Luisss wandered the halls, completly lost now. “Perhaps…” Natsuru said, running her hand against the wall. A bookcase spun around, revealing a HUDGE library. “Knowing ghosts… lets not go in there.” Luisss said shuting the passage.

After wandering some more, Natsuru’s 6th sence kicked in and they where able to find the group…

While meeting up with the group, Luis thought he saw something skittering about from the corner of his eye. Curious, he turned around while opspe was in mid-sentence. Silencing the others, he pulled an arrow and effortlessly shot the small dark shape off the wall. Leaning over to pick it up, he realized that it was mechanical.
“It’s a camera. Somebody’s watching us.”

Everyone kept their eyes on the camera, while Ric investigated it further. He always seemed to be handy, or hoofy when it came to mechanics. Everyone couldn’t do anything but watch the strange apparatus, and wait for Ric’s analysis.

“Well Luis, did you see this note the ghost of rapturjesus left behind?” asked Muumi, and handed Luis a small note.

“Brace yourselves. The KYM termination project is coming.” he read. “What the hell’s that supposed to mean?” he asked, frustrated.

Quantum Meme floated around the shoulders of Luis trying to get his attention “Hey! Hey! Listen! Hey! Hey listen! Hey! Listen!” he kept spamming. “What!?” everyone yelled to shut him up.

“I have an idea on who might be watching us!” he yelled, shocking everyone in the Junction room.

Is there something Quantum Meme knows, that no-one else is aware of?

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And suddennly the entire room started to shake. all users tried to grab onto something. Ann either tried to reach for Natsuru or Muumi. He decided to reach for Natsuru, its only natural for the strong to survive he thought. Suddenly a terrible roar stretched far and wide. like some terrible power in this temple awoke. Suddenly the members all had the feeling that they would get in an elevator going up. the temple was floating up! As the the temple rose quite turbulantly, bouncing up and down a little, light rose from the crevices, and some new windows are now visible.
“Look! Where rising!” Luis shouted as he looked out the window.
Another roar.
Ann stared out of the window as he was slapped by Natsuru as he lost his grip of her!
Ann saw scales, and a giant leathery wing.

“Too bad we don’t have the Dragon-born here.” Falcon sarcastically remarks. The room suddenly tips, and everyone’s on the roof. Falcon decides to take this into his own hands, and climbs out of the temple through the hole 404 created when he smashed through the roof. “Bigger than I thought.” he said. Suddenly, the dragon twisted back around, and Falcon was on the outside of the temple. “Better find some safe cover.” He saw another glass roof about a hundred meters away. He quickly ran to the roof, smashed it in, jumped down, and found himself in an entirely different room. He saw jets of flame shoot over him just as he entered. “This is just getting weirder and weirder.” Falcon says. "First it’s a satanist temple, then we find out we’re being watched, and finally, the temple is on the back of a giant dragon. Soon most of the other users had joined him in the room.

“Welcome, Wsxdas. Or should I say Troll King?” The owner of the voice from before had revealed our lovable hero’s true identity! His face was covered with a guy Fawkes mask, and his body was wrapped in a black suit. “Now, you will help us take care of your friends. That is the truth.”
“I’ll never help you, dinkus-waffle!” cussed the orange pterodactyl, pushing against his bindings.
“Oh?” the mysterious stranger pointed down at Wsxdas’ chest, a bright red bomb strapped to it. “And what makes you think it’s your choice? Hunt them down, or you’re going down yourself. I’ll cut you free, then you will go kill them.”
The man made a step towards Wsxdas, but in a blaze of speed and dooooom, a beak was lodged between his ribs and he dropped like a sack of dicks. Wsxdas brushed off the wraps around his hands, long since severed by sharp talons, and stood up in his cell. The bomb was still a problem, hugging him like a child on it’s mother, but the anonymous villain was no longer a threat. Pulling up the mask of the recently deceased, a Jim Carrey face on Lady Gaga’s head was revealed.

“Mother of a wagon, the long gone oldfags are trying to kill us.”

suddenly Wsxdas burst into the room. He had a bomb strapped to this chest, and he had a trollface mask on. he suddenly went after randomMan for no apparent reason. thanksfully, random jumped out of the way, and falcon managed to get a hold of the bomb. " Alright, let’s see… cut this, punch this, this, and this, and tear this out… and done." When falcon let go, he had a blasting cap and a bunch of wires. " Bomb’s disarmed." suddenly, the room started twisting. " OH SHIT!" falcon said. As everyone catapulted towards the wall, falcon got as far away from wsx as possible. When wsx hit the wall, the bomb exploded. wsx emerged fine, but the wall was torn open by the blast. “Blast shield pro. it runs in my family.”

meanwhile, on a security camera, SilverMonGoose said solemly ‘It didn’t work. Captain Falcon tore the remote detonator out." “Make him a top priority.” Jamie Responded.

" Now that that’s over," falcon said, "We can continue on. The dragon turned again, and now everyone was on the roof. “Now what?” ann hiro says. “we continue across the rooftops, with a new ally on our side.”

“It is a good thing SilverMonGoose is dead, I wouldn’t want him having a conversation with Jamie.” sighed Wsxdas. He still hurt from the blast of the bomb on his chest, but it was now gone and he wasn’t severely injured. He wasn’t sure what had made him attack his friends for no good reason. Perhaps the oldies had drugged him. I mean, he heard what sounded like a dragon below him, but that couldn’t be real. Turning to his new buddies, he told them the news.
“I think the oldfags are trying to kill us. I got trapped in a room and beat my captor, and it was SilverMonGoose. ANN, do you know anything about this? You’re pretty spankin’ old.”

“Well, shit” Ric said.
As the Camera he was inspecking broken from the shaking of the structure.
“A.LM.A., put this Camera in my hidden cargo bay, this will come to us for me.”
At once, Mr. Tesla
The A.I. responded.
“So there are ghost here, huh? Well my mechanical eye can pick them up on the heat signiture setting.”
Ric moved a nob on his right side of his head with his wing that got free, because he is safe on the ground.
“Holy shit…”
His jaw dropped as everyone looked at him like WTF as he noticed ghosts were flooting over the users, with their eyes closed and their heads looking on the ground like a flooting corps. He assumed this from what was on the heat signitures, while he was seeing with his mechanical right eye.
“What is is, Ric?” Opspe asked.
Then the ghosts ubruptly are staring at him with the look of death, he had a feeling if he spills the beans, then those things will go on a killing spree on him and everyone else in the room.

“Let’s get a move-on.” Falcon proceeded to run across the rooftops for a couple hundred kilometers before the dragon started to do a loop-the loop. "Guess we’ve been running away from the head. Everyone ran for what seemed like hours. Finally, when they got to the end of the tail, pretty much everyone was very tired. But the head was so close! Falcon could see something that looked like a radio antenna sticking out of the top of it’s head. " This further proves the theory that the oldfags are trying to kill us." Falcon mustered up all the strength he could, and jumped. he landed right on the dragon’s nose. " uh-oh." he said. Suddenly, the dragon tossed him up onto the antenna, as if wanting him to take it off. " alrighty. let’s go."

All the time poor 404 was left to fend for himself in the pile of debris he had created. Baffled at the nature of his new surroundings he pleads desperately with his new companions for answers. "Were am i? Why is the room tipping!?!?! ARE THOSE GHOSTS?!?! WHY IS NO ONE TELLING ME WHATS GOING ON!?!?!.

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“…” Ann went silent “I never thought this might actually happen, I thought it was a joke made long ago. Operation Purge.”
“Operation Purge?” Natsuru inqured.
“You maybe old, but this operation, was planned out before you joined. The plan is actually destroy the internet if it starts to leak to rapidly out of the internet. STARTING WITH KYM.”
“I may not know the details, but we must stop this dragon first, so we can make it up to the controls in the highest tower of the temple. We should split up into the two teams. One to stop the dragon, and one to stop the oldfags. I’ll lead the team to the controls.”

The ghosts continued to follow the users as they traveled, staring at them with their cold, blank stares…

Tesla felt their piercing eyes peering into his soul, probing deeply into the darkest recesses of his subconscious.

Sting_Auer suddenly froze, a blank stare like that of a smooth stone overtook his face

“Everyone.” He said. “I want to apologize for the chanting I continually droned. I know that you would prefer not to mention it, so I will likely never know exactly what I was saying, besides the fact that it was centered around the subject of deactivating.” He took a sharp, deep breath, “My apologies.”

After several minutes of continued travel preceding the apologetic speech, the users of KYM found themselves at a ridge overlooking a vast, stark-white plain, cracked and pockmarked by centuries of dry, acrid weather.

“These must be the …”

WAIT, THERES DRAGONS TOO NOW?” 404 exclaimed in horror. “WHAT THE HELL GUYS?”
Well, i guess it could be worse 404 thought to himself. No wait I shouldnt of thought that, now its going to definitely get worse! Bro, chill. thats only if you say it out loud. Who are you? Im you bro. Wait what? How is that even possible? Bro. No questions. JUST CHIIIIILLLL. WHAT DO YOU MEAN CHILL?!?! IM ON A TEMPLE, ON A DRAGON, FULL OF GHOSTS, THATS GOING. TO. EXPLODE. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! You mean whats wrong with you bro. Thats what i said! No bro, im you. So whats wrong with you? GAAAHHHHH! the other users seem to go about there business unaware of 404’s current mental breakdown.

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Ric then noticed Natsuru did not have any ghosts on her, and in fact was repeling any she got close to. Ric had to tell her, but how… “Natsuru, what is the… errr… way you deal with… a large group of… A Verry Large Group of…” His eyepeice suddenly started listing out all the attacks she has used. “Natsuru… ummm… I need you to do something… and fast…”

Natsuru understood, and began charging energy. “Use… a ring to… seal the…”

“Dream Sign, Demon Binding Ring!” Natsuru screamed slaming the ground. A massive forcefield deployed around the group, killing off all the ghosts inside it. The ghosts outside the circle scattered as the ring of energy continued to expand.

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Ann Hiro wrote:

“…” Ann went silent “I never thought this might actually happen, I thought it was a joke made long ago. Operation Purge.”
“Operation Purge?” Natsuru inqured.
“You maybe old, but this operation, was planned out before you joined. The plan is actually destroy the internet if it starts to leak to rapidly out of the internet. STARTING WITH KYM.”
“I may not know the details, but we must stop this dragon first, so we can make it up to the controls in the highest tower of the temple. We should split up into the two teams. One to stop the dragon, and one to stop the oldfags. I’ll lead the team to the controls.”

“So who will take down the dragon? And who will follow me to the central controls?”

As the plot continues to move forward 404 continues his psychotic episode.
Seriously, bro

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“I like this thread!” Wsxdas said, completely out of context. Probably just traumatized from his experience with the bomb.


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