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**5 Stages of Whatever Version 3.0** Come for the_____ stay for the _____

Last posted Apr 14, 2012 at 08:02PM EDT. Added Apr 08, 2012 at 02:57PM EDT
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Well since most the last thread comics got taking down do to pic limit (DAMN YOU PHOTOBUCKET!) im making a new one! So i bring you…….

Now im going to put up the old comics, 5 in a post. And after that let the games begin…YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!

Last edited Apr 08, 2012 at 03:14PM EDT

HolyCrapItsBob wrote:
Scenario: No one posts in your 5 stages thread.

Bruelock wrote:
Scenario: Hiding a boner during class.

!Adam DeLand wrote:
Scenario: You’re surrounded by people that have the opposite opinion of you.

ANN HIR® Dai-Oh wrote:
Scenario: Chillin and Relaxin while playin video games via the internet with ANN HIRO untill he starts winning, and you do something about it.

Notsocool The Dewott wrote:
You find out that thread you made got derailed.

404 artist not found wrote:
5 stages of finding out your batman

Jeffrey Dahmer wrote:
5 stages of telling everyone you’re GAY

ANN HIR® Dai-Oh wrote:
5 stages of making 5 stages about 5 stages

ANN HIR® Dai-Oh wrote:
5 stages of Gamzee

Last edited Apr 08, 2012 at 03:13PM EDT

nukefire wrote:
Quitting the interwebs cold turkey.

Teh Brawler wrote:
The five stages of doing a barrel roll.

Slendy wrote:
>5 stages of serious business.

ANN HIR® Dai-Oh wrote:
5 stages of an almost NSFW scene ANN HIRO and Natsuru. Extra sexy plz.

Slendy wrote:
5 stages of absolutely fucking nothing.

Slendy wrote:
5 stages of “oh god what have I done”

Iced Hot Chocolate wrote:
5 stages of finding out you are NOT the father

Dr. Meme wrote:
Scenario 1: Weegee is watching you.

Dr. Meme wrote
10 hours of Nyan Cat

Iced Hot Chocolate wrote:
Encountering Aliens

Iced Hot Chocolate wrote:
5 stages of accidentally making 6 stages

Nikolaki8 wrote:
5 Stages of drowning in the amount of karma you have obtained thanks to this thread.

Dr. Meme wrote:
Birth of a Troll

Notsocool The Dewott wrote:
Brony Development

Lady Doomz Dayz wrote:
5 stages of being a Nerd

Table Flipper wrote:
Five stages of the transformation tof being a werewolf. :l

Iced Hot Chocolate wrote:
Grammar Nazi

Fwuttershy wrote:
5 stages of derp.

Iced Hot Chocolate wrote:
5 stages of pressing the microwave button right at the last second before it goes beep.

Thomas Nair wrote:
SCENARIO: Assassination mission. Location: Pripyat, Ukraine. Target: Imran Zakhaev. Weapon: Barrett M82 Anti-Materiel Rifle chambered in .50 Browning Machine Gun. Other equipment: 4 M67 fragmentation grenades; one H&K USP .45 semi-automatic pistol, fitted with sound suppressor; one standard issue combat knife; one M21 Sniper Rifle, fitted with standard long range optical sight and sound suppressor; ghillie suit.


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