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Forum President Official Application Thread (REAL)

Last posted Apr 29, 2012 at 01:04PM EDT. Added Apr 17, 2012 at 06:24PM EDT
154 posts from 51 users

The first application thread was a karma-raping fail, so here is the new official application thread. This time ANYONE can apply and get to Round 2, but only if they follow these rules:

-Your application MUST include what party you are in.
-You have to actually include reasons why people should vote for you.
-You have to include your favorite food to prove that you read the rules.

The application deadline is one week from now.

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I guess I should run for the Brony party, so they can get as much strength as possible.

I’ll be doing it to spread love and kindness to everybody. Because you guys know how nice I am…



That’s right. I’m a joy.

So, vote for me. Vote for happiness across the forums. For love, kindness, tolerance, and the slaughter of unicorns and pegasi friendship. And free pizza. Mmmmm. I love me some pizza.

Who doesn’t love pizza? I’ll tell you who. Karmmunists and Nazis. That’s who.

Here we go again…. (again, sorry for the ugliness)

running for the gaming party and mah favourite food is pizza (it’s my favourite vegetable)
and remember: vote for me and i promise to keep my… well promises.

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Explosive Lasers AKA Solaire AKA Sexiest wrote:

I guess I should run for the Brony party, so they can get as much strength as possible.

I’ll be doing it to spread love and kindness to everybody. Because you guys know how nice I am…



That’s right. I’m a joy.

So, vote for me. Vote for happiness across the forums. For love, kindness, tolerance, and the slaughter of unicorns and pegasi friendship. And free pizza. Mmmmm. I love me some pizza.

Who doesn’t love pizza? I’ll tell you who. Karmmunists and Nazis. That’s who.

This is an ideal application. Not necessarily an ideal candidate (bronies should burn in horse hell), but people should base their speeches on this.

Formalities first, I’d like to apply for Gamer / Video Gamer party leader.
Since childhood, like post people video-games have been my obsessive passion. Pokémon, Mario and Crash Bandicoot sucked more time from me than anything until I discovered the wonders of the internet and as such hold a nostalgic place in my heart. I feel well educated in not just video-games but also video-game history (as nerdy as that may sound) to represent gamers as a collective and have my own opinions on various gaming news stories which I’ve developed from various sources. I’ve also worked on a fair few video-game subculture entries here such as Zelda, Sonic and Mario, made various gaming-related threads and I’d be happy to share my knowledge with anyone who wants it.

Gaming is much more than a fandom or sub-culture; it’s a way of life that’s affected just about everyone in modern times in some way, shape or form. Video-games have brought me so much joy and sparked so many of my emotions that I’d like to become a games developer one day (although incredibly hard given I live in Australia). I’d like to be able to repay them by representing them in this presidency race. May the best candidate win and I wish them all the best. In closing, for your consideration for both me and the gamer party and if you think I’m good for the job, please be sure to -

(I love pasta)

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Let me tell you about the Homestuck Party…

But before I do, might I mention some of our famed supporters?

“I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Highblood User, but you don’t need to be on Trollian every partial Sweep logged into KYM every Friday to know there’s something wrong in this country when Lowbloods can roam around as their filthy minds please New Members can make Entries, but wrigglings are confined to the Caverns for their early lives Karma threads cannot be made Just for Fun.
As Empress President, I’ll end The Condesce’s stupid as fuck rules PimpAbra Anyone’s war on Karma based and just silly fun threads. And I’ll fight against any fucker who wants to try and prove their shit anyone who would try to suppress KYM’s true spirit..
Pain and control Fun made Alternia KYM strong. It can make her destroy and conquer strong again.
I’m sexualXenophobe Rick Perry and I hate you all approve this message fuckasses.”

“Change, people. We will not get stuck in replay. Unless it’s a universal constant…”

“That was the plan. To win the election. AND YOU, VOTED.”
You see, the Homestuck party isn’t about a theme. It’s about many different ideals and peoples brought together with the help of a simple Comic. The Homestuck party above all represents tolerant, multinationalism and ethnic diversity. Every man with the HS Party symbol on his heart is a man dedicated towards learning, equality, and a better world for all!

If you don’t vote for us we’ll fucking cull your family.

I shall run for the Meme Party as the Desu party obviously would have an unfair advantage with its natural awesomeness.

Vote for me because I’ll make some shit like a most spectacular drawing or a 3D model. You will also rest easy knowing that you made the right choice and that the forums with quickly attain global domination with me as dictat- I mean president.

My favorite food happens to be the souls of my fallen enemies.

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Why am I running for the election? Why not, I say! I don’t need any flashy pictures or anything, all I need is a wall of text, my own intuition, and my followers.

Why you should vote for me:
That’s a good question. You should vote for me because i’ll ACTUALLY keep my promises, like that one president whose name I can’t remember at the moment.
You Should vote for me because I’m a relatively good talker, I like video games, and I listen to the people. I will lobby to get the public’s opinion going. I will change the site. I will change the site in many ways, especially the forums. For one, the removal of karma A more organized structure of browsing. A search bar would be an ideal thing for the forums. also, a voting system for new entries, so that way if a good new meme pops up, along with the spam, a mod could bring it into the actual site, while the non memes stay in the dark, so they don’t really clutter up the site. I have a lot more planned, so stay tuned.

Vote Pants Party 2012.
Our platform consists of benefits for all:
•Pants for everybody
•We even have pants that fit ponies
•We have tall pants, so all you homestuckers can pretend to be pantskat
•Ace Compants for all you Japan-Haters
•My favorite food is pineapple, sharp, deadly, tasty.
•For you anime lovers, we’ll put lolis in your pants
•Pants so solid that Slendy and Gamzee can’t rape you through them
•Free air travel in the form of Levi-tation
•Our name abbreviated is PP which totally sounds like peepee.
•You wear pants every day, you owe me.
•I made a boom-boom in my pantaloons.


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Vote for the Homestuck party.
Why, you ask? Well, this title stands for nothing. Which is what we are good at. Nothing.
No interference. No harassment of our opponents. Keeping whatever we find funny but other may not to ourselves. That is what I would like to do to this site. Keep it as it is.
Isn’t a peaceful status quo what we’re all really after?

As other users have demonstrated, massive walls of text = votes. I’m not going to do that. My walls of text are quite lackluster.

My favourite food is the mighty Macaroni and Cheese.

MDF 2012
where doing this, where making it hapen

Troll King, are we still using the Karma system, or must we submit votes in another way?

Last edited Apr 17, 2012 at 07:20PM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

@MDF: read the OP.

@Falcon: It says the last thread failed due to karma. You notice I was asking if that meant he was going to change the system.
Notice how I’m not the only person to ask.

Well have no fear!
As leader of the All Jimmies Remain Unrustled Campaign this will no longer happen.
Being a member of the Meme Party I will do my best to help change problems for the community.

My favorite food is Jimmy Dean sausages. So be a good chap and gimme a vote.


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Hi everyone, I’m the ghost of physicist Carl Sagan, and I’d like to tell you why voting Homestuck in 2012 is probably the best thing you can possibly do.

On my program Cosmos, I sought to teach the world about the universe in which we live. But, through my travels on the way to the GHOST PLANET upon which the dead live, I discovered that there are an infinite number of universes, all in one or many ways unique to the next. And why is this?

It’s simple.

Magnets No, not magnets. Sburb.

An astounding engine of creation which compels players in a pan-universal game to work towards the creation of a new, astounding universe. Not much is known about the workings of this amazing thingamawhatzit, but we’ve got our best man on the job!


Well anywho, this is only the beginning of what’s to come from the Homestuck Party in this election! Remember, an infinite number of universes means an infinite number of memes as well! Right, my good friend and inventor of the word “meme” Richard Dawkins?

Yeah, whatever

Well, there you have it! A vote for Homestuck is a vote for memes!

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Mr. Sagan, why are you promoting Homestuck? And why Fridge? He’s a jerk.” Well, I’ll have you know that Fridge Logic is paying me off forcing me to type this crap out at gunpoint a fine, upstanding individual who only has the best in mind for the site at large. In fact, he didn’t want to promote himself, so he asked me to nominate him as candidate! So I, Carl Sagan, nominate Fridge Logic as a candidate for the Homestuck party!

Thanks all, and I’ll see you on the Ghost Planet!

This has been an announcement on behalf of the Homestuck Party.

HOMESTUCK 2012: We’re Stuck on Know Your Meme.

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I’ll refer to my unofficial post to declare my candidacy.

In brief, I am Verbose, forum moderator right here on Know Your Meme.

  1. I am will be running for the Gamer Party along with Cyber6x and random 21.
  2. I believe I should be president, because:
    • I already have forum presiding experience as a moderator
      • However, I am not so far removed from being a “regular” user to have forgotten how important we all are to each other.
    • I have seen the joys and ills of the Pony General thread.
    • I frequent serious threads along with lulzy threads and game threads.
    • But not only because of my varied forum experience, but because of a solid platform that all users can get behind.
      • Much like the choices of video games we play, I hope to preside with that option in mind. I make no promises, because promises mean nothing until they are kept or broken.
      • A potential term will be a republic: You will elect, and I hope to lead based upon the reasons you voted (or did not) for me.
  3. My favorite food is apples.

Hello everyone, my name is seal clubba doctorhobo and i would like you to vote for me in the gaming party. If you choose to elect me many wonderful things will happen in the future like:

*A much smaller amount of trolls
*shitstorm monitors so we can indicate if a shitstorm is coming or not
*Stupid threads will auto lock if people aren’t enjoying them
*All the good trolls that are funny will stay mainly for entertainment value
*Jobs on KYM that way people will commonly make karma negs or positive.
*Free health care
*A free minigun when the Daleks invade as well as 5000 Hollow point rounds
*10 videogames of your choice
*A kickass hoverboard that can carry you around
*1 free wish that can grant you almost anything
So vote seal clubba!

Hello, everyone! I am RussianFedora, candidate for the Troll Party.

Various things we endorse for our Forum are:

  • The application of cutting-edge science through high government funding
  • The continuation of thread quality through our Counter-Strike Troll Deployment method
  • Protection of all fandoms and followings, including Furries, Otakus and Bronies, among others.

I think you should vote for me because I am a democratic man, focused on following the people’s wish and the trail of progress.

I do not have a favorite food, sadly. Although I did have a gyro today and it was very tasty.

Last edited Apr 17, 2012 at 07:15PM EDT

MDFification wrote:

Have you by chance read it? If so, you may notice it doesn’t answer the question me and Madcat asked.

what i think he means is either:
1. this is the application thread, so we’re not voting just yet
2. to build on point 1, he said everyone is making it through this round
the OP will probably tell us in round 2

Last edited Apr 17, 2012 at 07:24PM EDT

Twenty-One wrote:

what i think he means is either:
1. this is the application thread, so we’re not voting just yet
2. to build on point 1, he said everyone is making it through this round
the OP will probably tell us in round 2

Well, shit
Apologies then, Falcon.

That was actually pretty brief for Verbose, Gog bless him.

Anyway, my last post was kind of silly, so I think I should explain what my Party’s going to be doing. We don’t really have a favorite for who’s running, and right now we’re doing everything democratically as far as leadership goes. I only declared my candidacy after Kaskrai decided to do so, but I’d like to establish that we have a few other people that will be running as well. What I personally think is going to happen is whomever has the best reputation will be our leading candidate, and we will support him. We’re really more interested in having the party as a whole win rather than just one dude.


Again? Fine.

Twins here, I’m joining the Brony Party. I really don’t feel like devoting any time and effor to starting a campaign for the merely titular position of Forum President.

I will, however, support Explosive Lasers and whoever else wants to run in their bids to gain supreme control over all of Equestria the forums.

My favourite food is phở, because, you know, Vietnamese.

Also, as a candidate, do you run against your own party members, or is it like an oligarchy?

I’m CitationNeeded. I’m running for the Brony Party.
Seeing as how I’m probably the only half sane member in the party, I feel I’m your only have decent choice for us.
Oh well.
Vote for me or… well, I can’t really threaten you or anything, being on the Internet.
Oh well. Again.
Vote for me.
Or I’ll cry.

I was voted as the official ambassador of the Pony Thread, so I’m clearly the best choice. I’m a decent enough user when I want to be, so I would make an awesome president. I will save the Know Your Meme forums from the non existent threats we have.
For America.

Last edited Apr 17, 2012 at 07:40PM EDT

Whoopsie, I didn’t read the rules!

Anyway, I’m Fridge, and I’m running as part of the Homestuck Party in a diabolical plot progressive plan to take over the world the site the forums the hearts and minds of the people.

Here is my platform:

  • This is silly, and I’m doing it for teh lulz, like the rest of my party.
  • Troll King running this contest, as far as I’m concerned, is like asking Fox News to host a debate.
  • Legalization of Sopor Slime, mAn.

  • Memes are awesome, and this site is the most awesome on the planet, and you’re awesome too, user!

Oh, and my favorite food is spaghetti.

Holy shit, why is there spaghetti in my pocket? Ugh, now I gotta change pants….

Geretings citizens. I stand before you today to inform you about just who it is I am, and what I stand for.

I don’t know what my name is because I keep changing it. I don’t know what party I’m in because its name is a short paragraph. It had something to do with karma, Star Wars, and the sequel to Electric Boogaloo or something. (the Indiana Jones reference was never considered canon because Russian Fedora hates me and it’s all Phillip J. Fry’s fault) My favorite food is dicks.

Vote for me so I can become a Moderator, get a custom title, and steal karma from people whose names I can’t spel.

I love you.

Last edited Apr 17, 2012 at 08:37PM EDT

I am in the Jimmy party.

In the Jimmy party, our goal is to unrustle everyone’s jimmies regardless of their differences. This is our vision for the forum.


Unrustle yo jimmies!

I am running from the Troll/Brony Party

Reasons you should waste your vote on me
1. Free bitches
2. Free money
3. I’ll kiss mod ass so we can finally have poll threads
4. I’m a brony and a troll. That means I relate to at least 90% of the people on this site and I will be sure to put the interests of you before my own. Bronies and trolls, the best of both worlds.
5. If I can make MILHOUSE a meme I can make this P.O.S. forum the best one on the internet… or at least somewhat good.

Favorite Food
I could eat egg rolls all day every day.

I am both.

Im not good at inspirational speeches so I’ll let this man do the talking..

Last edited Apr 18, 2012 at 12:36AM EDT

Once upon a time, there was a thread made by Troll King, and it was AWESOME. It had something to do with Asteroids, I think.

But then, quite some time later, Troll King made another thread that was not quite as awesome, but there was an OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE RESPONSE. It had to do with some sort of fake elections, and more of you are probably familiar with that one if you’re here.

In that thread, Brucker posted an idea for his platform, and there was MISCOMMUNICATION. It was Brucker’s own fault, and not only does he take full responsibility, but he will endeavor to cut back on referring to himself in the third person for the remainder of this post.

But now to business!

I am officially (and really) announcing my candidacy for President of the KYM forums and will be running under the auspices of the BRONY PARTY.

Why should people vote for me? If you really have to ask, I pity you…but just a little. So I will explain: Everyone knows that since long before this election process was begun, the Brony Party has been dominating the political front on KYM. While I respect and commend my fellow Brony Party members for their stated intentions to “love and tolerate the shit out of you” I think we all know that intentions and actions can be two separate things, especially in politics.

Should the Brony Party be removed? Nay, I say! (Pun may or may not be intended.) But what this party needs--what this FORUM NEEDS--is new blood within the Brony Party, a candidate who hasn’t spent his career in the KYM forums as an “Equestria girthway insider”.

Men, Bronies, traps of various levels of sexiness, I think you know in your hearts who the right person for this job is. As a well-established KYM moderator, I have the power to grant you nearly anything, and yet I promise you nothing whatsoever, because we all know politicians lie.

Other candidates will give you this:

I will give you…THIS:

Yes, while I will not defy the laws of the Internet, I will gladly defy the laws of physics for my people: the good people of For in the words of the great President Clinton:

Good night, God Bless you, and my favorite food is squid (cooked or raw, it’s all good.)

Just so you guys know, I did this whole thing as a joke. I just thought Karmmunist was a good play on words. I have neither time for, nor interest in “campaigning”.

So no, I will not be running on the Supreme Karmmunists 2: Electric Boogaloo Strikes Back Party ticket. If Jackal wants to, he can, but I won’t.

I would also like to say that anyone who took my idea of rationing karma seriously is an imbecile. Especially you, RF.

Last edited Apr 18, 2012 at 03:00AM EDT

Hello, Know Your Meme. I am Thomas Nair, and I figure I ought to make clear where I stand on the issues.

I do not intend to establish an oppressive regime. I intend to establish a democratic society, where the government is run by the people, for the people. However, I also believe that the government must retain a significant degree of control over that which it presides over.

The Western Federation is fully democratic. However, there are laws in place in the Federation that prevent anyone from being considered above the law. This is my promise to you.

There will be none who get away with actions that disrupt the community. There will be none who get away with exploiting members of the community. As Forum President, I will ensure that all are held accountable. Even site administrators.

We will do our best to distribute karma fairly, but at the end of the day, our karma economy will remain a fundamentally capitalist one. We will prevent users from exploiting the system to receive large quantities, and we will do at least partial redistributions on those at the very top. But we will not force them to give up all their karma.

In the end, the Federation predominantly seeks to maintain established order. We will separate anime and other Eastern forms of media from comic books and other forms of Western media, but only insofar as ensuring that threads exist for each on the forums. We will also not allow threads about Western media to become too prevalent.

Most of what I will do as Forum President will be focused on the education of BNMs, the FNGs of KYM. Teaching them the ins and outs of the Textile markup language, instructing them on proper posting etiquette, helping them create better meme entries so they aren’t deadpooled immediately upon posting. I will also help them either find or create the threads they need in order to discuss their favorite works.

I just want to make clear that I am not running on a platform akin to that of Cerberus or Terra Firma: I will not allow bigots to join the Federation, nor will I support a bigoted position stated by one of my supporters. I cannot make this distinction clear enough. Never could.

I sincerely hope you understand the positions of the Federation and the positions I hold. My position is one of bringing order out of the chaos of the internet, but without restricting the freedoms of its Users. You, the People, are the greatest asset in the Universe. It is up to YOU, as Users, to determine your own fate. There is no destiny save that which we make for ourselves. The future is a blank canvas waiting to be painted.

I will stand up for You. I will fight for You. I will do what I must, just so you may experience a better internet tomorrow. Your will is my command.

I am Thomas Nair, and I approve this message. For the Federation!

As for my favorite food, I dunno. I pretty much just eat whatever food comes before me. I guess I’ll just say rice, since there’s simply so many things you can do with it.

BaSedAleX -_- wrote:

Well have no fear!
As leader of the All Jimmies Remain Unrustled Campaign this will no longer happen.
Being a member of the Meme Party I will do my best to help change problems for the community.

My favorite food is Jimmy Dean sausages. So be a good chap and gimme a vote.



Woah, nearly got rustled there…

I request you revoke that campaign or we’ll rustle your jimmies. The Jimmy Party is there to unrustle jimmies, not ‘The Meme Party’. If you continue, YOU WILL BECOME THE RUSTLED.

Easy now Dr. I’m sure everyone understands that the “All Jimmies remain Unrustled party” is merely a satirical nonsensical joke party with no actual political significance, nor affiliation with the Jimmy party. But we of the Jimmy party can take a joke. It now time for me to address the nation website

My fellow KYMers…

As a Conversationalist and former Alpha as F*** I have seen the many turns and tides of thus forum. I have seen epic threads of jubilation and great shitstorms. I have seen mighty threads rise and fall. I have survived through troll attacks and Community Building contests.

In this time I have witnessed what this forum needs and what it does not. It is true that there is no simple answer to resolving the strife we go through but one thing has always remained constant throughout all our troubles: Jimmies

This is why I, The Blue Screen of Death, will your representative for the JIMMY PARTY.

As your president I will attack the problems we face at its very core: The Jimmies that they rustle. To reduce the jimmies that are rustled is to cut off the head of the snake. While it may not eliminate any one problem, it will effectively reduce the severity of all problems and enable us to tackle them all faster so our future will be brighter. My research into Jimmy science has proven this many times with my Jimmy simulations. I simply need your support, your vote to complete my work.

Of course I will respect your decision to vote elsewhere, do consider this though:

  • You may support the Brony party, but know that this will only rustle the jimmies of the non-Bronies.
  • You may support the Homestuck party, but know that this will only rustle the jimmies of those who abhor sophisticated plots
  • You may support the Gamer party, but know that this will only permit more Jimmy rustling between die-hard PC and Console players
  • You may support the Cat party, but know that this will rustle the jimmies of the dog owners.

There is only one party that promises to aid the jimmies of all netizenkind equally, respectfully and fairly. That party is the Jimmy party. We do not compromise, we collaborate. We support fairness and neutrality for all spectrums of the forum, be they Bronies, Homestuckians or gamers. Understand that I too am:

  • A Brony
  • A Homestuck reader
  • A lifetime gamer and Starcraft fan
  • A Cat owner*

*Here is my kitty. Isn’t she cute?

So you can trust that I have a deep understanding of the viewpoints and perspectives of each major party. I have a respect for all of them and they goals they hope to achieve too. Voting for me does not mean sacrificing what you hope your chosen party will accomplish

We can address everyone’s concerns without showing unfair bias towards any one side, for our enemies are not the other parties. Our enemy is the rustling of jimmies.

Know this too: The Jimmy party exists solely to solve problems. We are not interested in winning races, we are not interesting in petty fights and arguments with other parties. We only want to focus on our goals of a less jimmy rustled forum. For this we are merely asking for your support.

Wouldn’t you want a government that only addresses the actual problems and not waste time bickering? If so, then the Jimmy party is the party for you

And we are for everyone.

Last edited Apr 18, 2012 at 04:38AM EDT

Nikolaki8 wrote:

I’ll be running for the Gamer Party.

Since it’s 11:52PM right now, I’ll have my speech ready by tomorrow.


Wait… what?

I know you’re in Victoria but in Sydney it’s only 8:22PM.

By the way, unrustle yo jimmies!

Join The Jimmy Party!

Hello friends, my name is StarGazer, and I am hear to speak to you today about something very important: the KYM forum presidential election. Sure, I’m a member of the brony party, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m coming to you now, not as a brony, a gamer, or anything else other than a regular ol’ KYM user, to talk about a dream I have.

This site we have here, isn’t it great? We spend hours on here every day (okay, maybe just I do), learning about memes, sharing humorously captioned images, and making friends on these wonderful forums of ours. But let’s face it, it’s not perfect. That’s why, if elected president, I promise to do everything in my power to make the KYM forums into a land where EVERYONE can have enough DESU. Where you can lurk moar, AND IT CAN BE ENOUGH. Where you CAN just simply walk into Mordor. Where Troll-kind and Brony-kind can dwell in harmony and THEIR JIMMIES WILL BE FREE TO ROAM WHERE THEY PLEASE WITHOUT BEING RUSTLED! This is my dream.

Now you be saying to yourself, “StarGazer’s crazy! He could never win! And all these ideals he’s spouting, there’s no way he can do all that. It’s impossible!” Maybe you’re right. Maybe I am crazy. Maybe it is all impossible But ask yourself now, is it really that crazy to reach for the stars when there’s no telling what you’ll accomplish on the way?

That’s why I’m asking you, YOU, RIGHT NOW, READING THIS, to cast your vote for StarGazer, because if you vote for me, we’re all one step closer to those stars, and when you reach for the stars, not even the sky is the limit.

Come with me.

Dream with me

Reach with me.

Vote StarGazer, KYM forum president 2012.

P.S. Yes, TrollKing, I read the rules, and my favorite food is probably any kind of pasta with Alfredo sauce on it. I love me some Alfredo sauce.

User Name wrote:


Woah, nearly got rustled there…

I request you revoke that campaign or we’ll rustle your jimmies. The Jimmy Party is there to unrustle jimmies, not ‘The Meme Party’. If you continue, YOU WILL BECOME THE RUSTLED.

Think I came first, but i will join this jimmie party.
But my campaign remains unrustled.

Good Arex, your jimmies will remain unrustled as long as your on the forum with us in charge. Your campaign has been thought of before. This whole party is based upon that campaign. Jimmies shall be unrustled.

Therefore your campaign is, and always has been, in effect.

But I got an idea, while we unrustle everyone’s jimmies, we will rustle all the rustler’s jimmies. Oh will it be a great time for our jimmies. Here’s our party.

Jimmy Party:

Blue Screen
Dr. Meme

By the way Troll King, my fave food is either pasta or chicken schnitzel with gravy.


Think I came first, but i will join this jimmie party.
But my campaign remains unrustled.

The Jimmy Party was declared on page 5 of the Forum president initiation thread

There were no declarations of any Jimmies related party prior to my announcement so I believe I was the first. But there is no need to be rustled because your campaign is our campaign and we welcome you to the Jimmy Party

X-singular wanted to join the Jimmy Party too but sadly he had to decline since he is a lurker now. Would have been great to have him on board though. X, if you lurk through here by any chance and ever change your mind, well have a parliamentary seat reserved for you.


Mmmm, chicken schnitzel….(slobber)

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