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This is a absurd story! (Interactive Story)

Last posted May 04, 2012 at 07:39AM EDT. Added May 01, 2012 at 06:04PM EDT
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Okay so here the idea.
I will be putting a image with a small paragraph. From there you guys command.
(Example:…and he finds a cookie. What should he do?)
(Comment: Eat it.)
Okay? Lets begin…


I was roaming the empty grass field alone. I was completely lost and I don’t even know how I got here. While I was walking on the field, I noticed something peculiar. I walked over to it and by my surprise it was….

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DOT DOT DOT wrote:

>Get pumpkin.

I had a pumpkin? Oh yeah!
I bring out my trusty pumpkin that I used to fight off baddies
Well….What now?

Omomon wrote:

>Ask if the dragon would like to share the pumpkin.

Oh okay!
I approach him cautiously and present the pumpkin
Oh god he squawking! What do I do!? What do I do!?

Wsxdas, The Last Kramabender wrote:

>do a backflip and land on the pumpkin! Dragongents use that sacred ritual to show each other respect!

Very well!

Will I do okay?

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Muffins wrote:

>He will lick you and invite you to his house for a cup of tea.

He licked my hand!
…He got pretty slobbery though.
But anyways he want me to get a cup of tea in his house. I can’t drink because…Well, im a robot. But I take the offer anyways!

He asked me to get on his back…
Should I?

Muffins wrote:

>Yes, he’s only a complete stranger. You can totally trust him.


  • Epilogue*
    Okay let’s sum this up.
    I met a man in a dragon suit today. He looks freaky at first but a closer look reveals that he a nice uh… animal. I’m currently in the sky, on top of him. Oh shit! I forgot my pumpkin…Whatever.
    So im gonna drink tea with him soon, seem legit.

Anyways….This trip looks like it’s gonna be long. I’ll just relax for now.

To be continued….

(Hope you guys enjoyed it this part! While im taking a break, tell me what should happen next.Later)

In the same place….
In the you know grass-place-thing….

You wake up on a grassy field in the middle of nowhere. Last thing you remember you were going to your house. Why the hell are you here? As you stand up to exam--

Shit wait! Before we continue; How the hell are you?
My name is….
(Insert KYM Username)

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Twins the Serendipitous Serval wrote:

>Thomas Nair

(Linky, please)
(We can’t start a adventure with out knowing how he looks like)

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Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

>Captain Douglas J Falcon

Captain Douglas J Falcon?
Psh, I’ll just call you Falcon.
Okay Falcon, you’re up and ready! But hey before you go, I recommend you get that book. You don’t want to end up like a certain robot roaming these parts without some knowledge.

What’cha waiting for?
Pick it up.

Muffins wrote:

>Pick up book.

Ah! Good you picked it up.
Now this seem like a guide…
Tips On Surviving The Land of-

What the hell?
Looks like that last word was somehow been scratched off…
But look, you can still make out the barely visible letters.
What does it say bro?
And don’t say something stupid. I’m watching you.

Twins the Serendipitous Serval wrote:

>Before Time

The Land Before Time?
Nice name…
You see the first page with and introduction.
To whoever is reading this, you’re mostly wondering what the hell is going on or why you’re here.
Do not panic, I was in the same situation as you’re right now or was; I don’t know.
I have been here for a long time now and, for the help of others, I made these books and scattered them around the fields.
This book will help you know what to do and how to survive.
But this book only covers the basic, you will have to soon survive on your own.
Good luck.
Now you turn over to the other chapter.
-Chapter 1: Finding your spirit animal.
Should you read this or just skim through the important parts?

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