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what was your last IRL interaction with da po po?

Last posted May 03, 2012 at 08:08PM EDT. Added May 03, 2012 at 12:37PM EDT
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it was a police sniffer dog, they had a shit ton of them patrolling the entrance to the Elements Music Festival :’(

must’ve been the contents in my blood stream at the time

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I’d say I was disappoint in the trend of responses here, but that implies that I expect better from the users here (well, Muffinator, I expect better from anyway.)
A friend of mine got sick at a party, so I offered to drive him home early. He was pretty out of it. On the way back to his place, there was a roadblock, and I had to show off my license and registration.

Officer’s like, “What’s up with him?”

I was like “Brother’s sick.”

He was like, “Ok, then.”

I was like, “A’ight.”

And then I got lost.

Funny story actually. Back in High School, during senior year, some kids thought it would be funny to spread rumors that I was a big drug dealer.

So one day, when I was parking in the parking lot, a police officer comes up to me and asks to search my car. Knowing my constitutional rights, I ask him what he wants to search for and he tells me he needs to search my car for drugs (our families are also pretty close). He searches my car, it’s of course clean, and over the next few weeks the rumor is confirmed as false.


Verbose wrote:

(well, Muffinator, I expect better from anyway.)

I felt I had to break the “Wat” combo with a “dafuq”, but Max Cobar ninja’d me. Sorry to have failed you.

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Gnoj Mik wrote:

Derpy V and Dac-attack

details pls! this sounds like a cool story is coming at me bro

It was nothing really. I was underage at the time and drinking at a party. After a few too many, I went outside to sleep on my truck. It was 45 degrees outside, so when the sheriff saw me, he asked me to sober up and warm up in the back of his car. He didn’t call my parents or do anything really, he just talked with me for about an hour and then let me call my friend do he could pick me up. It was a rural area and he didnt have much to do i guess, plus he was a nice guy. I picked up my truck later that day.


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