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How would you taste like to a cannibal?

Last posted Jun 05, 2012 at 06:22AM EDT. Added Jun 03, 2012 at 01:58PM EDT
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Created by Recipe Star


^Fail. That quiz site gives you a link for its images but it denies direct hotlinking.

Anyway my results was Mesquite Fish, whatever the hell that is.

I wonder if I got that because I’m skinny, white end excersize occasionally. How about the rest of you Mesquite Fishies? Does that sound like you?

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Barbequed Tofu. WHY ARE WE ALL BARBEQUED TOFU. It’s not right…

Stop your bitching!
At least all of you aren’t undercooked tofu!

Mexx Android wrote:

Stop your bitching!
At least all of you aren’t undercooked tofu!


Is it just me, or does “taste like to a cannibal” sound incredibly awkward?

I believe that my, uh, taste like such as, uh, South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, have taste of the roast chicken as U.S.

It’s probably just me.

Seriously though, you guys have never had barbecued tofu? Back when I was a vegetarian, a restaurant moved in down the road from me that had a barbecued tofu sandwich, and it was delicious! I get the feeling few of you have had tofu prepared well; a competent chef can make all sorts of tasty means out of that stuff. When I worked as a short-order/breakfast cook, I made this tofu scramble dish that was da bomb! Seriously, I’d say it was second only to bacon in breakfast tastiness.


Barbequed Tofu. WHY ARE WE ALL BARBEQUED TOFU. It’s not right…

I’m willing to bet that, as per the Internet, it has a lot of to do with the fact that most of us are white males and that we aren’t super health conscious.

For example, most are getting tofu of some sort, but only a few are getting chicken. Wheatley (whose human is a female, perhaps) got chicken, and we all know that Fridge is as feminine as they come.

I’m one of the few that got fish, and I’m one of the few minorities on here and I am a bit more health conscious about exercise and diet, so I could imagine that being different.
Or it could be completely random, and there is no real pattern to it at all.

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Blue Screen (of Death) wrote:

But Verbs, I got fish as well (on first attempt) and you know I’m as white as they get.

A second attempt using the exact same answers changed the result to chicken so I wonder if there is no correlation going on.

I just ran through the test three times, carefully giving the exact same answers, and got three different results. I think it’s random, but it makes me wonder what the point was, then.

404 user not found wrote:

> That moment when you wonder why max wants to know what we taste like
> That moment right after when you realize hes a cannibal



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