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KYM User Awards

Last posted Jun 12, 2012 at 02:41PM EDT. Added Jun 06, 2012 at 07:40AM EDT
198 posts from 61 users

Ah, Know Your Meme. A trusted internet database. But who make the articles? Who keep the site running?


This thread is made to reward the users whom succeed at documenting or simply making us laugh or cry. Whenever you see them in the forums, IRC, a comments section or your wall, they all together make up this website.

And I present to you the KYM User Awards. May the best user win.


Most Loved
Most Hated
Most Hilarious
King of Derails
Best Troll
Website Cynic
Karma Whore
Most Helpful
Ace Internet Expert
Starry Killer

Users must first be nominated for each award. The eight users who receive the most nominations for an award will have to acquire votes to triumph over one other and receive the award.

I will hand an additional role for controlling this thread to a volunteer. I’m considering RandomMan or BSoD though.

This will NOT be like TK’s Forum President thread. Images of the awards will be provided later.

Oh dear God I know this is going to fail.

Website Cynic --→ Anormulus

Most “Loved” --→ Ric Tesla

Most Hilarious --→ Either MDFification or Witch King

Those are my votes.

Verbose-------->Most helpful
Warcraftnerd----→Most hated
MDF-------------->Karma whore
……drawing a blank for this one. Sorry Pyro, but I can’t think of one for you.

MDF for Karma Whore.
Verbose for Most Helpful.
Nair for Most Hated.
All of our “trolls” are terrible, so I can’t say anything for that one.

Most Loved = Without a doubt this is Ric Tesla. What’s there to love about this guy?…EVERYTHING. His personality, attitude, posting style, love for Warhammer…it all points to why he get sexed so much in the shipping thread.

Most Hated = You’d think Thomas Nair would get this but no! I disagree. Despite being the number one hate manufacturer, many people including myself actually like him. Instead I give this to the successful troll WarcraftNerd. Thomas may have gotten more negs but it was Warcraft who would be depicted in brutal slaughters time and time again in drawing threads long after his ban.

Most Hilarious = Hard to say. So many close contenders here, including RussianFedora, Kasrkai, Ox Doxon and Dac Attack…I need to think about it

King of Derails = Now this one belongs to Thomas Nair. He’s a freaking expert at it. Countless threads have been turned into Brony discussions thanks to him

Best Troll = I’m giving this one to 404. Sure he may not have been as successful as say WarcraftNerd in the end, but 404 evaded a permanent ban and ended up becoming a really awesome poster with a better reputation than Troll King and Rapturjesus despite his history. And you gotta admit that when he first came here, he was twice the troll WarcraftNerd was.

Website Cynic = C’mon this one was just made for CitationNeeded

Karma Whore = Suiseiseki hands down

Most Helpful = Ooooh I can’t decide. Either Brucker or Verbose…I’ll get back to this one later

Ace Internet Expert = Yours Truly

Idler = No idea

Starry Killer = Alejandro, I don’t know why. His name just popped into my mind immediately upon reading that sentence. What’s a Starry Killer?

Last edited Jun 06, 2012 at 01:03PM EDT

ladydoom for “Queen Lurker”
Half of the people here for “Most Talented”
Me for “Being that one guy who did that one thing”
Teh Brawler for the “talent scout with talent”
Derpy Hooves of “Derpiest Hooves”
Ann Hiro for Most Lax"
Skitch the Wolf for “Cutest Pet”

needs to me more titles…

Last edited Jun 06, 2012 at 01:03PM EDT

Derpy Hooves wrote:


My face when people start a combo:

But seriously, dis is srs bizness.

I nominate me for most questionable user. (‘cause I am, don’t deny it.)

Last edited Jun 06, 2012 at 02:02PM EDT

Ox Doxon wrote:

ladydoom for “Queen Lurker”
Half of the people here for “Most Talented”
Me for “Being that one guy who did that one thing”
Teh Brawler for the “talent scout with talent”
Derpy Hooves of “Derpiest Hooves”
Ann Hiro for Most Lax"
Skitch the Wolf for “Cutest Pet”

needs to me more titles…

I won? Yes!

Gamzee wrote:

>mfw nobody nominates me for anything.

For being the most notorious shipper in KYM you get…
The ‘’Me So Horny’’ Medal!
Your welcome!

Most Loved: Natsuru Springfield
Most Hated: That one user who made fun of Japan getting hit by a Tsunami or something.
Most Hilarious: Probably Captain Blubber, even though I hate his kind of comedy.
King of Derails: Thomas Nair
Best Troll: Sweatie Killer
Website Cynic: I don’t know what this means.
Karma Whore: Suiseiseki
Most Helpful: Natsuru Springfield
Ace Internet Expert: X-singular
Idler: Don’t know what this means either
Starry Killer: Dunno this either

Most sexy:

Last edited Jun 06, 2012 at 02:31PM EDT

Unofficial scores
Based on posts, not karma.
Margin of error +/- 2

Most Loved:
Ric Tesla – 2
Kazrkae – 5
Gamzee – 3
Natsuru Springfield – 1

Most Hated:
Thomas Nair – 4
Wacraftnerd – 3
Kazrkae – 5

Most Hilarious:
Russian Fedora – 2
Thomas Nair – 1
MDF – 1
Witch King – 1
Kazrkae – 6
Ox Doxon – 1
Dac Attack – 1
Captain Blubber – 1

King of Derails:
MDF – 1
Kazrkae – 5
Thomas Nair – 2

Best Troll:
Thomas Nair – 1
Russian Fedora – 1
Kazrkae – 5
404 – 1
Sweatie Killer – 1

Website Cynic:
Anormulus – 1
CitationNeeded – 3
Kazrkae – 5

Karma Whore:
Warcraftnerd – 1
MDF – 3
Sui – 3
Natsuru – 1
Kazrkae – 5

Most helpful:
Verbose – 4
Kazrkae – 5
Bruker – 1
Natsuru – 1

Ace internet expert:
Kazrkae – 5
BSOD – 1
X-singular – 1

Jamie Dubs – 1
Kazrkae – 5
Ann Hiro – 1

Starry Killer:
Kazrkae – 5
Alejandro – 1
Sweatie Killer – 1

Custom titles and nominations:
Ladydoom – Queen Lurker (1)
Half of the forum – Most Talented (1)
Ox Doxon – Being that one guy who did that one thing (1)
Teh Brawler – Talent scount with talent (1)
Derpy Hooves – Derpiest Hooves (1)
Ann Hiro – Most Lax (1)
Skitch the Wolf – Cutest Pet (1)

Ann Hiro – Double Poster (1)
Ann Hiro – Ninja (1)

Frost Lich – Just being here (1)
Quantum – Most questionable user (1)

Gamzee – Most notorious shipper (1)

Kazrkae got into every category because he nominated himself for everything and then was seconded, thirded, etc. He was “Sixthed” however I removed one point because he once “voted” for himself.

Kazrkae is leading in every category of the original post.
Should he be disqualified the leaders will be:
Most Loved – Gamzee
Most Hated – Nair
Most Hilarious – RF
King of Derails – tied (TARDISES NAIR)
Best Troll – tied (4 people)
Website Cynic – CitationNeeded
Karma Whore – tied (MDF Sui)
Most Helpful – Verbose
Ace Internet Expert – tied (BSOD X-Singular)
Idler – tied (Dubbs Ann)
Starry Killer – tied (Sweatie Alejandro)
Last edited Jun 06, 2012 at 03:12PM EDT

Most Loved: I would say Olivia. Many people, including myself, are quite fond of her.
Most Hated: That’s a tough one. I think it’s a pretty close running between multiple users.
Most Hilarious: Definitely Kasrkai. She never ceases to make me laugh.
King of Derails: I think that it should go to three people: Me, Seal Clubba, and Sting_Auer. We all work together to bring good derails.
Best Troll: Troll King, by far. He’s still trolling you guys to this day.
Website Cynic: Derpy Vazquez or Anormulus. They’re pretty much tied.
Karma Whore: Suiseiseki. Obviously.
Most Helpful: Multiple people. I would say Verbose, Syndic, Opspe, BSoD, and Olivia.
Ace Internet Expert: Don. He adds to pretty much every entry.
Idler: Yatta. Jamie Dubs comes back sometimes, but Yatta hasn’t been active in years.
Starry Killer: If this means “Someone who adds on a lot to the Stars pile”, then I would say Richies^ghost. The Stars thread is basically the only thing he posts to anymore, so he’s quite determined to keep the star machine churning.

Last edited Jun 06, 2012 at 03:16PM EDT

Nightfury Treann wrote:

i haven’t been here too much time but what about “Captain Serious” ?

That’s Thomas Nair; he simply changed his username.


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