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Mafia! One Year Anniversary Edition!

Last posted Jul 15, 2012 at 03:51PM EDT. Added Jun 22, 2012 at 10:31PM EDT
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Well, yes, it’s almost one year since the first mafia game on KYM. I only joined one game after my first, but it was fun. And I also noticed how drastically the rules changed as the game processed……… So for this game, I’m going to play by the very first set of rules. Read carefully, you might not remember some of the rules.

This is the thread for the forum game Mafia. I will explain the rules and then people will have to sign up to indicate their interest. Unlike other games we have in this forum, this one is a bit more active, so if you sign up please be able to check this at least once a day (otherwise you might be killed off). We’ll see how many people are interested before the game is started.

Here are the rules:

There are five roles in this game, and I will randomly assign them to everyone who signs up (using a random number generator) and PM them to you before we start, be sure to keep them a secret.

Role 1: The Mafia
-There will be only a couple of these (depends on how many people plays, usually 1 to 3 or 4 people). Your job is to decide who to kill when the game is in the “night” phase. They will do this by PMing each other to decide who to kill then PMing the narrator their decision. So every “night” one person will be killed and they will be out of the game.

Role 2: The Sheriff
-There will only be one sheriff. During the “night” phase the sheriff will PM the narrator the name of one of the other participants. The narrator will PM them back indicating whether or not that person is part of the mafia.

Role 3: The Doctor
-There will only be one doctor. During the “night” phase the doctor can PM the narrator the name of one participant. If this person was the person selected by the Mafia for death, then they will be saved. If the doctor picks someone else, nothing happens.
NOTE:The doctor cannot protect him/herself.

Role 4: The Villagers
-Everyone else will be a villager. During the “day” phase they will discuss among themselves (including the Mafia, Sheriff, and Doctor who keep their identities secret) one person to kill who they believe is the mafia. When a consensus is reached the narrator will announce the death.

Role 5: The Narrator
-This role does not participate in the game, instead he/she makes sure everything runs smoothly and keeps track of who is killing/saving who during the night phase.
-AKA me

How the game progresses:
The game has 2 phases as you already read about: a Day and Night phase. It starts off in the Night.

The Night Phase: During the night, all the villagers are asleep. The Mafia will pick one person to kill, the Sheriff will pick one person to investigate, and the Doctor will pick one person to save. After all this is done, the villagers wake and it moves to the day phase. The narrator will write a short story describing what happened, telling all players who died/was saved.

The Day Phase: During the day, all players except the narrator discuss between themselves who they think is most likely to be the mafia. When they have reached a consensus by a vote, the narrator kills that person then the game moves back to the night phase. MAFIA VOTES COUNT TOO.

Game Notes:

Death: When you die you reveal your role to the rest of the game. You can no longer participate in the game if you are killed, though a dead villager can still help influence the villagers during the day phase. However, while you are still able to discuss the goings on in the game, you can no longer cast a vote for who to kill during the day. Other dead characters are not allowed to post anything related to the game once they have been killed, as they know too much. THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD.

Winning: The villagers win when both mafia have been killed, the mafia wins if they kill everyone else. Usually the villagers win, so it comes down to how many people the mafia can kill before they are killed themselves, however very sneaky mafia can often times manipulate the villagers during the day phase and win.

Sheriff: The sheriff may know the identity of one of the mafia if he guesses right during the night phase, that doesn’t mean people can trust him, as no one actually knows who is telling the truth.

As I am still here, I’ll be the narrator. Post here if you’re interested, or has any questions. If there is enough people I will start give out roles on Sunday night. And as you can see from above….. the stories, I will write them. And since this is KYM…….. you can probably guess how the death scene looks.

NOTE: If we DO start the game, when you PM me, please do so as “Messages” and not “Wall Posts”.

Mister J wrote:

And since this is KYM…….. you can probably guess how the death scene looks.

With dicks.
I’m in.

Last edited Jun 22, 2012 at 10:42PM EDT

Ugh….complications have arose. I’m not going to be gone or anything, but now I can’t devote as much attention to the game as I need to. I’m not being deadweight to whichever side I end up on, so I’m out. Sorry.

Bruelock wrote:


I’m a silent player remember?

I think that’s fine (check with Mr. J,) but you’ll have to let us know that you’re still playing and that you’re not voting in each round, especially if you’re a villager. Otherwise, you’d just look like an inactive player.

But if you’re not voting or discussing, then I’m not sure if there’s much point to playing.

I have no idea how to play this now.


I always vote at each round. It just that I don’t always place my debates(as a Villager) or fabricate some schemes(as a Mafia) or try to make some logical decisions(as a Sheriff) in the thread. I just love working on my own analysis on my own. But if that makes you guys uneasy and difficult to process in the game, I might as well post my opinions as a ‘active’ player later during the game.

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

Semi-Official player list:
Seal Clubba
Nightmare Moon
Electric Muffins

Pyro and Cite are already leaving.

Bob maybe, we have to wait his activity in the next few days.

Sorry for the really late update, I was caught up in personal issues.
Players, in order of post:
1. RandomMan
2. RocketPropelledPanda
3. Slappy The Fish
4. Fridge Logic
5. Natsuru Springfield
7. DoctorHobo The former Seal clubba
8. opspe
9. Verbose, the Rainbow Dash Lover
10. Nightmare Moon loves her socks
11. LUIS
12. Tim The Enchanter
13. Alejandro
14. Captain Douglas J Falcon
15. HolyCrapItsBob
16. Ryuki Satzuki DrThundercritic
17. Electric Muffins
18. Bruelock
19. StarGazer
20. madcat
21. chowzburgerz
22. 404 king of mutton chops
23. Blue Screen (of death)
Pyro, cite, and Aperture all PM’d me and quit.

I wasn’t expecting so many players, so now there will be 2 sheriffs and 2 doctors to balance out. There will also be 7 mafia members. I used a random number generator for the roles, so don’t guess from “hurr he was mafia the last game”. Roles are being given out as I write this. You will ALL receive PMs from me, and this will be your last chance to drop out the game.
Total Player Count: 0 deaths, 14 villagers, 2 doctors, 2 sheriffs, 7 mafia, 23 players alive.

Blue Screen (of Death) wrote:

Hooray! I’m in! Also this is the biggest mafia game we’ve had yet. We’ve almost got the whole forum in on this!


Hold on, is Bob a confirmed player? I thought he could be leaving?

If he would show no activity, we could count him out. But until then he could be counted as an active player.

Last edited Jun 25, 2012 at 08:42AM EDT

I sent out all the PMs. People with roles should PM me ASAP.
To Mafia: You will have to figure out your own discussion methods. You can either use PMs or make your own chat/stream/doc. I won’t interfere. I advise you to just PM me 2 to 3 names and I will pick the one with most votes. You can figure out discussion methods later.
To Doctor/Sheriff: You can discuss to avoid saving/investigating the same person, but I doubt you will need a meeting room for it. You can still have one though. The number of doctors/sheriffs correspond to the number of people you can save/investigate.
To Villagers: Think before you vote.

And also, for votes during the day phase, please don’t PM those. Post them here. And when you are sure who to vote, be sure to make it bold and italicized so it would be easier to make out.

Alright you guy’s. You all know the drill. The first round is always the hardest but that doesn’t matter. Now after being a player for so long for a while in these games i have a few tips on how we might be able to tell apart who and who isn’t mafia.

Most of the time Mafia and other special roles stay quiet in fear of getting caught

Now this may be a pain in the butt but we need all the other special roles to last as long as we can during this game. So we need all the special roles to try and blend in seeming like their just normal villagers.

Sometimes Mafia will try to defend one another when in trouble tipping both of them off.

I have noticed from previous games that sometimes a Mafia member will try to direct attention to another player that isn’t among the ranks of the assassins. They try to do this very quietly a stealthy but pay close attention to what people say.

And one last thing- To our information holders, when you guy’s both die can we get the hints that you guy’s have been hoarding all this time? Because it could benefit us.

Nightfury Treann wrote:

it’s still too late? or i can get in?

if so, i’m in

We’ve already started. Sorry but you can’t join. You’re gonna have to wait until the next game.


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