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LUIS's Livestream 2, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being Bad At Vidya Games

Last posted Oct 05, 2012 at 04:46PM EDT. Added Aug 08, 2012 at 10:25PM EDT
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My stream is officially BACK! We have a couple choices here: I’m using my brother’s computer right now, so I could stream some of his anime/vidya, I could do pokemans, or we could do whose line. What’ll it be? I’m starting off with a new Pokemon Nuzlocke for a new stream, I think Crystal will do.
Today, I’ll just be streaming Animu from my brother’s computer.
Because shit mic plus shit computer equals super shit.

Aug 08, 2012 at 10:25PM EDT

Alright guys, I’m going to STREAAAM! YEAH! You have two choices: Minecraft or Katawa Shoujo. Choose wisely. I might also do a pokemon Nuzlocke.
Here is da link.

Last edited Aug 17, 2012 at 08:48PM EDT
Aug 17, 2012 at 08:47PM EDT

Hey guys! I’m doing it again!
I’m going to start off with minecraft while I wait for a very slow download to download
And when it downloads, It’ll be GREAT!

Aug 27, 2012 at 12:28PM EDT

Hey guys
I’m going to do a pokemon nuzlocke!
To view the stream, click the video thingy above.

Aug 29, 2012 at 06:58PM EDT
Quote I’m doing a marathon of flash games. Tell me what you want to play next and I will. No exceptions unless naughty

Oct 05, 2012 at 04:09PM EDT

Hey do a dress up game Luis.

are you gonna be streaming video soon?

Last edited Oct 05, 2012 at 04:15PM EDT
Oct 05, 2012 at 04:12PM EDT

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