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KYM Clue, discover the murderer!

Last posted Oct 29, 2012 at 10:01AM EDT. Added Oct 28, 2012 at 11:10PM EDT
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Six users of KYM were present that day where Good ol’ Jimmy found his death. One of those six is a traitor, the murderer, a cold calculating magnificent bastard hiding in the shadows. These five users must quickly find who the murderer is, searching for clues around the place or watching suspicious activity, who? how? where? With a knife? a hidden blade? A card? Anything could be possible at this point..

Trouble in Terrorist town basically, without the detective..
_Dont rush! I will try to take pictures in Gmod as your adventure goes
_The murderer is randomly chosen.
_Everyone has weapons, use them wisely.
_Try to stay togheter
_If you are dead, you are DEAD, no more posting until the murderer is ded
_When shot..RUN! There’s a small chance to avoid bullets but oh well! I will tell ya if you are dead or not using tf2 kill icons

This means you are dead!

_Try to stay togheter (x2)
_Dont kill yourselves, before shooting discuss about it.
_When shooting: "Shot (User Name Here) with (Weapon Name here). POST IT HERE.

_You can choose 3 more weapons , like smoke grenades, flash grenades, C4s, etc etc…
_Every 4 posts, you drop something randomly. It has to make sense. Example: “You like bananas, so you drop banana peels”.
_When killing: Send me a PM like: "Killed (User Name Here) With (Weapon Name Here)
_DONT let the bodies hit the floor

GAME STARTS IN CS OFFICE, IN THE RED CIRCLE. Jimmy dead body is there too…

Choose your TF2 characters (Also hats, don’t forget the hats) , your weapon of choice and ready up!

I’ll be the spy, with the wanga prick, ambassador, and dead ringer.
I’m wearing the exorcizor and the private eye.

I’ll go ahead and examine the dead body for clues then, since nobody else is doing it.
(Sorry for all the edits)

Last edited Oct 29, 2012 at 01:16AM EDT

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