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Underrated badasses

Last posted Oct 31, 2012 at 04:27PM EDT. Added Oct 29, 2012 at 06:27PM EDT
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We all know the famous ones: Chuck Norris, Duke Nukem, Twilight Sparkle, etc. etc.

But what about the underrated badasses? those awsome heroes that also manged to destroy whole armies and look dashing in the process… name them here:

here are mine:

codname Havoc:

mowed down thousends of Nod terrorists without a drop of sweat. awsome badass personality as well.

favorite quote:
EVA “Warning! nuclear launch detected!”
Havoc: “congrats kids! we now pose a nuclear threat!”

Captain Claw:

A. he is a talking cat
B. he is a pirate
C. sexiest blue outfit ever made

what else to say?

the ultimate nazi killing machine.
plus, awsome lines, and personality, The Russian campegin in WaW and black ops would never been as good without him.

your picks?

Bob Morane

It’s quite sad that only one single season was produced, but seriously the show was crazy awesome.

Take a look at the epic intro:

Now imagine coming across this intro as a kid. You know at once that you will see something epic.

And i just rewatched an episode after more than 10 years, all i can say is: Commander Robert Morane is still a baddass.



IMO These guys are badasses:

They are willing to go into the field defenseless and unarmed to help repair your structures or possibly vehicles in critical situations. Yes they might get scared, you would be too if a group of Nod soldiers are chasing you while you try to capture structures in a enemy base.

A lot of you might not know who this man is:
Edison Trent

He faced a entire fleet with him and four other people in fighters and still got out of there alive.
He destroyed the Nomad’s super weapon that can destroy entire stars and the star system along with it.
This guy may be a anti-hero type, however he is still noble.
He goes into territories and leave untouched where entire battleships would be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

Chrono from Chrono Trigger. Everyone agrees that the game is awesome, but nobody seems to notice that Chrono himself is a badass swordsman who slices through armies and looks good while doing it. Fandom is usually about the party members.

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