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The Treebranch Project (Beta)

Last posted Nov 15, 2012 at 05:00PM EST. Added Nov 11, 2012 at 02:28AM EST
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It’s NeonWabbit again, the guy of 1000 broken promi-I mean, the OP who delivers! Yes, you can clearly see a playable alpha of KYMmon in it’s thread, videos of KYM-tan: Ace Attorney on my channel and 2 mediocre animations in my Animation thread; so I must be doing something about those, right? Wrong. Now! Pay attention to this new thing!

The Treebranch Project: KYM Forum Beta

The Treebranch Project is a choose-your-own-path adventure, and by YOUR path, I mean it… except for the very first command. Sorry.

Long gone are the days where OP only chooses ONE of the suggested actions, he literally chooses MOST OF THEM to branch off into different storylines, hence the name of the project.

Pay attention to the code at the bottom of each pic. To continue that specfic storyline, you must include that code in your reply. Example: “A0: Open a hotel.”

Finally, everyone can jump in at anytime. Example:

Person 1: “A1: Put a fountain in your hotel.”
Pic A2 shows a fountain in the hotel
Person 1: “A2: Put fish in your fountain.”
Pic A3 shows fish in the fountain
Person 2: “A2: Put red food colouring in the fountain.”
Pic A3-1 shows a red-water fountain with no fish

Get it now? If you don’t, include [META] in your reply to ask me questions.


You are a male rabbit in his late teenage years. You’re best friends with a female cat who is your age, and a male penguin, who you don’t really know much about. You want to have the best life ever and you recently won the lottery to gain the money and resources to make things happen. What do you do first?

>Purchase a Tropical Island.
>Renovate an old Theme Park.
>Be a Movie Star or Director.
>Turn into a Magician.
>Go Back to School?
>Build a Major Urban City in the Desert.
>Shop at a Mega Mall!
>Own a Pet.
>Buy a TV Station.
>Create a Central Hub for Every Type of Transport.
>Attempt having more than one Hobby.
>Manage a Hotel.
>Join the Army.
>Start a Family with your best Cat Friend.
>Become a Music Producer and/or Musician.
>Preside over a Board of Computer Geeks.
>Turn into a Professional Gamer.
>Browse the Internet.
>Help the Local Hospital.
>Donate to a Charity.
>Captain a Australian Rugby (NRL) team.
>Farm a Farm.
>Head a Sushi Restaurant.
>Climb Mountains in search of More Treasure!
>Artistically be an Arty Artist in the Art World.
>Make the Museum of Your Dreams.
>Catalog everything, even non-Books, in a Library.
>Hop aboard the Space Program.
>Visit a Zoo.
>Time Travel.

tl;dr – choose your own path adventure ; respond to this: “You won the lottery. WHAT DO?” using one of the le meme arrow options, but after that, write your own options

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Remember! In the bottom right of the picture, the letter tells you which alternate universe you’re in, and the number is just there so you have something to reply to.

Philip J. Fry said in reply to A0:

>Browse the Internet.

You browse the extraweb using your Extraweb Surfer 10 browser, and stumble across a link to a site called “Recognise Your Pop Culture”. What do?

Alex and MDFification said in reply to A0:



Oh, great. It’s one of your best friends serving as an unconvinient distraction. What do?

Penz0id said in reply to A0:


Unfortunately, this wabbit’s life is in the hands of an evil forum member, and thusly:

But, hope is not lost! You can now play as one of his best friends!

Madcat said in reply to A0:

A0: Time Travel

Luckily, you have your Time Machine 7000 with you! Where go?

Ann Hiro said in reply to A0:

>Up up down down left right left right B A Start

You have unlocked the special cheater’s mode for one person only!. Literally, nothing will go wrong for you in this game. Forever. Whether you’re continuing a current universe or starting another one again from A0. You have a GUARANTEED non-death win of the game! You cannot pass this ability onto someone else.

Alternate Universes (treebranches) now active: 4

Example of how to continue an alternate universe: Say “A1: Close your web browser.” IF you want your character in A1 to close their web browser in panel A2. Do not just say “>close your web browser”, as I do not know what universe you’re referring to. You can start a new universe from A0.

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