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Lets play the Sonic OC game!

Last posted Nov 17, 2012 at 05:59AM EST. Added Nov 15, 2012 at 06:24PM EST
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1) Go to google

2)(Your real life name or your username) the hedgehog

3)Post results

And to start off:

I’m Mexx the Hedgecat apparently.

Goku the hedgehog, by a deviantart user who goes by shadethebathog. A fusion of everyone’s favorite super saiyans* (that’s totally what super sonic is).

*p.s. not u Vegeta, ‘cause you’re mean. You can fuse with Shadow.

At first i was like.

then i read the bio.

Age: 18-19

Sex: male

Speice: Hedgehog

alignment: good

Meaning of name: Determined Guardian

Skills: Parkour, Ju jitsu, sword fighting, gunslinger

(Bio in progress)

Personility: self critical, hardworking, kind & caring of his friends, determined, serious & layback.

Liam was born in a family of five, being the middle of two brothers. at 13 his dad comitted suicide and by 16 he ran away to recuit for the freedom fighters malita. In a week of the training the camps destroyed by an unknown enemy, liam and others of his company has been taking prisioner for experiments by a cult of demons.
Taken into space Liam was put in the Dark warrior program, combining demon blood with escence of darkness to create a monster with the abilites of the two sides of the darkness.
By 17 liam unleased the monster he was created into by relaseing bottled up anger and sorrow and attempts to escape. With no option and being surrounded, live breaks a widow of the space station and is sucked into the vacume of space.
Liam crash lands on I little planted held by a chain (not little plante but one of many) where the wolf samuria ‘Lone’ teaches him to control the darkness and embrace his light. (Liam’s harden deamon skin protected him on colision)
Liam enter the spirit worlds guantle to become one with the light, to become ‘Spirit runner.’ Liam learns to equalize his dark and light side but still his darkness waits sliently.
Liam then goes on a journy to protected the weak, fight against eggman and kill demons.


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