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You are now a Random Superhero

Last posted Nov 20, 2012 at 04:52PM EST. Added Nov 17, 2012 at 03:13PM EST
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Perform the Brazilian martial art of dancing combat. The abiltiy to dominate the brazilian martial art of capoeira that combines dance and physical combat. A sub-power of Enhanced Combat and Dance Combat.

(Seriously, out of all the cool stuff you give me dancing swag?)

I’m not imaginative enough when it comes to making that sort of stuff up…

So, instead, I’ll roll a few powers, and say whay I think of them (and maybe even how I’d use them.) I would still be contributing to the thread this way.

I’ll roll… 15

1. Flesh Masking
Not really something I’m familiar with. Only one user which I am even remotely familiar with.

2. Power Via Blood
This… isn’t really clear for me. I would assume this would be tied somehow to genetics, but…

3. Enhanced Surveillance
Seems like it’d be useful… but what purpose would it do me?

4.Mythical Bestiary
Now THIS is an interesting ability. F**k yeah mythology!

5. Celestial Manipulation
…Hmmm…. Not sure what to make of this.

6.Spirit Physiology
I wouldn’t really like being a ghost… Also, familiar with at least one user (y halo thar Yuyuko!)

7.Demonic Infusion
I’d probably find mundane uses for this, somehow… Maybe the evil energies can be manifested as heat?

8.Cosmic Entity Physiology
Uhh… ok? Seems kind of overpowered for a human to deal with!

9. Life-Force Transferal
…Why the Shazbot would I want something like this!?

10.Old Prime
Heh, I might actually like this, even if just because it means I could still do many things I can now.

11. Absolute Strength
I’m not particularly a fan of physical strength… (Though I will say I resisted the urge to make a reference to Equius here.)

12.Nine Lives
This is a useful ability. You never know what could happen!

13.Strong Heart
Well, being able to resist all sort of heart diseases would certainly come in handy.

14.Energy Conversion
Living solar power generator, anyone?

…You might not want me to have this. Madagascar would be long-incinerated. INCINERATION IS SOMETHING YOU CANNOT STOP BY SHUTTING DOWN EVERYTHING!

…I’ll do more rolls at a later date. Don’t want to do too many in a single post, do I?

OK, a few more rolls.

16. Roboticization

(And yes, I absoutely HAD to reference Eggman there.)

17.Web Creation
Insert 60s Spiderman image here.

18.Psionic Detection
Well, if I’m the only one with powers, this would be USELESS.

19.Hook Proficiency
Where would I even GET a hook from?

20.Bullet Hell
No one should try to fight me, or else I’ll show them how they fight in Gensokyo!

(As if you weren’t gonna get a Touhou reference for bullet hell!)

I only waited to roll becasue I didn’t want to double post…

21.Dragon Soul

22.Doubt Inducement
I doubt this would be useful.

I noticed a certain troll on the list…

24.Formulated Ice Blast

25.Object Manipulaton
“power to manipulate and create any non-living objects”
I now possess all the vidya. all of it.

26.Animated Shadow
Makes. no. sense.

27. Urban Adaptation

28.Multiple Bodies
…This…. doesn’t seem immediately useful.

29.Shard Manipulation
Sounds dangerous.

30.Meta Ability Creation
I pretty much get ti pick what I want. Awesome.

What is this I don’t even

32.Drug Usage
This is something I would actively REFUSE to use.

33.Elemental Entity Creation
I have no idea what to create.

34.Enhanced Roar

35.Peak Human Accuracy
If it can carry over to gaming then… RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, COWARDLY SENTINELS!

36. Variable Manipulation
So… I’m basically Red Mage from 8-bit Theater?

37.Bubble Encapsulation
Sounds worthless.

What would I possibly teach?

39.Enhanced Senses
This could end up doing more harm than good.

40.Devic Physiology
What the Shazbot is this?


(I’m pretty sure I was the one who added the Cyberdemon to that article, even!)

41.Hag Physiology

42.Demon Sorcerer Physiology
No comment. Other than disappointment at it not being an article that had a Hitchhiker’s Guide character on it.

43.Lightning Induced Powers
…Why would I let myself be struck by lightning in the first place?

44.Enhanced Agility
Hmm… I suppose I’m halfway to hedgehog status…

45.Centipede Physiology

Last edited Nov 17, 2012 at 04:30PM EST

46.Darkforce Manipulation
…Something to do with dark matter?

Not sure what to make of this.

48.Power Reversal

49.Claw Retraction
Only really means somethign to me for one gallery image.

50.Empathic Mimicry
It’s a shame it doesn’t mention fictional characters as potential choices…

51.Grand Flame Manipulation
What., the Shazbot.

52.Motor-Skill Manipulation
Why does this sound familiar?

53. Spatial Tuning
…I don’t get this.

54.Energy Sourcing
Why would I want this?

55.Soul Mutilation
Worthless concept is worthless.

56.Mechanical Energy Manipulation
The description lies. you cannot create energy!

57.Ice Manipulation
…Oho… Well, you have to refer to me as somethign else now. I’M THE STR⑨NGEST!
(Admit it. You saw THIS reference coming.)

58. Health Manipulation
Meh, I’d rather be the ice fairy.

59.Empathic Weaponry
..The weapons would be decorative.

60. Escape Artistry
There is one thing you can never put into a trap: me.

61.Subatomic Manipulation

62.Chlorokinetic Constructs
As if plants are gonna stop anything!

63.Kanima Physiology
What the f**k is a Kanima?

64.Enhanced Bikemanship
Uhhhh… Shadow?

65.Fire Absorption
Uhhh… OK?

66.Gas Manipulation
…Not sure if want

67.Destructive Energy Manipulation
No comment.

68.Power Fists
Awesome. Do you know why it’s awesome? SPESS MEHREENS, THAT’S WHY IT’S AHWESUM! FOR TEH EMPRAH!

69.Door Projection
Well, at least it’s not related to a certain Douk…

70.Bullet Manipulation
I don’t think guns are around here.

Also, who the Shazbot is downvoting?

Last edited Nov 17, 2012 at 04:58PM EST

Awesome… I got a power I would like. I’ve always wanted to be a superhero, like a vigilante, but never imagined I would get this:

Digital form

I can use this to my will… even made awesomer since I have computer related classes…. I WIELD THE POWER OF THE INTERNETZ!

Im invincible, and can digitize stuff into data…..

Wsxdas, The Last Kramabender wrote:

Also, I got Rule Bending powers.

I’m double posting.
Because Rule Bending.
Because no double posting is a rule.
And I bend rules.

I am…
Name: Professor Current
Power: Electromagnetic Wave Physiology
The power to turn into an electromagnetic wave.
Subsequent powers include: Fist of Lightning, the ability to travel along conductive materials at high speed, and the ability to manipulate electronics.
Age: 25
Real Name: Steven Richards
Place of Origin: Des Moines, Iowa
Source of Powers:
Steven was once a college student studying for a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Art History. He was browsing his favorite art forum online when he saw a particularly glaring logic fallacy in another user’s comment. He was so enraged that he punched the screen, and suffered severe electrocution.
Doctors managed to save him, but found that wires from the computer became irreversibly bound to his hand. Over time, the wires began to replace his veins, until it was not blood that flowed through him, but electricity. With this change came his electromagnetic wave powers. To this day, he hunts for the poster that did this to him, punishing any ne’er-do-well he may encounter on his quest.

Last edited Nov 17, 2012 at 08:05PM EST

Okay lets try for three.

  1. Banishment (Removing anyone from a certain place or putting them in another.)
  2. Technology manipulation (Self Explanitory)
  3. Enhanced Leadership (Really really good leadership skills)

Okay. Thats….nice?

Name: Alcatraz
Powers: None inherent. However, he does wear a Nanosuit and is highly proficient with most modern firearms.
Bio: US Marine Corps Force Recon. Assisted in evacuation of Manhattan Island when Ceph attacked. Eventually brought down an entire Ceph “lithoship” and brought their control over the island to an end.

Name: No-Shit Sherlock
Power: Enhanced Investigative skills
Bio: Sherlock originates from Ireland. He obtained his great investigative prowess from Ken Ibonak, the infamous private investigator. His mentor was killed by No-Shit Sherlock’s arch nemesis, Silly Uncle Pennybags. No-Shit Sherlock is characterized by his firm wit under pressure and his serious nature.


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