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The end of an era...

Last posted Dec 10, 2012 at 12:19AM EST. Added Nov 29, 2012 at 07:57PM EST
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As of the 29th, my greatest fear came true and someone abused scripts. Forcing the staff to block them.

To quote Random:

We had some issues with spammers who abused it to set up a redirect to a fake login screen, most likely to steal login information, whenever you visited their wall. James therefore disabled it to stop the script from working and to allow us to actually ban them.

In light of the attack, I request that scripts remained blocked for KYM’s safety. I’m sure the staff will have no problems leaving it that way. So the days of the scripts is over.

We had such great memories together, ol’ scripty and I

I remember when the profile mod was born. It was just a weee little alert() function. Upon it’s birth I knew a whole world of opportunity had dawned on me. I fostered the baby code in it’s cot: a clickable form button. Clicking it every now and then to prompt that little alert message which contained derogatory slurs against X-singular. It was so adorable and X-singular was not amused. But we both saw and admired the potential

The mod grew up and entered childhood. It became a proud little case select function and an image switcher. People were already sending me PM’s at that point, asking me how I did it to which I just replied “That’s my boy/girl/genderless software code!”. X took it even further and made improvements to my original function. Me and X ended up having some kind of code arms race, trying to better eachothers functions. But he was a great help and it was pretty funny in retrospect

Then the mod graduated from school and started university. I was wondering what uni to put it through when X came to me and showed me the profile of another guy who had injected an entire 4chan page into his profile. I analysed his page and figured out how he did it, that’s when I enrolled my little mod into interactive profile theme university.

My mod grew up so fast, going from a few button functions to a fully qualified theme switcher. It got straight A’s in CSS property configuration, browser cookie creation and JQuery case selection functionality. I was so very proud of my mod when it graduated and started impressing the rest the of the forum. Then the mod matured and added the menu buttons, now aiming for practicality rather than fanciness like a real adult. It was great having a nice and streamlined way to compact my profile and fill it with tons of text while still keeping it short and navigable (If the staff would let me, I would love to add that as an official profile feature that everyone can use. I reckon I can code it into KYM).

I continued to be proud of my mod as it left my fatherly hand and went off into the world on it’s own, becoming part of other people’s profiles. I’ll remember the laughs we shared together, the music we autoplayed, the flowers it gave me on valentines day, the hours of debugging and hundreds of locked threads in the Site-related forum.

Memories I’ll cherish.

But at the end of the day, an XSS hack is an XSS hack. It was simply not meant to be as far as the staff is concerned and I respect their decision which was in the interest of KYM’s security

Farewell, Ol’ Scripty.

Blue Screen, I never really saw what you post anything on KYM, but I always admired your page. It was always an epic feat.
People who did the same always said you did it first or they got it from you.
It is sad how I will never get to see a fun looking page on KYM again, but it was all fun until it lasted.

Well, this sucks for all the people that worked hard on modifying their profiles without malicious intent, but at least now I won’t be pestered by browser ponies when I click on a guy’s profile.

The phishers could have been hoping to bag some admin passwords so they can break into the database and do some damage and/or they were looking for personal e-mails addresses so they can spam you later. That’s usually what people are after when they make fake login screens

I know that doesn’t sounds like an effective method since the admins wouldn’t be dumb enough to fall for that but this is phishers we are talking about. They operate on the logic that everyone else around them is rock stupid (Sadly, they tend to get proven right more often than they should or else spam would be dead overnight)

An option to change part of the background might not be too crazy but if I were the KYM developer then I’d be apprehensive about allowing any further customization options than that.

Not everyone is a web designer and you can’t trust them to use tasteful colors. Let anybody freely select a font and color and prepare for rainbow text that blends with the background with incomprehensible fonts.

Recall one of the reasons why Facebook won over Bebo and Myspace: Facebook didn’t let people change their pages into Edward Cullen in direct sunlight. That shit is annoying as fuck.

A couple times both myself and the mods had to scold people for making glittering rainbow profiles through the unofficial way and it was so damn annoying. If those same people could do it officially, we would lose our minds.

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