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The "Ruin My Wish" Thread

Last posted Dec 08, 2012 at 03:31AM EST. Added Dec 06, 2012 at 12:04PM EST
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First time making a thread, yah.
Anyway, back to business.

This is an easy game to play and the goal is to make a wish. Then the next person to post must grant it. But they must put an “add on” to the wish that ruins it!

Here’s an example:
(I post) I wish I had the most money of anyone in the world!

(Next person might reply) But the world stops using money and switches back to rocks as currency.

Let’s get dis started:

I wish everything to be free, but only for me!

Unfortunately, your private chef didn’t have a clue about making food (You did hire him for 4 cents an hour), so he put 4 onions and some raw ground beef in a blender and served it to you in a soup-like fashion.

Lone K.K. Slider wrote:

I am confused.
Is the same person supposed to ruin the wish and make a wish in the same post, or is the wishing for the next person?

You can ruin a wish and then make your own IF you want to, or just let the next person wish something.
As for everything else, this is NOT supposed to be an Unfortunately Fortunately thread.


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