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Youtube Sculptures (Christian Weston Chandler and more!)

Last posted Dec 13, 2012 at 01:37AM EST. Added Dec 13, 2012 at 01:33AM EST
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Hey there everyone! I know there’s an art thread, but I thought maybe, possibly, it might be ok for me to start a new thread for this, as I hope to spark some conversation and such regarding the preservation of the internet/memes/personalities through other media like sculpture.

For the last two years i’ve been sculpting highly detailed dioramas of Youtube personalities, attempting in my own way to preserve what I believe to be fragile personalities and environments. All of them are made from wire, tin foil and sculpey. I would LOVE any feedback at all on any of them if possible!

Christain Weston Chandler:

(This one just got a write up at OhInternet: )




TheModernMystic (This is a process video, the finished piece will be up soon)

The Tiger Lillies:


…And more to come! As for why I’m doing this, truth is i’m working on a project about Youtube, for entrance into graduate schools, (For sculpture/printmaking and Film Video New Media) that looks at how video is preserved and archived, and whether it’s an archival medium at all… If ANY medium is truly archival, actually…. Basically an analysis of the permanence and impermanence of video on the internet. I’m essentially obsessed with this idea that people die on the internet in a way, when their content is removed for whatever reason. Youtube is full of fragility. I choose all kind of subjects that deal with that one some kind of level – people that have been heavily censored and lost content that way, or others take down their videos for personal reasons… Chris-Chan is an amazing example of another extreme – a one person whose content has essentially been made immortal through this obsessive archiving and cataloging that’s been done… He’s a legend, and he will never die. Truth is video is one of the most fragile of mediums and through sculpture and print, I hope to find a way of holding on to those places and environments that would otherwise be lost… A way of creating a hard copy… That won’t ultimately last either… Its a study in futility, no?

Really really hope it was ok to start this thread here, if it needs to be moved or whatnot, or if I’ve been in eror, I more than understand. Thanks everyone!

All the best,

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