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Name Origins

Last posted Jan 13, 2013 at 09:24PM EST. Added Dec 19, 2012 at 03:33PM EST
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We haven’t had one of these in a while, and there are many new fags, so it seems like a good idea.
ITT: Post the origin of your username.
I came up with mine from smashing my head on a keyboard and deciding it sounded fun.

When I first met my friends, they gave me the nickname Random. On the first site I was on, I decided to use it as my username, but it was taken, so it suggested Random 21 instead, and I used it.

I had a character that had an Afro with a clock on it…
… which later turned into a red helmet, which turned him into a Time Cop…
… Then I took out the Cop part of the equation and made him a Time Traveling Alien.
At first he was named Jake, but then on my Video Game blog, I already had a character named Jake that branched off of the original design.

So I renamed him as Joe. Yeah.

The big thing about my character, though, is that I’ve put him into several different roles over the course of his life. One minute he’ll be a foreign exchange student (see link,) the next he’ll be a representation of a single-celled organism. He’s very versatile that way.

The Intergalactic part of the name also comes from the fact that he comes from another planet and travels through space (mentioned above.)

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It’s a long story, so I’ll shorten it down.

On Team Fortress 2, my personal favorite class is the Medic. My favorite primary weapon is the Crusader’s Crossbow, which, like many crossbows, fires arrows. These arrows can pin people to walls on occasion. I took a screenshot of it once, and thought of a pun to use for the caption.

Then it hit me; William Tell was good with arrows, right? And the Medic, being German, says “schnell” a lot, right? So, I put two and two together, and William Schnell was born.

Look at my avatar.

Tell me where it’s from.

Now ask me which nation I’m from.

EDIT: Though that said, the “Hell on Tracks” bit, that was just for the fun of it.

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So in sixth grade, my friends and I decided we’d all have nicknames. My best friend became Pita Bread, who knows why. My friends wanted me to have a name reflecting my constant drawing, so “pen” came about, evolving into “penzo” for a period of time, and finally becoming “Penzoid” (not to be confused with the company “Penzoil”. When I signed up for XBox Live in 2009, it became Penz0id with a zero, as you know it today.

If we look for it’s meaning, however, “pen” refers to an ink pen used for drawing and writing and stuff, while “oid” is often associated with robotics or andr"oid"s. So I guess I’m a writing-utensil-machine. Penz0id.

Good thread, brother.


I always thought the last letter of your name was the iteration of your account. Eg: Ivanp91a, IvanP91b, IvanP91c, Ivanp91d and so on, incrementing the letter each time you deactivate yourself

My name was assigned to me after Microsoft gave me a blue appearance which people took note of whenever I appeared before them together with my fatal implications to software

There’s a better story behind the other name I use: Yokelassence. That one came from a LAN party where I randomly decided to use the work “Yokel” with various different suffixes attached with no particular meaning. Each game I changed the suffix, but afterwards I liked the “assence” suffix and decided to stick with it.

The use of the word “Yokel” went back even further. That came from an older screen name I used as a kid during my CS:CZ years: “bloodyyokel-nz” (my steam ID is still set to this and it’s like a regretful tattoo from my younger years). And that name was itself derived from an even older screen name I used before that in my Freelancer/Red Faction years: “bY-89823798” which is based on (but not exactly) a student ID code.

Why use that name? Well it goes back even further. In my earliest online gaming years on Red Faction I was known as “Dr. Damage”. That name came from the really cool bloody surgeon model the game had. But then one day I met 5 other “Dr. Damages” and I got sick of having a name other people have, so I borrowed part of the ID code knowing nobody else would have it

American Tanker, Hell on Tracks wrote:

Look at my avatar.

Tell me where it’s from.

Now ask me which nation I’m from.

EDIT: Though that said, the “Hell on Tracks” bit, that was just for the fun of it.

Is it Mexico.

I used this name for a dungeon crawler, hack & slash RPG on the PS2. I believe it was something like “Champions: Return to Arms.” I think I still have my original game file for it too. I was a lizard-shaman-man-thing, so I wanted to give him an appropriate name; then this name popped into my head, and the rest is history. I also used this name for various MMO’s too.

Well well well…For those who still remember how good television was in past, back when CN (AKA Cartoon Network retarded brother) didn’t exist, when Nickelodeon was actually good, etc etc..pretty sure you still remember the word Digimon, and with that, you can easily guess my username origin

This bastard right here, look at those glasses

I came up with the username Sting_Auer a very long time ago, but the game I was originally going to use it for didn’t think it was valid. I then used “Daggeron_8”, and for a few years I stuck with it.

…Then Power Rangers Mystic Force came out, and my younger brother told me that one of the main characters on it is named Daggeron.

So, I switched back to using Sting_Auer, and most of the games I started playing accepted the name. Now it’s probably the name I’m going to use for many years to come.

Original Username (Ki..D):
Was the suggestion of a friend. No idea how he came up with it.
Sadly, most places don’t accept dots in names, so I normally go with “KiiiD,”
Before becoming Ki..D, I went by the name of Billybobmcbo in most places. I wanted to make a junk account for Runescape with the name BillyBob McBob, but it didn’t fit.
Current name:
A particularly laughable cutscene from the game Spongebob Squarepants: Lights, Camera, Pants. The x-mas part is because Christmas.

Rene LeMarchand is the creator of the Lemanchard Configuration; a device used to breach the dimensions and summon forth the cenobites of the Order of the Gash. It looks like this:

(Also, fun fact; I typed my name in for the picture, and my KYM stuff is starting to bog up the Google Image search. I feel all special.)

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As for all finns, Tanoshii Moomin Ikka was a big part of my childhood. And since I wanted a simple username instead of my old monster of a name, I went with the finnish name for Moomin, which is Muumi.

But in the end, I’m probably better known for my Hatsune Miku avatars than I’m for my username.

Well, I had been a bit of a loner on the internet until I started visiting this forum, but I still lurk sometimes depending on my mood.
And the K. part, which can change depending on situations or holidays or of the such?

Well, the K. is kind of an abbreviation at the start.
I thought, “Might as well put something at the end of my name so it can be unique! Funny! Creative!”
Then I said, “Screw that, I’ll just put a K”.

“K.” can stand for many things, such as: Kim (my last name), Korean (my nationality), Killer, King, Koala, Knowledge, Knot, Kaaba, Kaama, Kabob, Kabolin, Kabook. Kabul, Kabyle, Kach, Kahn, Karma, Krit, Kritzerkrieg, Klone, Kroney, and Potassium.

My display name is also my actual name. I use it primarily because I treat online communities much like I do real-life communities. I just think I’d simply prefer to answer to “Evan” rather than to some screen name I’d probably grow tired of in time.

By the way, five Internet points if you can guess the etymology of my last name! (It shouldn’t be too hard, I don’t think.)

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Short story: I dye my hair red (see the reveal yourself thread) and I like the word “crimson”

Long(ish) story: I usually went by different usernames from site to site (usually names based off of animes). About a year ago I was making a Minecraft account and decided on the name Crimson_Locks and it just kinda stuck. Now I use that name (minus the underscore) on any site I joined since then. And I might still use it for years to come.

I was originally Free Cake, which just sort of came to me. I guess I like how it sounds, considering that I don’t even like cake. Now I’m Seal Of Orichalcos, because it got released as a legit card, only IT SUCKS and is nothing like the one in the show. The Wreath is for the Mass Christ 3, now with DLC.

…I type a lot.
In more detail, when I posted things to MySpace and Facebook notes, they were very long and drawn out. I disregarded concision for ensured understanding.

When I first began to post on KYM, my username was my real name. First and last. And unlike Evan (although it’s quite funny to consider your first name if you know my actual name), it’s a bit too unique to use online. There are very few people in the US with my first and last name. I’d bet single digits.

When I realized that, I changed it to my first name backwards, but I also used that on some accounts. So thought about simple names that would describe me, and I think the concept of the teal deer came to mind (as I’ve gotten “tl;dr” a lot in other places.)

So I basically took on the teal deer avatar to tl;dr myself before anyone else does, and “Verbose” sorta just sounds cool to me.
And that’s how Equestria was made.


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