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What you like about the user above you.

Last posted Dec 30, 2012 at 06:14AM EST. Added Dec 21, 2012 at 04:08AM EST
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Anyway the world is probably not ending, but to make everyone feel better about themselves before they suddenly die. Let’s say something nice to our fellow KYM users.
Since there is no on above me I shall pick Forest.
Forest bro, you’re an Internet scientist, and whats not to like about that?

Now this is where the user above you part starts.

Very well,
If it’s a circlejerk you want, it’s a circlejerk you’ll get.

Even though my dislike for you has slowly grown, sometimes you are quite a helpful person, Ann. There’s even times when you do have a point on some matters and things and I was too stupid/ignorant to accept it.

You helped me out on some things and I personally thank you for that.

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(Ok now I can actually start participating,)

Mexx I like you as a person, and you tend to have more morals on certain things that a lot of people joke about. I also like how you are not afraid to show your interests. You are also very honest about the things you don’t like, and no offense taken. Overall I find you trustworthy, generally really honest, and a good guy

I’m saving th stuff about art if you are above me again.

Last edited Dec 21, 2012 at 04:36AM EST

Ann Hiro, I think you’re one of the most hyper-active people I’ve ever seen on this seen and I say that in a good way. You’re witty and emotional, humorous and kind. I only wish I had the courage to be as active as you were.
And you like Angel Beats. Which is awesome because it’s awesome so therefore, you’re awesome.

Now.. What can I say about you Cirno? From the first time I met you, I could tell that you were probably one of the friendliest users on this site. I enjoy being around you because of your attitude and personality; truly unique.

So much positive things to say about you:
-Positive, helpful attitude.
-Most improved/most consistent artist on KYM.
-Awesome livestreams.
-Master of krama.

Wsxdas, I put you on my list of the KYM elite, you’d better stay on that list, man.

You have a username that’s impossible to pronounce correctly and you’re a Dinosaur, not many people here can say that. ’Tis cool.


You’re alright, I think you already know what I think of you…


>Awesome CSS skills

>CSS skills


>I have an abundance of such an ability

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@natsuru: The massive usage of emoticons makes you seem like a super happy person.
@liam: I have no idea who this is.

Last edited Dec 21, 2012 at 07:30PM EST

You, sir, are quiet the man. You’re quiet entertaining and very helpful.

Have this bottle of champagne, my good man.

Last edited Dec 22, 2012 at 01:41AM EST

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