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Quote your very first post.

Last posted Jan 05, 2013 at 11:42AM EST. Added Dec 23, 2012 at 01:37PM EST
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Hi. I guess there isn’t really much to say about me…I’m just a regular guy named Evan from Boston. I spend most of my Internet time lurking, mostly the various ‘chans and an array of news feed sites, and here in recent times since I found out about the Know Your Meme thing.

-Excerpt by Evan Hechenbach, New Members Introduce Yourself

Ha, Ann got 2 positive karma and 2 negative karma for his first post ever. That perfectly describes him. Some love the guy, others can’t stand him. I love ya’, man.
Anyways, is this supposed to be forum post or any post? I’m assuming forum…
“Name’s Free Cake. Please don’t eat me. I’m here to kick a** and make friends and I’m all out of bubblegum. Would someone pass me a stick, if you’d be so kind? Everyone knows how tough it is to either kick a** or make friends with out bubblegum! Preferably Trident Layers. That’s the stuff. Not those rip-off 9 piece packs that somehow cost as much as the 15 piece ones. I’m also here to make references, though that’s lower down on the list. Again, don’t eat me.”
-Excerpt by Free Cake AKA Wreath Of Orichalcos, New Members Introduce Yourself.

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My very first post was in the image cleaning thread, so I’m not going to count that.

My first post that was in a thread outside image cleaning was
“I want a life. Can Santa gift this?” in a now closed thread.


Hey everyone, this is my first post ever! So here’s a picture.

PS: I’m Wsxdas’ IRL brother!"

Posted in The Art Thread for Everyone

From the “Introduce Yourself” Thread:

Hello. I’ve only posted once on KYM once, and not on the forums.

EDIT: Dammit. Doesn’t show my username because I’ve entered my real name in my account settings. Anyway, it was “Captain Headshot”. Which was originally intended to be used by someone over on the IGN Boards as a character in an RPG they were allegedly making.

I used to frequent those boards, under the name “supportgunner”. If you recognize me from there, then you already know a lot about me if you’ve browsed my post history.

I also used to frequent the TV Tropes Forums under the username “Rallyfan9000”, which is also my Youtube username. If you remember me from there, you already know quite a bit about me.

For the rest of you, I’ll spell it out simply. I’m a fan of off-road motor sports, such as motocross and Monster Jam, and particularly rallying. I’m also a fan of driving video games, as well as shooters, though I will openly admit that I despise the Halo franchise and view it as the most overrated franchise in video game history. I tend to favor open world sandbox games, like Fallout 3, Test Drive Unlimited and Mercenaries.

I tend to avoid media made in Japan, and take the view of “trash until proven otherwise”. I am especially wary of Square Enix. I also heavily dislike the Mario franchise. However, I am a huge fan of F-Zero and Ace Combat. Though in the case of the latter, I much prefer the Blazing Angels games. Assault Horizon is pretty good, however.

Also, I am a fan of rock music, especially of styles similar to Joe Satriani, and enjoy when such music is used as the soundtrack for driving games. That said, when the game is a shooter or aerial combat game, I much prefer an orchestral score, like that of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, Medal of Honor: Frontline or the orchestral pieces from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.

The settings I prefer for my games are either real world historical, generally World War II, i.e. Blazing Angels; sci fi futuristic, i.e. F-Zero, Star Wars or Mass Effect; or alternate history set in a time period with technology of at least the 1920s, i.e. Crimson Skies. I tend to dislike fantasy settings with magic, or medieval settings in general.

The art style I prefer is best described as “realistic, but not brown”. Excess brown/grey coloration without justification, excess bloom effects and the like tend to turn me off from a game. However, I’m more likely to be turned off from a game by its art style if it is too stylized, especially if it carries an anime type feel. American comic book style is tolerable for me, but not preferred.

The type of character I prefer to play as is probably best defined by characters like Nathan Zachary as seen in Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, Captain Scott Mitchell from Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon and Captain Chris Robinson from Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII: A well rounded leader type with a clear and distinct personality, who cares for their subordinates but ultimately puts the mission first.

And while I’m here, I’ll just go ahead and mention the fact that my primary Mass Effect character is a female ultra-Paragon Soldier, whose facial appearance is based off of Jennifer Mui, from the Mercenaries series.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve changed much…

I knew I’d find a way to use this somewhere.


Although to be fair, I spent almost a year making comments on entries before I even touched the forums. I’m probably the newfaggiest oldfag here, if you want to go that far.

@Natsuru: The second word you ever posted on the forum was “wouled”
Stop changing your post ever two seconds!

I can’t find my first post cuz my account is blocked. My first account anyway.
On this one I was commenting on MDF’s nation RP. Twelve days ago. Ah, how time flies.

Last edited Dec 23, 2012 at 05:11PM EST
“Oh shush with your ’inb4’s’! The forum I come from doesn’t use it THAT badly!”

I remember that… I was downvoted for being a BNM who sounded like I was ruining the fun.

A few hours after that I became good friends with Russian Fedora and lo, he was my second friend on this site… Iced Hot Chocolate being the first.

Yes IHC, you have the great award of being my first KYM friend.

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My first post was in the Avatar: TLA/Legend of Korra General because making your first post in the introduce yourself thread is too mainstream

Finally, I have given in and gone to the KYM forums.
Anyways, I was watching Korra with my boyfriend the other day and he’s the type to make crazy theories so he made two about Amon:

>Feels the need to announce introduction to the forums
>Starts with random theory about antagonist
>Feels need to mention existence of boyfriend
>+3 karma
Man, you people have shitty taste in post quality

I was using the comments section for a few months before joining the forums, and I can’t be bothered to find out what my first comment was (was probably on the MLP page)

First Forum Post

Although it was popular when it came out and there are a few remixes of it, I don’t believe that it constitutes a meme. There really aren’t very many spinoffs or changes in it besides those few remixes that I can find, and those seem just like the average remixes that most any song can garter after having come out. Nothing really meme-ish about it.

First Comment

Even though I cannot understand this video in the slightest, I know that this needs a lot more work… More videos, pictures, background, etc. Documentation is one of the keys in making an article.

My first forum post was in meme research and first comment was an actual comment.

Past me, I am proud.

Last edited Dec 23, 2012 at 07:41PM EST

First Activity:
This lil’ gem
Only now do I realize the subtle racism.
First Forum Post:
What Pokemon Would You Be?
“I would be a ditto. Back story: Team rocket’s first attempt to clone Mew left them with a deformed blob that only retained one of Mew’s moves: Transform. Also, being a ditto would allow me to be any other Pokemon if I wanted. But I wouldn’t. Because ditto is awesome.”
I capitalized “Mew” but not “Ditto.” Disgraceful.

Dunno, I just wanted to make a new thread With TF2 Possible ponies Heavy: Maybe, maybe POST YOUR TEAM FORTRESS 2 PICTURES HERE IF YOU NEED A TIME TO BRING THEM OUT!!!

-From my very first thread, which was also my very first post: Team Fortress 2, people?


Oh god, did this remind me of my old, young childish self.
No wonder people kind of avoided me at that time.

I never should have done that.

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Usually people like meekakitty, or gardea23 don’t need an entry as they are just vloggers in my opinion.

- Rukario1122, on Youtube People Entries

from “Help seek out the advertising accounts.”

a couple of them link to social media sites (twitter / opera / myspace) but those link to adverts
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After seeing my cat USE THE DAMN TOILET I just had to tell people, so I came here and booted up a thread telling people about it all. The best part is I still have the proof. Take note of how its actually lowered its ass into the basin

Ladies and mentlegen, let me take you on a journey three years ago. My first post was in an ancient Suggestions thread, back before the forums were divided into four, before we even had sticky threads.

I suggest a more convienent way to comment on individual pictures. Maybe a little link below the thumbnail to a comments page? Or a Youtube-esque thumbs up/down thing to rate pics? I just think there should be something there to allow easy feedback, instead of the “open in new window/tab” thing to get to a comment page.

And then Jamie Dubs posted right after me and it was wonderful.

“And another [[dream]] involved a strange opera which starred many cartoon characters. I don’t really remember anything but the final act, where everyone in horror watched as Cartman killed Kenny in cold blood. Then, in a rather shocking swerve, Cartman suddenly expressed remorse over what he had done and, in song, lamented about his crime, eventually ending an opera sting of “O-M-G I KILLED KENNYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!” And everyone started crying because it was so sad. Then all of a sudden, everyone, including myself, were eating LOTSA SPAGHETTI in a Hotel Mario-esque restaurant with Mario and Luigi’s warped counterparts from the game in question. I was about to mention how weird this was when a thunderstorm’s rumbling woke me up.”

Le me on the [[ Dream General thread]], describing one of my many bizarre dreams.

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Penz0id wrote:


Hey everyone, this is my first post ever! So here’s a picture.

PS: I’m Wsxdas’ IRL brother!"

Posted in The Art Thread for Everyone

like i said b4…for the love of god color this masterpiece!

Looking at 1337 #4×0r Bhabhabha’s threads, I realized something…

Why don’t you guys like Patrick as much as you should?

I’ve only been a member here on KYM for a few minutes, and I can already tell he’s a fantastic guy, who doesn’t afraid of anything. He deserves cookies, hugs, and all the compliments you can give… And yet, as far as I can tell, he hasn’t received any of these things in months!

Oh, and this is totally not Patrick. You can tell, ’cause our names are different.

It’s really odd to think that thread happened a year ago. And that this sock puppet has had like 6 names in the past year.

Me in response of what I would do if evil dancing watermelons are taking over sombrero land in the What Do???/? Thread

Use Them Shotguns and Shoot. Out of ammo and Trap in a House. Wat do?


Poor newbie me randomly making the frist letter of a word a upper case, though a lot can change in a year including your noobness, though I still use wat.

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lol I win
This really makes me sick. But doing raids on government websites WILL NOT help, because that just makes people say “Well, these websites are causing people to do illegal activities and sabotage the government! They should be blocked for the safety of teh country!!11one” Just be rational and make a CONSTRUCTIVE email to your senator or representative about why the bill shouldn’t pass and then they might listen. Getting all whiny about it in an email will help nobody.

I was constructive hahahahahaha


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