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Cutest Thing You've Ever Heard/Saw

Last posted Jan 27, 2013 at 11:35AM EST. Added Jan 06, 2013 at 04:14AM EST
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Cutest thing I’ve ever heard…

Well, I was literally crying this one time (although it was the loud sobbing type of crying) when my mother told me that my baby sister, during the two days I was gone from the house at my cousins’ and my uncle’s (two separate houses, the formal was where I was the first day), talked during the night, exclaiming she lost her “Tommy”, and no it’s not the gun.
She was talking about me.

So yeah, my mom also told me that my baby sister would talk in her sleep, saying “Hi Tommy” and playing around and stuff.
Holy crap, never have I ever teared up that hard in my life other than over dumb things. I pondered over those thoughts, as every wave of those thoughts washed into my eyes and made me cry like a child who lost his/her teddy bear.

Those thoughts come back to me as I type this, as those same tears come back and spill out of my eyes.
And no, I am not joking around.

What did you hear/see that was cute enough to the point you almost cried?

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