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Cool Story Bro

Last posted Jan 06, 2013 at 08:55PM EST. Added Jan 06, 2013 at 11:24AM EST
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Post the dumbest/weirdest story you have from when you were in grade school. Kindergarten-senior year of high school, or whatever you call it. Doesn’t have to be related to school, just from that time period.

I’ll start:
My one friend had a leg injury, so she couldn’t carry her own backpack so I was one of the people who would help her around when I was able to. Anyway, one of the days my friend who normally came with me was there as well, since we were the only two who sat at my table most days. We were waiting outside the classroom, either side of the door, chatting as usual. Suddenly, a wild school mate appeared, and was walking down the hallway.

As he got close to us (my school had really long hallways) the guy said “two fags” nonchalantly, no cares in the world, kinda sing-songy actually. My friend and I just look at each other kinda funny and both say “what?” at him. He then spun around kinda confused, and then turned right back around and kept walking, but kinda did a violent arm movement/kinda bow movement. Neither of us were sure what he said, but it really sounded like “Fuck, I said that out loud!” with rage in his voice, but we’ll probably never know.

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I was once walking home from school (year 7) and this guy pulled up next to me so I dived into a bush and he said “You’re in my bush next” and so I ran, I was 300m away from the Police station, so I went there, little did he know it, they have 45 cop cars there, and at least 250 officers on patrol. So I went to tell them and he thought it was my house even though the massive sign there said POLICE. So this officer came out and he just handed himself in for some reason.

My Aunt’s four children are all doctors. I asked her who is the smartest one.
She said “Mary is the smartest one.”
I asked who is the least smartest one."
She said “Hussein is my most retarded child.”

What was funny is that she was implying that her other children were retarded too, but Hussein was the most severe case. Funny thing is, that Hussein is a heart surgeon.

When I was little, my team fortress instincts kicked in and I nailed my sister in the face with a sandwitch for no reason at all.

So worth the ass-whoopin’.


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